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Job Vacancies at the Teofilo Kisanji University

Discussion in 'Nafasi za Kazi na Tenda' started by Kaka K, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Kaka K

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    Apr 29, 2008
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    Greetings apply if you feel your qualifications fit the opening. All the best.


    1. Position: Librarian

    (a) Qualifications:
    • First Degree or Advanced Diploma in Library Services

    • Working experience of at least four years in a similar position.

    • Computer Literate.

    (b) Duties:
    • Performs routine professional and supervisory duties.
    • Administers Library records
    • Administers reference and readers services
    • Undertakes bibliographical searching
    • Heads sub-sections such as compilation of legal deposits, cataloguing with NVC etc.
    • Administers routine ordering and processing of books.
    • Performs any other duties assigned by one’s reporting officer

    2. Position: Assistant Librarian

    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holder of a Diploma in Library and Information studies from any recognized institution.
    • Computer Literate.

    (b) Duties
    • Carries out routine professional duties,
    • Processes added copies and continuations
    • Maintains public and staff catalogues
    • Ensures proper shelves of books and periodicals
    • Copies catalogues with CIP data
    • Handles inter library loans-gifts and exchanges

    3. Position: Lecturers

    (a) Qualifications:
    • PhD, MA in the following disciplines Education, Kiswahili, English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Commerce, and Economics

    (b) Duties
    • Lecturing to both undergraduates and postgraduate students
    • Supervising Dissertations to masters and PHD students
    • Doing research and consultancies
    • Publishing articles and research findings in journals
    • Giving juniors lectures guidance in research and publications

    4. Position: Bursar

    (a) Qualifications:
    • Possession of full professional qualification i.e. CPA (T), ACCA, ACA, ICMA. OR Accounting Professional Level IV or Module F
    • At least four years working experience in a senior position in a reputable firm.

    (b) Duties
    • Responsible to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for all financial activities in the University.
    • Head of the Finance Department
    • Preparation of Budgets and Final Accounts.
    • Compile/consolidate Expenditure Reports from Warrants
    • Holders.
    • Enforcement of financial/stores regulations and other regulations concern finance.
    • Carrying out pre-audit assignments.
    • Authorisation of payments, signing of cheque, issuing invoices, follow-up payment of bills.
    • Preparations of periodical and or annual financial statements of Revenue and Expenditure.
    • Any other duties assigned by the superior.

    5. Position: Administrator

    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holders of a Postgraduate/Professional Diploma/Master’s degree with at least four years relevant working experience in a similar position.

    (b) Duties:
    • Responsible to the Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration for all administrative and personnel activities of the University.
    • Heads of the Administrative Department
    • Assists in Organizing and directing, staffing, compensation, staff development and staff relations services in accordance with the approved policies.
    • Assists in developing, recommending and advising top management on plans, policies and procedures.
    • Assists in developing and implementing programmes and methods to document the University's/College’s administrative and personnel policies and informs employees accordingly,
    • Assists in providing advisory service to senior officers at the university on all matters relating to personnel and administrative policies, systems and personnel problems.
    • Performs any other duties that may be assigned by one’s reporting authority

    6. Position: Store keeper

    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holder of Professional level II, Advanced Diploma in Material Management (ADMM or NDMM).

    • Servicing in that position for at least three years.

    (b) Duties:
    • Takes charge of Section/Department stores and becomes responsible for safety and accounting of all stock under his care and supervision;
    • Guides all junior staff on matters relating to storekeeping;
    • Assists in the analysis of purchasing equipment and undertakes subsequent purchasing process of approved requisitions.
    • Performs any other duties as may be assigned by his/her senior

    7. Position: Admissions Officer
    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holder of a Masters Degree in Education, Statistics, Law or any other relevant field.
    • Computer Literate and able to analyse and to handle Statistics

    (b) Duties:
    • Head of the Department
    • Coordinate recruitment of new students
    • Performs general admissions
    • Prepares advertisements for various degree courses or prgrammes
    • Secretary for the admissions committee
    • Responsible for the overall undergraduate admission programme

    8. Position: Secretary to Council

    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holder of Master degree preferably in Law or Management and Administration or Charted Institute of Secretaries and Administration with extensive administrative experience of not less than five years in a high position.

    (b) Duties:
    • Providing statutory service for the Council in accordance with the Teofilo Kisanji University Charter, by-Laws, Regulations and other legal requirements.
    • Responsible for attending all cases pending in Court.
    • Prepare Annual budgets for the Council

    9. Position: Janitor

    (a) Qualifications:
    • Diploma in Hotel Management, Education or Home Economics or equivalent qualification preferably with past experience in related field.
    • At least four years relevant working experience in a similar position

    (b) Duties
    • Assists in supervising hall attendants.
    • Assists in enforcing students’ rules and regulations.
    • Assists in keeping and maintaining proper residence records
    • Assists in ensuring security in and around halls of residence.
    • Performs any other duties prescribed by one’s reporting officer.
    • In-charge of all rooms, stores and common rooms in a hall of residence.
    • Enforces students’ rules and regulations.
    • Assists in answering questions from students, delegates and other visitors who may require certain information.
    • In-charge of all stores in the halls of residence;
    • Supervises all the staff in the halls of residence;
    • Maintains good working relations between students and all staff in the halls of residence.
    • Ensures that proper conduct and ethics of residence are maintained by the halls staff.
    • Ensures cleanliness of halls of residence, rooms and grounds;
    • Ensures that students are provided with provisions as may be determined from time to time.
    • Supervises the student’s welfare in their halls of residence.
    • Supervises the rehabilitation/maintenance of halls of residence.

