Jk's Award


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Jul 12, 2008
In a ceremony to inaugurate the Songo Songo gas-to-electricity project on 4 October 2004 JK was presented with an award more or less because:

"As Minister for Water, Energy and Minerals from 1990 to 1994 he guided the initial Project negotiations with Ocelot [one of the original sponsors of the Songo Songo gas-to-electricity project, which subsequently became PanAfrican Energy]. In 1994 he selected the original sponsors, Ocelot and TransCanada Pipelines, over their rival for the Project, Enron. Subsequent to that, as Minister of Finance in 1995 he gave crucial support to what was seen as an alien concept, that is providing payment and currency convertibility guarantees to private investors" (Africa's Wind of Change: Memoirs of an International Tanzanian page 128)
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