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Kanisa La Shetani! uko tayari kujiunga?

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by eRRy, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. eRRy

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    Affiliation with the Church of Satan
    We were established in 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey, who declared it the Year One, Anno Satanas, thus opening the floodgates to a revolution designed to smash the hypocrisy and unreason of organized religions and mystical philosophies. We stand as a formidable threat to those who would halt progress in the name of spirituality. We are explorers on the untrodden paths of science, human motivation and mystery—all that is most truly occult. Our primary goal is to clearly disseminate the philosophy created by Anton Szandor LaVey to those who have an interest in understanding the truth regarding our beliefs and practices, and to encourage individuals who embrace Satanism to utilize this tool as a means for enhancing their lives and for leaving a legacy of creativity that demonstrates to human society the potency of our diabolical perspective.

    Those who proudly carry our red cards identifying themselves as members have the strength and dedication to implement the tools traditionally associated with Satan: the imagination to confound and confuse, the wisdom to recognize the unseen in our society, the pragmatism of a skeptic, and the passions of a classical Romantic soul.

    Regarding contact with non-members

    Many people write to the Church of Satan who have read some of our literature but want to further their knowledge through personal contact before they decide to affiliate, or through simple curiosity. It has always been our policy NOT to place non-members in contact with members, as an individual’s membership is held in strictest confidence by the Church of Satan. This does not reflect upon the sincerity of the person making the inquiry, but as realists, we acknowledge that Satanism remains a controversial religion and thus our policy is an important matter of security for our members.

    We thus do not maintain any church structures nor are our Central offices open to visitation by the public. It is therefore pointless to ask for an address of a local Church of Satan. Read this essay to grasp the unique way in which our organization functions. Non-members may not attend rituals (which are by nature private activities held in the homes of members), regardless of their degree of interest or reason for wishing to participate. There are no exceptions to this policy. Journalists, researchers, and students doing papers, please take note—this means you. The Satanic Bible explains in detail the basics of ritual for those curious about our practices. The documentary “Satanis: The Devil’s Mass” includes footage of several rituals performed by our founder, Anton Szandor LaVey, and is readily available on DVD. Look for the upcoming DVDs documenting our ritual practice from our 6-6-06 event held in Los Angeles and the Walpurgisnacht XLIII celebration in Dashwood’s Hell Fire Caves.

    Through our extensive Active Membership Application, we gather information about the people who affiliate and desire further participation; this is for the protection of our members. We attempt to make it reasonably certain that those whom we accept may interact safely and responsibly with our other members. Individuals who have not yet affiliated are an unknown quantity, and realistically we cannot trust those whom we do not yet know.

    However, for non-members who want to interact with other Satanists who have placed themselves in public by personal choice, we suggest that you participate in the message board called Letters to the Devil upon which many people who call themselves Satanists (as well as many Church of Satan members—including our representatives) exchange their thoughts. This board is moderated, so time-wasting posts by hostile Christians and pseudo-Satanic kooks are removed. The forum has general areas open to anyone, as well as “members only” areas which can be accessed once one joins the Church of Satan and presents proof of membership to those who run this board. Membership has its privileges. There are also additional moderated message boards established by our members, several conducted in languages other than English. Look to our Links page for them.

    A word to the wise: since Satanism is a philosophy which holds individualism as one of its main values, we don’t expect all of our members to agree on everything, or even to “get along” with each other. Thus, you are cautioned that you might find some differences of opinion in these discussions. Satanism, by definition, is a philosophy in which you won’t find “group hugs” as part of the repertoire. Also, since only a very small percentage of our members choose to interact with people online, it would be an error to think that your online experience is necessarily a reflection upon what your personal experience as an affiliated member of the Church of Satan might be. That is an Is-To-Be that is in the hands of each individual who chooses to join. The Red Card of membership is just a key—it is up to you to open the door and earn the attention of those already in the organization through the superiority of your thinking and the quality of your real world accomplishments.

    Registered Membership

    We don’t solicit memberships; however, if you wish to join us to show your support or appreciation you can become a Registered Member. For a one-time registration fee of two hundred dollars in United States currency, you will receive an embossed crimson card declaring you a member of the Church of Satan. This card is your means for identifying yourself as a genuine member of the Church of Satan to other members. If you expect to meet another member for the first time, be prepared to produce your card. Likewise, you may be expected to produce a scan of your card to certify your membership to other members online. We suggest that you keep your card in a safe place and only take it with you if you think you might have a genuine need to produce it.

    Anton LaVey established a fundamental “house rule” governing our members’ obligation towards each other. The Church of Satan functions as a mutual admiration society, a refreshing change from the climate of back-biting and disrespect that is rampant in society. Thus, those who affiliate are not required to like, appreciate, or praise one another—which should be expected with an association of wildly diverse individuals, however they must refrain from publicly attacking or antagonizing each other. Additionally, since membership in this organization is strictly private, members may not “out” other members who have chosen to remain underground. Violating these dictums is grounds for self-disaffiliation or formal expulsion. Please read this essay for an in-depth explanation.

    No further dues will be expected. There are no further obligations. You must be legally an adult in your nation of residence. See our Youth Communiqué for clarification of this issue. Carefully follow the instructions towards the bottom of this page to become a Registered Member.