    10. Position: Examinations Officer

    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holder of a Masters Degrees in Education, Statistics, Human Resource Management , Law or any other relevant field.
    • Computer Literate and able to analyse and to handle Statistics

    (b) Duties
    • Head of the Examinations Department
    • To coordinate preparation of Examination papers for all courses involving assessment by written papers
    • To maintain examination records for all faculties
    • Secretary for the Board of Examinations
    • To ensure current examination regulation and rules are adhered to
    • To liaise with External Examiners, the University Examinations Office, the Deans of the Undergraduate and postgraduate faculties
    • To convene and chair the University appeals committee
    • To supervise the preparation of examination timetable
    • Coordinates marking of examination scripts
    • Supervises the grading degrees and issuance of transcripts and certificates
    • Liaises with examination boards in all administrative issues concerning examinations
    • Provides statistical information regarding examinations

    11. Position: IT- Technician 2 Posts
    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holder of B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems; Telecommunication; Electrical Engineering; or related computer studies or has completed appropriate professional level of IT Industry Standard Certification.

    (b) Duties
    • Advises/Assists computer users
    • Analyses, designs and programmes medium size applications
    • Installs standard software and server operating systems
    • Installs networking hardware/software
    • Develops and Maintains Website and intranet
    • Installs modems and dial-up networking
    • Solves complex hardware/software problems
    • Performs any other duties assigned by one’s reporting officer.

    12. Position: Media Center
    (a) Qualifications:
    • Holders of a Degree in Education and a Technician Certificates in Media Equipment Operation.
    • Three years Experience in the running of a Language Laboratory/Media Centre

    (b) Duties
    • To assist in the operation of equipments of the Language Laboratory.
    • Maintain cleanliness of the Laboratory Equipment.
    • To assist in the setting up and operating equipment at the request of Teaching Staff.
    • Operate the Language Laboratory as well as the Media centre equipment
    • Assist in teaching on Development of teaching Aids
    • Teaching about handling various types of Teaching Aids
    • Any other duties assigned by the superior

    13. Position: Matron
    (a) Qualifications:

    • Holder of Master’s degree in Education Psychology/Divinity or Social Work with at least four years relevant working experience in a similar position.

    (b) Duties
    • Co-ordinates the counseling services of the Wardens on the campus;
    • Provides counseling to students; especially female students
    • Assists the Dean of Students in any other administrative tasks as may be assigned from time to time.

    14. Position: Accountant
    (a) Qualifications:

    • Possession of full professional qualification i.e. CPA(T), ACCA, ACA, ICMA., with not less than four years relevant working experience in a similar position in a reputable firm and has been registered with NBAA.

    (b) Duties:
    • Receives, banks and directs proper use of all monies paid to the University;
    • Prepares financial statements of income and expenditure at appropriate times.
    • Administers use of trust funds, insurance and royalities;
    • Controls capital and recurrent expenditure;
    • Prepares and answers timely payment of salaries and emoluments;
    • Maintains up to date financial information on revenue and expenditure;
    • Administers trust funds, investments and insurance;
    • Oversees arrangements for the purchase of equipments and materials (other than furniture) required by the University including their effective use;
    • Oversees arrangements for the maintenance of an inventory of furniture and equipment held by the University;
    • Maintains up to date and transparent Management information system on all accounts at all levels;
    • Coordinates purchases and effective management of stores;
    • Insures all properties and assets of the University;
    • Causes to be periodically reported on all income and expenditure transactions;
    • Supervises staff and other functions in the division;
    • Perform any other function as may from time to time be assigned to him/her by his/her supervisor

    Remuneration: The University offers a Competitive Salary and Fringe Benefits for all the above positions.
    Send your application to:

    The Vice Chancellor
    Teofilo Kisanji University
    P.O. Box 1104 Mbeya

    NB: The closing date for all applications is 17th May, 2008
  2. Kuntakinte

    Kuntakinte JF-Expert Member

    Apr 29, 2008
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    Hivi ni kwanini Matangazo mengi ya Kazi za Tanzania yana UBAGUZI SANA? Kwa taratibu za HR duniani hutakiwi kuweka kitu ambacho kina bagua tabaka fulani na kutoa upendeleo kwa tabaka jingine.

    Unaposema Mtu awe na Degree or Diploma na Ujuzi wa Miaka 4 moja kwa moja unawalenga watu wa rika la miaka 30+ kwa maana wale wenzangu na mimi tusiokuwa na ujuzi lakini tunauwezo wa kuelewa kazi kwa ufanisi kwa kujifunza tunabaguliwa na degree zetu itaisha Lini hii?

    Mkubwa Kaka K, tunashukuru sana na wala sijakulenga wewe ila nasemea Matangazo yote Bongo kwa ujumla wake. Inabidi waangalie Upya utaratibu wa kutangaza maana walishawahi kuahidi kwamba watakuwa wanaweka matangazo ambayo yatakuwa yanaangalia Matabaka yote bila kuwa na upendeleo.
    Naomba wahusika waelewe maana najua wanasoma JF na hata kama hawasomi najua watapata habari "VIJANA SIO TAIFA LA KESHO, BALI NI TAIFA LA LEO" mifano mingi mnayo ya hao wenye ujuzi wanavyoharibu na sababu kubwa kwamba anajua.
  3. Mtanganyika

    Mtanganyika JF-Expert Member

    Apr 30, 2008
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    Muajiri nae anamalengo yake. Tanzania hawana labor law kama za nchi nyingine ambazo zipo against discriminations. Lakini nadhani muajiri ana haki ya kusema anamtaka nani kwenye camp yake.