Kentucky couple win $128M Powerball prize


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Nov 22, 2007


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By DYLAN LOVAN, Associated Press Writer Dylan Lovan, Associated Press Writer – Wed Jan 6, 9:38 pm ET

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A central Kentucky autoworker is lucky he held on to the $128 million Powerball ticket he bought on Christmas Eve during some last-minute shopping — after all, it was printed by mistake.

Lottery officials said Rob Anderson and his wife, Tuesday, were winners of the largest jackpot in the state's history.
On Wednesday the couple was introduced at the state lottery headquarters in Louisville. The Andersons said they didn't initially believe they had won the $128.6 million jackpot after buying lottery tickets together for 12 years.
"We didn't hit it, that's not us," Rob Anderson said he told his wife after showing her the winning ticket the morning after the Dec. 26 drawing. "Something's not right!"

Rob Anderson, 39, said the winning ticket was a misprint that he decided to keep while buying stocking stuffers at a Georgetown, Ky., gas station. He wanted to buy $1 lottery tickets for three people, but the clerk goofed.

"The clerk ran the $3 Quick Pick but he put it all on one ticket, and I was like, doggone it, I needed three separate tickets," Anderson said.

The clerk asked him if he wanted to keep the ticket, which had three sets of random numbers.
"Yeah, I got a couple extra dollars," Anderson said, and he bought three more tickets to give as gifts.
When he arrived at home, he tossed the ticket on his dresser and didn't think about it until the Sunday morning after the drawing. When he remembered it, he checked the Powerball numbers and they matched one of the sets of numbers on the botched ticket: 32-36-37-41-53 and Powerball 30.

The couple, who work at a plant building seats for Toyotas, said they were hesitant to go public about the winnings. They declined to say if they had children.
"We're really grounded people," Rob Anderson said. "My wife taught me well, so to speak, to hang on to that dollar and see how far it gets you. We'll still clip coupons and still look for the clearance rack."
He said they would like to go back to school. His proposed major? Finance.

Tuesday Anderson said they have a dream of visiting Hawaii and she wants a new car.
The couple said they haven't decided if they'll return to work and whether they'll take a lump sum payment, which would be worth about $63 million.
Prior to this jackpot, the largest ever won in Kentucky was $89.3 million in 1996.

(This version CORRECTS Corrects amount of jackpot thruout, $128.6 million sted $126.6 million.)


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Jun 12, 2009


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259.9 Million Powerball® Jackpot Winner Says,
"It Is a Beautiful Day for Education!"

COLUMBIA, SC (August 25, 2009) – Flashing his megawatt smile, Solomon Jackson, Jr. happily accepted the oversized Powerball® check for $259.9 million during a news conference at the Lottery's Columbia Claims Center.

"It's a beautiful day for education," said Jackson, a Columbia native. "I've always supported education."

The lucky player decided to buy a $1 Powerball® ticket for the August 19 drawing and chose the PowerPlay® option for an additional dollar."I thought, ‘Why not throw two dollars at the Lottery?' I did, and it threw it all back to me," Jackson joked.

His ticket was the only one that matched all six of the winning numbers to win the multi-million dollar Powerball® jackpot. (Winning numbers: 14, 24, 31, 43, 51; Powerball® 27 and PowerPlay® 5). Jackson bought his ticket at Murphy USA #7057, on Garners Ferry Road, in Columbia. The retailer received a $50,000 selling bonus.

South Carolina's newest multimillionaire has not decided which payout option to take: the one time lump sum ($129 million) or the annuity installments for 29 years. Jackson retired from a job in state government ten years ago.

Since the Lottery's inception in 2002, the General Assembly has appropriated more than $2.2 billion for educational purposes through fiscal year 2010. Approximately 97 cents of every dollar spent by players on the South Carolina Education Lottery is returned to the state in the form of contributions to education, prizes, retailer commissions, and payment to contractors for goods and services.

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