Juicing out the politics - Inspired!

Andrew Mushi

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Dec 13, 2016
Just get inspired from these new businesses elsewhere minus us(Tanzania), and they do give a fresh look of what the government is missing in terms of start ups and how these start ups else where make difference to their lives and most importantly bring out the energy and focus out of the good Citizens of Tanzania. The Government is missing the balls! We need your focus to us!

We all need to make money and get Inspired! and thats my motto and justification of putting this thread in Political Forum. Juicing out the politics!

We only demand your attention, get rid of the Red tapes, you name it, from TFDA, TBS, Regulators, Tax regimes, etc, and not only for the investors but also for us Citizens, we are not demanding the elimination of these bodies, but should be more realistics, and business focus, for instance doing such a business here, you probably end up paying more than 50M and demanding 100K US$ in your account, that 50M only include licencing fees, after passing through corrupt TFDA, TBS and others, who are just doing the same thing on same thing..really put everyone off, thats all happened before even start production! So who do you think you are supporting.


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