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kazi BOT

Discussion in 'Nafasi za Kazi na Tenda' started by 2c2, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    The Bank of Tanzania, an equal opportunity employer and Tanzania’s central bank, is
    looking for suitably qualified Tanzanian citizens of high personal integrity to fill the
    following vacant positions at its Headquarters, Dar es Salaam, Branches (Mbeya &
    Zanzibar) and Training Institute, Mwanza.
    Reports to: Head of Division
    Location: Head Office- System Risks Department
    Job Purpose:
    Contributing inputs in formulating policies and procedures and designing processes
    intended to assist Management in identifying and managing threats to the achievement
    of MIS business objectives.
    Primary Duties/Responsibilities
    a) Coordinating the process of risk identification, assessment, evolution, controlling
    and monitoring all systems used in the Bank.
    b) Coordinating implementation of IT security policy to ensure compliance by all
    c) Setting up an early warning system that will help in monitoring risks defined in
    the profile and timely reporting when they are highly likely to materialize;
    d) Establishing, maintaining and updating Systems Risk Incidence Register;
    e) Communicating effectively to all functional units systems risk appetite, risk
    mitigation plans, and setting clearly a list of residual risks and strategies to
    handle them;
    f) Following up implementation of risk mitigation strategies related to database
    management, systems applications, and IT infrastructure;
    g) Participating in systems user acceptance tests (UAT) prior to deployment of
    newly developed/acquired, upgraded or significantly enhanced systems;
    h) Conducting database risk awareness training to employees;
    i) Exploring, researching, and reviewing trends, risks, standards and best practice
    from time to time and disseminating relevant information to functional;
    j) Preparing recommendations for risk mitigation measures for Management
    k) Performing other relevant duties as may be assigned.
    Essential Requirements
     Master degree in Computer Science or Information Security from an accredited
     Basic knowledge of UNIX and/ or Linux operating systems
     Certification is desirable: Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), IT Risk/ Security
    Certification such as Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified
    Information Security Auditor (CISA), Certified Risk Information Security
     3 years of relevant working experience as database administrator, IT Risk Officer
    or IT Security Officer.
    Reports to: Head of Division
    Location: Head Office- Information Systems Services Department
    Job Purpose:
    This job holder is responsible for providing support on management of Information
    Technology Security. Specifically, performing day-to-day security administration of IT
    systems including, computer operating systems, network systems, business
    applications, databases and information systems management tools.
    Primary Duties/Responsibilities
    a) Coordinating operation of IT security policy to ensure compliance of the same is
    adhered to all areas of the business and staff;
    b) Performing reviews on security on new business systems and changes made to
    existing systems of the Bank;
    c) Performing periodical Information Security Risk assessment to the Bank’s
    business units/departments in order to identify threats and respective
    vulnerabilities surrounding IT assets and recommend mitigation strategies for
    d) Conducting IT security awareness training to employees;
    e) Providing inputs to various contracts for approval/disapproval access to
    business systems by third-party by either direct access or remote access;
    f) Developing procedures, guidelines and specific policies as part of
    operationalization of Bank’s IT Security policy;
    g) Reviewing various stakeholders submissions including IT Security policies,
    procedures and acceptable use of IT;
    h) Performing user and access administration on designated systems and
    applications, in accordance with the defined policies, standards and procedures
    of the Bank;
    i) Performing system security administration on designated technology platforms,
    including OSs and network security devices, in accordance with the defined
    policies, standards and procedures of the Bank, as well as with industry best
    practices and vendor guidelines;
    j) Performing installation and configuration management of security systems and
    applications, including policy assessment and compliance tools, network security
    appliances and host-based security systems;
    k) Reviewing application of patches, where appropriate, and, at the direction of
    superior, removes known control weaknesses, such as unnecessary services or
    applications or redundant user accounts, as a means of hardening systems in
    accordance with security policies and standards;
    l) Performing researches on threats and vulnerabilities and, where appropriate,
    takes action to mitigate threats and remediate vulnerabilities;
    m) Responding to and, where appropriate, resolves or escalates reported security
    n) Responding to and follows up on security events reported by existing tools or in
    system and event logs;
    o) Developing and maintaining and test disaster recovery plans, processes and
    procedures in accordance with defined policies, standards and business
    requirements for designated systems ;
    p) Representing the security team on projects and other formal workgroups and
    Essential Requirements
     Masters degree in Information Systems or data communication.
     Certifications in CISA, CISM, CISSP will be added advantage.
     Knowledge of information security principles, including risk assessment,
    intrusion detection, network access control (NAC), threat and vulnerability
    management, and identity and access management (IAM).
     Technical proficiency with security-related systems and applications, especially
    Enterprise Configuration Management.
     Experience in developing, documenting and maintaining security procedures.
