Kenya gearing up for Soccer World Cup 2010


Feb 11, 2006

There is no event like the soccer world cup. All the others, the Olympics, world athletics championship, continental soccer derbies may come close but none ever gets quite there. The world cup is in a class of its own. For the very first time, the 32 nations soccer finals will be held in Africa. South Africa will be the host country, and new football facilities and improvement of the existing ones are being put up to ensure the country is ready to host the world.

It is not lost on the other countries in the region that the world cup is too big an event for one country to handle single handedly. Teams will require acclimatizing, for the event before going to the actual venue. Countries that share the same conditions as the venue have good sporting facilities, established infrastructure, media and accommodation will come in handy. Of all the nations in Africa, none fits better in this category like Kenya. Apart from the 60,000 seater Moi international sports complex, the country also boasts of two other stadiums in the city, Nyayo and city stadiums that are international standard. The city stadium which has a long history as the home of dreams for soccer players and fans, is set for major

Apart from the main stadiums, there are institutions that could offer excellent training grounds for teams seeking for privacy. The central bank owned facility, Kenya school of monetary studies has everything that any world cup participating team would want. Their pitch is world class, their accommodation excellent, security provided by the paramilitary general service unit and its only a twenty five minutes drive from the international airport. With a little upgrade, the Karen based KCB institute can also provide excellent training grounds. Teams that would not mind to use facilities outside Nairobi, will find Naivasha an attractive destination. Flower based companies have put up good facilities that will only need polishing up for use. Tanzania have recently opened a sixty thousand seater in Dar-es-salaam. It will also be available as a training ground for world cup bound teams, and its marketing has already been initiated by the Tanzania government. Uganda and Rwanda will surely try to market their venues as well.

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sio kwa ubaya kaka..lakini kama jamaa walishindwa kuhost
Africa Cup sembuse World Cup?Watapata wageni but I bet you
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