Kagera gains 60.1 per cent Standard Seven pass rate.............


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Sep 24, 2010
Tuesday December 07, 2010 Local News
Kagera gains 60.1 per cent Standard Seven pass rate
From MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba, 6th December 2010 @ 12:00, Total Comments: 0, Hits: 103

A TOTAL of 29,385 pupils out of 48,893 pupils who sat for the Standard Seven examinations this year in Kagera Region have passed the exams, representing a 60.1 per cent rate. Out of the number, 15,252 were boys while 14,133 were girls.

The Regional Education Officer (Academic) Mr Renatus Bampoliki, told the ‘Daily News’ that a total of 49,804 pupils were registered but those who attempted the exams were 48,893.

He said out of those who sat for the exams 23,347 were boys and 25,546 were girls.

Mr Bampoliki pointed out that a total of 27,258 pupils had been selected to join Form One during 2011. Among them 14,214 were boys while 13,044 were girls.

He said 2,127 students who passed the exams have not been selected due to lack of enough classrooms. Out of the number 1,038 were boys and 1,089 were girls.

Mr Bampoliki noted that the regional performance rate had slightly improved this year from 55 per cent recorded during 2009 to 60.1 per cent, this year.

Statistics revealed that on average, the regional performance rate has not been very impressive during a four-year period.

While the performance rate stood at 73 per cent during 2007 it dropped to 63 per cent during 2008 and dropped further to 55 per cent during 2009.

At the Regional level Ngara district leads with 73 per cent achievement while Bukoba Rural district was last with 50 per cent pass rate.

Mr Bampoliki revealed that the highest pass mark for boys was 230 marks while the highest marks for girls were 228.

The minimal marks were 100 for both girls and boys.
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