     Knowledge of network infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, and
    associated network protocols and concepts.
     Knowledge of various operating systems and databases, including Microsoft
    Windows server, UNIX, HP UX, LINUX and Oracle Databases.
     Knowledge of ERP, particularly Oracle e-Business suite.
     Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to enable effective security incident
    and problem resolution.
     Proven ability to work under stress in emergencies, with the flexibility to handle
    multiple high-pressure situations simultaneously.
     Ability to work well under minimal supervision.
     Strong team-oriented interpersonal skills, with the ability to interface effectively
    with a broad range of people and roles, including vendors, IT and business
     Strong written and oral communication skills.
     Customer services skills.
     Minimum of 5 years IT Security experience.
    Reports to: Head of Division.
    Location: Head Office - Foreign Markets Department
    Job purpose:
    To monitor the performance of the foreign reserves portfolio and to provide
    independent analysis of risks associated with investment decisions of portfolio
    managers in the international financial markets.
    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
    a) Monitoring counterparties and or issuers through periodic review of their credit
    b) Generating performance reports and analyzing each portfolio’s performance
    against its approved benchmark as well as the overall performance of reserves
    under management;
    c) Checking daily securities prices to ensure accurate valuations;
    d) Preparing periodic investments reports;
    e) Determining sources of excess return (performance over the benchmark) or
    deficit return (underperformance) versus the benchmark;
    f) Documenting the deviation from the benchmark and consolidate into a periodic
    performance report for Management and Portfolio Managers;
    g) Analyzing market data and conditions so as to assist in making a good
    assessment of market conditions in various sectors of financial markets;
    h) Evaluating alternative investment strategies;
    i) Building and implementing models and tools for tactical and strategic asset
    allocation, risk allocation and valuation of financial instruments;
    j) Preparing and presenting analytical reports on quantitative strategies and
    market conditions to assist decision making in portfolio management and asset
    k) Providing analytical support to the Portfolio Managers and to Management in
    risk, benchmark management, and quantitative strategies;
    l) Assisting in Construction and maintenance of benchmarks;
    m) Maintaining contacts with counterparties including Central Banks, Commercial
    and Investment Banks, Institutional Investors, and International Institutions with
    a view to sharing information on trends and strategies.
    Essential Requirements:
     Degree in mathematics, financial economics, or a science degree with a high
    content of mathematics and information technology.
     Good understanding of investment portfolio management, risk management and
    quantitative research.
     Proven analytical skills including familiarity with financial modeling techniques.
     Programming skills/ability to use tools such as VBA C, C++, etc. will be an
    added advantage
     A quick learner and ability to keep up with current trends and business issues
     Good team player.
     Excellent communication skills.
    Reports to: Head of Section
    Location: Mbeya Branch
    Job Purpose:
    This job holder is responsible for providing technical support on specialised systems
    and machines used in the banking and currency function.
    Primary Duties/Responsibilities
    a) Installing, testing and troubleshooting standalone and integrated currency
    b) Undertaking periodical inspections on buildings, machinery and equipment to
    identify areas that need attention;
    c) Carrying out corrective maintenance and repairs on Banknote Processing &
    Destruction systems and other specialized systems in Banking and Currency
    d) Taking appropriate measures to ensure maintenance of safety standards in the
    Bank premises;
    e) Preparing and compiling repair history data for easy access and analysis;
    f) Reviewing the maintenance and service quality plan;
    g) Providing technical backup support and advice to users;
    h) Preparing regular and ad-hoc technical reports on systems performance, job
    allocation, maintenance & repairs, spare parts usage etc;
    i) Preparing requisitions for spare parts and consumable components for repairs of
    machinery and equipments.
    j) Providing training to machine/system operators;
    k) Performing any other relevant duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor,
    Technical Services.
    Essential Requirements
     Advanced Diploma in Electrical, Electronic or Mechanical Engineering
     Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality;
     Ability to work effectively with others;
     Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
     Team player with ability to work independently;
     Honesty and trustworthy.
     2 years of relevant working experience.
    Reports to: Head of Section
    Location: Mbeya Branch
    Job Purpose:
    This job holder is responsible for carrying out preventive maintenance on plumbing
    system and its components such as daily scheduled works.
    Primary Duties/Responsibilities
    a) Carrying out routine checks on all plumbing systems and installation, water
    supply and sewerage related pumps, machinery and equipment and report faults
    b) Preparing daily inputs for maintenance reports and submit to the Estate Officer;
    c) Assisting in carrying out analysis of information arising from the preventive
    maintenance system and provide statistical reports on performance;
    d) Carrying out routine maintenance of plumbing, drainage and associated services
    to office and residential buildings;
    e) Liaising with other artisans relating to maintenance and repairs;
    f) Backlog tracking to identify the status of outstanding work in the section;
