Joe Biden presidency will pick historical black woman Senator Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court of America


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Sep 24, 2010
Biden has promised just that, and added a rider : It is long overdue.. It is a promise he will deliver once he is sworn in and an opening materializes..

Far left have been agitating for two Supreme Court reforms: Age based term limits and expansion of the constitution of the Court from the current nine to eleven partially to act as a ballast against Trump and the Republican led Senate for stealing the Obama nominated seat but also flipping the conservative bench to liberal one where explosive issues such as abortion, same sex marriage, Obamacare, euthanasia or the right to die, redistricting among others continue to test the Court's legalism and its interpretation.

While if the Dems take the mantle of both houses may enact those two reforms which require no constitutional nip and tuck but replacing one of their own the aging Supreme Court Justice Ms Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is most likely to yield her docket to the Dem President Joe Biden that he may replenish the Court liberal wing

Having this opportunity, Joe Biden will likely appoint Senator Kamala Harris of California to replace the retiring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the delight of the African Americans who had vigorously pushed his presidential nomination during the primaries to the finishing line...

We feel strongly Kamala Harris is the real deal because apart from touting the right resume but being very close to the Bidens also help...

Did they say in vain "It is not what you know but whom you know counts in climbing the socioeconomic ladder.."

If when that happens, it will be historical for the Supreme Court of America more than the elevation of blackman Clarence Thomas in the same Court by the Republican President George Bush senior in early 1990s because of subjugation of black women in the US has been more pronounced than any other class..

Her appointment, though largely symbolic but will be extremely inspirational gesture of such an invigorating ethnic gender pride of huge proportions...

Exciting times awaits the Joe Biden presidency in addressing socioeconomic, racial injustices inflicted since immemorial times..

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