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Kenya Takes Delivery of Armoured Gunships

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Hellfire21, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    Chinese Roads and Gunships In Africa
    January 15, 2010:

    Kenya has received the first two (of four) Chinese Z-9WA helicopter gunships. The Z-9 is a license built version of the French AS 365N Dauphin. It's a four ton chopper with a two ton payload. China has built over 200 of the Z-9s and many have been armed (with twin 23mm cannon, torpedoes, anti-tank missiles and air-to-air missiles.) The WA model has two stub wings that can carry weapons (eight missiles or two 12.7mm machine-gun pods, or 57mm or 90mm unguided rocket pods). The two Z-9s for Kenya are the first export orders for this model. Kenya will probably arm them with machine-guns and rockets. Providing gunships for Kenya is part of a larger economic effort it is making in Africa. China is paying for $7 million in infrastructure construction in Kenya, which makes it easier to trade with China. China also has a contract to upgrade the Kenyan railroad that goes into Uganda.

    The Z-9WA can also carry up to eight TY-90 air-to-air missiles. The TY-90 is a modified version of a shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile, designed specifically to be carried by helicopters, for use against enemy helicopters. The TY-90 weighs 44 pounds and has a range of 6,000 meters. It has a relatively large, 6.6 pound, warhead designed to bring down helicopters or aircraft.
    The Z-9WA is similar to AS 565CA Panther was developed in 2000 featuring more powerful engines and a new stub wing which can carry up to 8 HJ-8 ATGMs or PL-90 AAMs. Its nose is redesigned to carry a low-light TV/IRST turret (YY-1?) for night missions, with RWR antennas installed on both sides. A mast-mounted sight (or an MMW radar) prototype is also being developed. The helicopter also has a better armor protection in the cockpit area, a flare launcher, RWR, datalink and a redesigned NVG compatible cockpit. A large antenna (datalink?) is installed underneath the boom.

    China also offers an air launched anti-ship missile, the TL-10, for the Z-9 helicopter gunship. The missile was apparently developed in cooperation with Iran (which calls it the Kosar). The TL-10 is a 240 pound missile, with a 65 pound warhead. It has a range of about 18 kilometers. The TL-10 has been in use for a few years, and the latest version, the TL-10C is believed to have a fire and forget guidance system (based on onboard radar).

    The TL-10 can be lethal for smaller (under 500 tons) ships, but can do a lot of damage to larger ships. The Z-9D, armed with four TL-10 missiles, could be used to attack patrol boats.
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    Feb 8, 2010
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    Kununua misilaha ni dalili kuwa ustaarabu bado sana.
  3. N

    Nanu JF-Expert Member

    Feb 8, 2010
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    Those you call them wastaarabu ndiyo wanatengeneza na kujiuzia na kutuuzia na sisi silaha. Jast imagine unapoingiliwa na kibaka ndani ya nyumba na kirungi halafu anakudhuru na kuchukua anachotaka. Just imagine kama angekukuta nawe una panga au mshale ndani si ungejitetea?
    Kenya inahitaji kuwa na silaha has ukizingatia kuwa sasa hivi ni target ya Alshabab na wale wasomali wanaoteka meli na kudai malipo ambao wengi wamekwenda kununua properties Kenya na sasa serikali inataka kufanya sensa ya mali zote zilizonunuliwa karibuni....ili kuangalia kama zina uhusiano na Alshabab...
  4. Abdulhalim

    Abdulhalim JF-Expert Member

    Feb 9, 2010
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    Stooop right there.

    Ni wapi nimesema wanaouza na kutengeza silaha ni wastaarabu??
  5. Wacha1

    Wacha1 JF-Expert Member

    Feb 10, 2010
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    Naona Kenya kidogo kidogo wanaanza kuwa na biashara na wachina, tena silaha za moto. Vipi wameshindwa kununua za marekani as I know wana military cooperation.
  6. bongo-live

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