    g) Ensuring that safety standards are maintained at all work places and at all time;
    h) Performing any other relevant duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor,
    Estate/Facilities Management.
    Essential Requirements
     Ordinary Level Secondary Education Certificate (or A/ level) with Trade Test I
     2 years of relevant working experience.
    Customer service skills.
     Honest and trustworthy.
     Ability to work effectively with others.
    Reports to: Head of Division
    Location: Training Institute, Mwanza
    Job Purpose:
    This job holder is responsible for implementing policies and procedures relating to the
    Bank of Tanzania corporate employee learning and to coordinate training programmes
    including carrying out evaluation and monitoring of conducted course, and
    undertaking research and development activities relating to corporate learning.
    Primary Duties/Responsibilities
    a) Carrying out studies to determine new developments in learning and
    development strategies and technologies and advising the Assistant Manager/
    Associate Director;
    b) Proposing development/ review of policies and procedures for learning and
    development activities in the Bank;
    c) Preparing inputs for annual training plan for the Bank;
    d) Participate in the preparation of departmental operational plans and budget
    estimates; and subsequently monitoring and reporting the implementation of
    operational plans;
    e) Initiating processes for sourcing of internal/ external resource persons in
    accordance with the specifications and modalities of the training events;
    f) Monitoring departmental expenditures against approved budget and producing
    relevant reports;
    g) Producing monthly, quarterly and annual training reports;
    h) Coordinating and monitoring corporate e-learning and other In-house training
    programmes approved in the training plan;
    i) Conducting post training evaluation, impact assessment exercise and producing
    relevant reports;
    j) Developing and reviewing all forms used by the department such as impact
    assessment forms;
    k) Analysing training returns data and preparing useful statistical reports regarding
    staff learning trends;
    l) Developing and reviewing codification and capturing of training data in the
    Document Management System.
    m) Performing any other duties as assigned by supervisor.
    Essential Requirements
     Master’s of Arts/ Science degree in Education, Business Administration, Law, IT,
    Finance or Economics.
     Ability to work beyond normal business working hours and meet deadlines;
     Team player with ability to work independently;
     Excellent oral and written communication in English;
     Ability to coach and mentor others.
     Knowledge of instructional methods and techniques;
     Test planning and construction;
     Ability to prepare and analyze statistical reports;
     Ability to design and deliver training programs;
     Customer services skills.
     Minimum 6 years of relevant working experience.
    Reports to: Head of Division
    Location: Zanzibar Branch
    Job Purpose:
    This job holder is responsible for general maintenance of computer equipment and for
    the resolution of identified technical problems including installing, configuring and
    maintaining computers and peripherals and supporting IT systems users in order to
    promote effective and efficient use of ICT across the Bank.
    Primary Duties/Responsibilities:
    a) Installing, assembling and configuring computers, monitors and peripherals
    such as printers, scanners and related hardware;
    b) Trouble shooting problems and repairing faulty computer hardware and
    software as well as other computer peripherals;
    c) Taking and maintaining inventory of computers and related equipment used in
    the Bank;
    d) Trouble shooting and maintaining IT network devices;
    e) Performing preventive maintenance for IT equipment;
    f) Assisting in preparation of specifications for procurement of suitable hardware
    and software for the Bank;
    g) Working with vendors commissioned by the Bank to ensure that systems
    perform to the specified and required standards;
    h) Providing technical assistance to computer systems users;
    i) Answering questions or resolving computer problems for Bank staff in person,
    through telephone or from remote location;
    j) Providing assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software,
    including printing,, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating
    k) Performing other related duties as assigned by superiors from time to time.
    Essential Requirements:
     Ordinary Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Engineering
    or its equivalent from accredited institution;
     Certification as PC technician will be an added advantage.
     Ability to keep abreast of the latest developments in hardware and software
     Considerable manual dexterity with tools;
     Ability to work under stressful conditions;
     Knowledge of data processing terminology, symbols, and methodologies;
     Ability to keep records;
     Ability to operate information systems input devices;
     Ability to diagnose hardware/ and software problems;
     Ability to communicate effectively;
     Analytical, troubleshooting and problem solving skills;
     Ability to work independently and under pressure;
     Team player;
     Customer service skills;
     A minimum of 3 years post qualification working experience.
    A competitive remuneration package will be offered to successful candidates. The entry
    point will depend on the candidate’s qualifications, experience and the Bank of
    Tanzania Scheme of Service.
    Application should be addresses to:
    Deputy Governor (AIC),
    Bank Of Tanzania,
    P.O. Box 2939,
    Applications should include detailed curriculum Vitae (CV) certified copies of birth
    certificates, academic transcripts and other relevant certificates, names and addresses of
    two referees, a reliable contact address, email and telephone numbers.
    Applications should reach the Deputy Governor’s Office on or before 4:30 pm on 29th
    January, 2011.