    If you represent yourself as affiliated with the Church of Satan, you are legally required to register with us as a member. Download a PDF file containing the Registration Statement. Thus, in addition to the Registration Fee paid in the manner you’ve selected from the options listed below, all applicants must submit their signed and dated Registration Statement via postal mail only—electronic facsimiles are not acceptable.

    Once you have received your registration packet (sent via postal mail), you may request to be included in our E-Bulletin List (the mailing schedule for this is “as needed”) so you can receive announcements pertinent to your affiliation. Send an e-mail to us asking to be added to the list, along with a scan of your signed membership card. Members who joined earlier and who are new to online communications should follow the same procedure.

    Consider this carefully: If you are considering affiliation with the Church of Satan solely for the purpose of group activities, we suggest that you reconsider. Affiliation must primarily be a result of philosophical agreement, not the desire for socializing. Satanists are not a huddling flock of sheep in wolves’ clothing.

    All of our articulate members, are encouraged to represent Satanism in whatever appropriate situations may arise, but they do not officially speak for the Church of Satan unless they are members of the representational hierarchy, which is our Priesthood, or have been granted Agent status. See below. Those who have been bestown honorary degrees are not official spokespersons.

    Please note: if you are a resident of a nation situated on the African continent, do not send any attempts to register with us unless you have contacted us via e-mail and gained pre-approval. We’ve discovered that many unscrupulous residents of these nations attempt to use membership in religious organizations as a means to obtain funds from their governments under the pretense of being a representative of an organization. Sincere students of our philosophy from these nations must contact us via e-mail first and demonstrate a knowledge of our philosophy before we will pre-approve an attempt at Registered Membership. Our apologies to those who resonate with Satanism in these lands, but the ratio of scam artists is exceptionally high and this is our most direct recourse. Any postal mail or payment attempts that are not approved will be refused and we are not responsible for the return of unauthorized postal sendings.

    Active Membership

    If you wish to take a more active role in the Church of Satan, we require that you become an Active Member. This requires that you fill out an Active Membership Application, indicating your more serious interest in our organization. By completing and returning it (e-mail Active Applications in plain text, rich text, or MS Word format to membership@churchofsatan.com or send viapostal-mail to the New York P.O. Box), your file will be placed in queue to be reviewed for your further involvement. Be prepared to present proof of claims made on your application. Our members continually engage in multifarious projects, working on many fronts toward the fulfillment of their rich potential. There is no additional charge for a Registered Member to apply for Active Membership. You may even pay for your Registered Membership and include your Application for Active Membership at the same time you submit your signed Registration Statement. All questions must be given thorough answers and a recent, close-up photograph of the applicant (the face must not be obscured) must be included or the Active Application will not be processed. Download a PDF file containing the Active Membership Application. Please be sure to type your answers to Part II; hand written responses are not accepted.

    Once you have been accepted as an Active Member, the Church of Satan acknowledges that your presentation of yourself fits our definition of “Satanist.” We are currently working through an extensive backlog of Active Applications, so it may take about a year or longer before you will receive the response, which will come via regular postal mail. Be certain to keep us updated with any changes to your postal mailing address. Your patience is appreciated.

    The Grotto System

    Over the years, our “social laboratory” has embraced, disbanded, and revived the use of Grottos as a means by which individuals in geographic proximity form an association for ritualization, socialization, and the pursuit of various projects. We have now phased-out this device once again, since it has become irrelevant in the current existing situation for social interaction facilitated by contemporary means for communication.

    In the past, each local cabal was called a Grotto, which reinforced the hidden and mysterious aspect of the Church of Satan. Grottos were designed to exist organically, solely to serve the specialized interests of a particular association of local members. They were never intended to have more than a limited lifespan. When they had outgrown their purpose, they were dissolved. Chartered Grotto Masters had to regularly report their activities to the Central Office, and their charters were subject to yearly renewal. Grotto Masters were not considered de facto spokespersons for the Church of Satan, nor were Grottos local representations of our Church. Only a small percentage of our membership ever participated in Grotto activities during the times we offered this mode for interaction. In the past, if a local Grotto had a public profile or a web presence, then non-members could learn of its existence. Many Grottos chose to remain “underground,” fulfilling the nature of that word.

    With the ubiquity of the Internet and the ease of electronic communication, the Church of Satan has ceased to charter Grotto Masters and we no longer offer the formality of forming Grottos as a mode for our members to socialize or engage in ritual. Our members who wish it now have ample means to find each other and to discover whether they are compatible for social and ritual gathering. Or, as always, they may opt to keep to themselves. The remaining currently existing active Grottos are not publicly visible and continue only in a clandestine manner until they are finally laid to rest. Charters have elapsed for former Grotto Masters. It is time for them to set aside that responsibility.

    Special Interest Groups.....

    Source: http://www.churchofsatan.com/home.html
  2. Lole Gwakisa

    Lole Gwakisa JF-Expert Member

    Nov 7, 2009
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    You must welcome Jesus Christ in your "church" and you will appreciate the transformation in you.
  3. eRRy

    eRRy JF-Expert Member

    Nov 7, 2009
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    mi si muumini wa kishetani ni habari tu!