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KDF officer claim terrorists tried to infiltrate highly guarded army base

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by My 125, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Updated Friday, June 15 2012
    at 22:01 GMT+3
    Anti-terrorism police are
    investigating dramatic claims of
    an Al Shabaab attempt to hit at
    the heart of the Kenya Defence
    Forces in the early weeks of
    ‘Operation Linda Nchi’. This
    follows the report of a bizarre
    plot by a junior army soldier
    accused of desertion.
    Police officers who have
    listened to his tale are unsure
    whether it is true or whether it
    is a cock-and-bull story from a
    troubled young soldier unhappy
    with his job.
    When contacted for comment,
    the Department of Defence
    denied receiving any report
    about unauthorised people
    entering a KDF facility. DoD,
    however, confirmed it was
    aware of the ATPU’s
    involvement in the matter.
    Senior Private Benson Maina
    spilled the beans two weeks ago
    in an exclusive interview with
    The Standard On Saturday. At
    the runaway soldier’s request,
    two officers from the Anti-
    Terrorism Police Unit sat in on
    the interview.
    Maina says he was blackmailed
    into several meetings with
    alleged terrorists that wanted to
    infiltrate one of the country’s
    security installations. He says he
    first met them inside a secure
    facility that they had succeeded
    in entering unchallenged in
    According to the junior officer,
    the men seemed interested in
    the sabotage of newly acquired
    aircraft. He says the terrorists
    wanted to limit the
    effectiveness of Kenya’s air
    attacks, which were having a
    punishing effect on the
    The alleged incident took place
    three months after Kenya’s
    military tanks entered Somalia in
    “hot pursuit” of the Al Qaeda-
    linked group. This was about the
    same time another failed Al
    Shabaab plot to assassinate two
    Kenyan officials disclosed by the
    Internal Security ministry. No
    arrests have been made in both
    When told about the claims,
    Defence Assistance Minister
    David Musila expressed shock.
    His Internal Security counterpart
    Orwa Ojode, who recently died
    in an unexplained Kenya Police
    helicopter crash, termed the
    affair “dangerous”. The army,
    on the other hand, says this is a
    case of an officer facing
    disciplinary measures making
    things worse with his
    dangerous lies.
    “We are treating this case as one
    of gross indiscipline,” says DoD
    public affairs officer Capt
    Thomas Mwanga. “His
    allegations can only jeopardise
    the reputation of KDF as they
    lack material evidence.”
    The Senior Private claims he
    prevented two suspected
    terrorists from accessing an
    installation in Embakasi housing
    the Kenya Army’s 50th Air
    Calvary Batallion. He says the
    incident took place on the night
    of January 12, just before he
    fled his workplace in mysterious
    The Kenya Air Force has its main
    fighter base in Nanyuki and its
    main transport base (Moi) at
    Eastleigh in Nairobi. It also has
    forward operating bases in
    Wajir, Mandera and Nyeri. The
    army, on the other hand, relies
    on the Embakasi-based 50th ACB
    for direct anti-tank air support
    and reconnaissance.
    Like the rest of the defence
    forces, 50th ACB has been
    undergoing significant
    expansion in recent years, with
    the acquisition of Russian Mi-28
    and Chinese ZW9E attack
    helicopters, among other
    equipment. About a year before
    the alleged incident, it received
    Ulan Ude Mi-171 attack
    helicopters from Russian state
    owned corporation
    These choppers were involved
    in the action in Somalia. The base
    also received Russian-made
    Kamov 50 Hokum helicopter
    gunships last year and houses
    French-made Rafale fighter jets,
    both of which have been used
    in Somalia. Destroying any of
    this equipment would have set
    back Operation Linda Nchi.
    In his statement to the ATPU,
    Maina claims to have foiled an
    attempt by two people to enter
    the secure facility at Embakasi.
    This allegedly set off began a
    series of odd encounters that
    escalated to a kidnapping on
    Nairobi’s Moi Avenue in
    source:standard Digital