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    mh! Kwel kunaajira hapa mana waliokuwepo wanawatoto wao wanatafuta kaz na wamesoma alafu post zenyewe moja au mbil czinawatosha watoto wao kutangaza kanyaboya hl
  3. m

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    Inabidi ifike mahali post kama hizi serikali iajiri firm kutoka nje kwa ajili ya interview vinginevyo watakao pata ni watoto wa mafisadi na viongozi wa serikali tu!
  4. M

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    That's very very:yo:
  5. Tabutupu

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    Jamani kabula sija apulai naomba listi ya wafanyakazi ya BOT yetu ya tz...lol. Hasa majina ya familia. (famili nemu)
  6. Husninyo

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    jaribu hivyo hivyo. Nimeoteshwa una kismati.
  7. YeshuaHaMelech

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    Email? Yaani hadi leo PO Box? Duh!
    Serious: No Email??
  8. Michelle

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    Yaani?halafu probability ya kupata ni -20! acha tu niendelee na mambo mengine!
  9. hashycool

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    sura ka anasikia kichefu chefu atanipa kazi huyu?
  10. Nipigie

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    Halafu nasikia it departement peke yake inawafanyakazi zaidi ya 200. Wengine hata wanacho fanya hata hakieleweki.
    Humain reosurce hawana kazi, kwani kakao kinacho kaa ni cha wakubwa tuu kujadili mtoto wa nane tumweke wapi. Ila ishue ikiwa ovyo wana pick someone unknown kuua so.

    Kama hizi infor ni kweli, kazi bado ipo. Vimemo ndoo njia sahihi ya kufanya application hapo mahali.

    Kidumu chama cha m............................
  11. M

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    Ukiona wametangaza BOT ujua hao watu watoto wa vigogo wamekosekana mfano hiyo kazi ya financial analyst inataka ujue hesabu kisawa sawa usibahatishe maana unadili na mamilioni ya nchi. Sasa kilaza akienda hapo nchi imeumia jaribisheni bahati zenu tu
  12. shiumiti

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    Aaaaahaa Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Mzee wa picha acha kutuchekeshaa bwanaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Vitendo

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    Jan 11, 2011
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  14. Husninyo

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    ha ha ha ha!
    Niachie handsome boy wangu.
  15. Lucchese DeCavalcante

    Lucchese DeCavalcante JF-Expert Member

    Jan 11, 2011
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    Kadhi dhina wenyewe hizo dont try to waste your time
  16. L

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    hahahahahah! JF bwana!
  17. R

    Rashana New Member

    Jan 12, 2011
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    Jamani, wenye sifa za kazi zilizotangazwa waombe tu. Kwa kuwa nafasi hizi ni za watu waliokwenda shule, nadhani si sifa nzuri kuwa waoga kiasi hicho, na kuwa very pessimistic kwa kila jambo. Tufike mahali tuamini kuwa wamo pia watu wasafi ndani ya system ambao wangependa kuona taratibu zinafuatwa. Asanteni.

    TATIANA JF-Expert Member

    Jan 12, 2011
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    kweli, ni kujaribu tu,u never know.