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Feb 4, 2009


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Keep the love aliveIf you've been in a relationship for some time, you'll know that it's difficult to keep conflicts or personal issues from affecting your sex life.
A good relationship is important for good sex. It almost goes without saying that this is true, but so often this is forgotten. When emotional issues involving anger or a need to control are encountered, the journey to sexual fulfilment is interrupted until these conflicts are resolved.
If you're wondering why your once sizzling sex life has fizzled out, it's probably not the technique that's to blame. Qualities that contribute to a successful sex life are the same ones that contribute to a successful interpersonal relationship; love, commitment and communication.
LOVE: You need to love the person in spite of their faults and they must love you in spite of yours.
COMMITMENT: Complete commitment brings security to each partner. It can be an important result of and expression of unconditional love. Commitment helps to breed satisfaction.
COMMUNICATION: Even if partners have mutual love and commitment, they need to communicate this by what they say and do. Couples need to talk about their hopes, dreams, fears and hurts (and the daily details) for the relationship to flourish.
So, how can you have a dynamic sex life? By developing the same qualities that contribute to a strong relationship, which combined, help produce a maximum oneness and bring the greatest pleasure.

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