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JK proposes steps to end Africa`s poverty

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Kichuguu, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Kichuguu

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    STEP 1:
    No! this is just another scapegoat used by African leaders for their failure to lead the continent. Since we believe in Market Economy, it is the market that decides what sells. USA consumers buy a lot of Chinese products because of the market forces, not because the US government encourages them to do so. China captured the US market and it has been accumulating massive wealthy because of that. Africa needs to develop products that can sell under market forces and stop crying foul.

    Tanzania has a lot to sell but it virtually sells nothing: Tanzanite, Diamonds, and Gold sell very well in all of jewelry stores in US. Tanzania is the only world producer of Tanzanite, but if you go to any jewelry store, you will learn that Tanzanite is imported from South Africa! Tanzania is among the best 20 world gold producers, but what do we get out of those mines if not increased poverty because of the environmental degradation from these miners.

    Why are other African countries like Botswana and South Africa doing well if the whole world really hates Africa that much?
    STEP 2-5:
    There you go; and who is responsible if not African leaders, including Kikwete? Tanzania has had no war for more than 30 years now, and that war lasted for less that 6 months only. The Tanzanian government has never been overthrown since its existence.

    Tanzania suffers from unproductive policies, lack of vision, and the struggle for power by our leaders, including Kikwete. He had to fight for power for 10 years, and now Lowasa is waging a continued fight for power which will total 20 years if he wins in 2015. People who dream of power only are never leaders, and will spend most of their time thinking of themselves instead of thinking of the people they lead.

    STEP 6:
    Now, what went wrong with our agricultural production?

    The productive force immigrated to cities to be machingas, selling substandard Chinese products: Kikwete himself offered them with billions shillings to support their businesses. Those who remained in rural areas are living as if they were cavemen, with no hope for tomorrow.

    Nyerere had planned to raise the standard of life in rural areas to the level found in cities so that the agricultural productive force will not be tempted to immigrate to cities. He never succeeded, but any other good leader of this age should have looked at why Nyerere did not succeed, and correct the plan. Unfortunately, starting with Ruksa, all leaders who followed have never had any interest in improving rural life; they only go there during the election season.

    STEP 7:
    We had our industrial base, and instead of finding ways to fix it, we decided to give it away. The problem here was caused by having leaders who never wanted to tackle tough problems, including Kikwete; they go for simple answers on all problems.

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    tujiulize, hoja aliyoiwakilisha na mambo yake.... haya yote yeye ameyatekelezaje kwa vitendo???