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JK ni hatari: afurahia sifa hewa kutoka kwa Obama bila kujua

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by Mwanamayu, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Sep 24, 2010
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    There has been marginal progress on governance in Africa since the 2005 baseline study. This increase is 2%, from 51% (2005) to 53% (2009).

    Multiparty system flourishes, but with poor institutionalization. Many ruling parties in Africa continue to suppress opposition parties with different degrees of severity. And access to the media, state funds and logistical facilities are skewed in favour of the ruling parties in most countries.

    Elections are more regular, but flawed in some countries. Elections measure democracy in Africa but their quality remains suspect in many countries: less peaceful and followed by violence like in Kenya and Zimbabwe. In some countries the electoral authorities do not have the autonomy, funding and institutional capacity to conduct free, fair and transparent elections, calling into question the credibility and legitimacy of elections. The result is that the choices of the people are subverted.

    Adherence to constitutionalism and the rule of law remains a major challenge. Respect for the rule of law and constitutionalism, though on the increase, is still limited in Africa. In some countries the executive has attempted to change the constitution to stay in power. Between 1990 and 2008 the constitution was amended in eight African countries to elongate the term of the office of the president, mostly against popular opinion.
    The media in Africa do not operate in a fully free environment – even in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, which are noted for the vibrancy and tenacity of their media.

    Source: African Governance Report II 2009, pp. 1 – 4 http://www.iag-agi.org/spip/IMG/pdf/The_African_Governance_Report_II_Dakar-2.pdf

    Corruption between 2005 and 2009 in Tanzania
    In 2005 Tanzania was ranked 88 in corruption and in 2008 placed at 102 worldwide.
    Source: Transparency International reports 2006 & 2009 gcr/publications

    To begin with, corruption in Tanzania between 2005 and 2009 has increased as per corruption perception indices of 2005 and 2009. Ali Hassan Mwinyi, former president of Tanzania, concurred with these results and quoted in one/ some of Tanzania newspapers saying that the fourth phase is leading in corruption compared to the previous phases.

    Secondly, under governance though the African Governance Report II 2009 has generalised the successes, progress and failures, Tanzania mainly falls under poor performance. For instance, we have witnessed in this on going election campaign flaws like Daily News to favour CCM, NEC does not have autonomy – CCM has been violating the act like running rallies beyond official time and no measures are taken against CCM; CCM is using logistical facilities and state funds like government plane, vehicles, state house photos.

    The guardian of 19/09/2010 wrote that in 1995 opposition won the election by 75% but the results were reversed. This year the Daily News has already announced the results that Dr. Slaa has lost. The constitution has a lot of contradictions that impedes full democracy to be exercised like no challenging of presidential results in the court of law.

    My question to Obama and CCM: was it realistic to praise Tanzania for an improvement of 2% in governance while there is a failure in corruption since JK took the term of the office in 2005?

    If CCM and any citizen of Tanzania who consider the praise realistic, I will doubt their reasoning capacity. The late Nyerere once said that if a clever person knows that you are also clever and he tells you that you are not clever and you accept that, that person will degrade you down to the surface. This statement has been proved by Obama to JK.