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JK: A servile agent of Neo- Colonialism.

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by Rutashubanyuma, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Rutashubanyuma

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    Oct 12, 2010
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    JK: A servile agent of Neo- Colonialism.

    Of all the disqualification for JK quest to retain his presidency lies in his unconditional capitulation to Neo-Colonialism. Whether it is his penchant for being a wanderlust or his badinage on campaign trail, JK is a proud paw of Neo-Colonialism.

    During his five years of carousing in power, JK has gadded overseas more than all trips combined of his presidential predecessors! The reason often offered to justify his proclivity to a wanderlust carnival has always been he is in search of foreign assistance. Panning out of this, JK has always mistrusted our local input to impact positively our development and prefer to overly depend upon aliens to spearhead our destiny.

    But to elucidate JK’s aura better, one needs to reminisce to the tête-à-tête within CCM top ranks of 2005 as they were rummaging for pertinent qualifications of Mkapa’s successor. The then president Mkapa had cautioned top CCM organs that; of all the qualifications, a future president of Tanzania ought to be conversant with the effects of globalization. This is a criterion that proved too high a hurdle for JK to surmount and his adulators sensing their man was going nowhere clamoured for prioritization of party loyalty above “globalization” criterion. Their argument was simple to digest: For them, someone like JK who had served the party with undivided loyalty ought to be considered first while CCM late comers should learn to mark-time and prove their CCM cachet over time. That is how the vitality of knowing the impacts of globalization was trashed in favour of party loyalty. It later on narrates why JK hopped into the national hot seat and later why he valued party loyalty in his presidential appointments at expense of meritocracy largely because he was a byproduct of sycophancy within CCM conspiracies of survival.

    Since JK had no illusions of why the country was backward, he trusted aliens to spearhead the development agenda of this nation. Even the much vaunted “Kilimo kwanza” has earmarked foreign technology and settlers as its launch-pad. What JK sneers at as a hoe backward technology he envisages a foreign tractor to replace it! It is a gargantuan leap of faith, given, majority of the rural folks hardly have basic necessities let alone the knowhow of operating and maintaining those spare-parts and fuel guzzling gizmos. Any reasonable man would have thought that the first step to revolutionalize our peasantry economy was to promote oxenization of agriculture rather than placing melodrama of alien contraptions at expense of incredible sustainability of those technologies. Our peasantry has the know-how and the experience to handle ploughs and the bulls are economical demanding little maintenance. And, you have to wonder why tractors and not bulls should drive our agriculture forward? But photogenic JK has always preferred to romance Utopian idealism so long as they befuddles the ruled that his administration is busier pushing for the betterment of everyone like the dizziness we endure from his campaign mantra of “Maisha bora kwa kila Mtanzania.” Beyond that there is nothing substantive to write home about…

    Foreign investment has replaced local initiative as we saw unprecedented number of indigenous people being hurled from their place of abode via inadequate compensation to pave room for foreign domination in our economy. When we fought for independence we did it for ourselves but not to contort that aspiration to sate future quest of Neo-Colonialists.

    Because in global division of labour; we are accursed as “Manamba”, it expounds why JK has no inclinations to patch up public policies that will make education, health and other social amenities free for all. Nowhere in the World has a government been successful at narrowing the gap of the “haves” and “have-nots” but through a creation of a welfare society and this is a thing JK and his mercenaries are hell-bent to remind us it is IMPOSSIBLE. They are resisting an ennobling cause of correcting massive injustices afflicted by inequalities of globalization because they worship and fawn at Neo-colonialism.

    From JK’s vision, one thing is ultra clear: Why embark on a “Marshal Plan” to empower our people while Neo-colonialism expects our people to be colliers?

    From that, JK cuddles foreigners with unsolicited tax exemptions condemning locals to subsidize Multinational conglomerates. If this scenario goads you to visualize ourselves as runnels feeding the Indian Ocean - the Multinationals- you will be absolutely spot-on on this one.

    No wonder graft is now a currency of trade for whoever wants to excel in this nation and everything else is a misnomer…

    On his umpteenth foreign trips, JK justifies them on flimsy grounds that unless Uncle Sam and his disciples of “willing” come to our aid we are on a bridge heading to nowhere! It is an argument that completely disempowers us and JK’s recent campaign’s focus confirms this assertion. JK on campaign trails has made it quite translucently crystal that unless Obamacare commiserates with our plight there is no way he - JK- can fulfill his long troubling rota of electoral “do-yourself-list”…

    How disgusting, to say the least.