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Jeshi La Wananchi Tanzania

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Historia' started by X-PASTER, Nov 2, 2008.


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    The Tanzania Peoples' Defence Force (TPDF) (swahili: Jeshi la Wananchi la Tanzania (JWTZ) was created in September 1964. From its inception, it was ingrained in the troops that they were a people's force under civilian control. They were always reminded of their difference from the colonial armed forces. The TPDF was given a very clear mission: to defend Tanzania and everything Tanzanian, especially the people and their political ideology. TPDF sailors, pilots and officers are trained in China.
    Military of Tanzania
    Service branches Army, Navy, Air Force, and Military Intelligence

    Military age 16–49

    Available for military service 8,477,193 (2003 est.), age 15–49

    Fit for military service 4,911,235 (2003 est.), age 15–49

    Reaching military age annually unknown

    Active personnel 27,000

    Expenditures Budget $19.68 million (FY02)
    Percent of GDP 0.2% (FY02)


    Early history:
    The formation of the TPDF was a result of the disbandment of the Tanganyika Rifles after a mutiny in 1964. Soldiers of the regiment mutinied on January 1964. The Mutiny began in Colito barracks in Dar es Salaam, then spread to Kalewa barracks in Tabora with Nachingwea, a new barracks, following suit. The mutiny was over pay, promotions, the removal of British officers and Africanisation. Julius Nyerere conceded that the "soldiers had genuine grievances and the demands presented a perfectly reasonable case."

    However, he could not tolerate a mutiny. The mutiny raised questions about the place of the military in the newly independent Tanganyika - a military under a foreign command and not integrated into the country's system. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise as the government set out to rectify the situation. After the mutiny, the army was disbanded and fresh recruits were sought within the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) youth wing as a source


    Wars fought:
    JWTZ Honour GuardThe TPDF was one of the front line National Armies during the struggle to liberate Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Uganda. TPDF officers also trained African National Congress fighters in Morogoro. TPDF officers also participated in the training of the new Democratic Republic of Congo army, but were later withdrawn because of the war in the Congo.

    The most significant TPDF involvement in the Uganda-Tanzania War following a Ugandan invasion of Kagera in 1978. Idi Amin with the help of Libya, accused Julius Nyerere of being at the root of his troubles and of waging war against Uganda. Amin invaded Tanzanian territory on 1 November 1978 and annexed Kagera. Julius Nyerere told the nation that Tanzania had the reason to fight Amin, was intent on fighting Amin and had the ability to defeat him. The war effort was not for the army alone on 22 November 1978, but for the entire population, the nation understood him and the reaction was predictable. In April 1979, Tanzania took Kampala and Amin fled the country to Libya and eventually ending up in Saudi Arabia after falling out of favour with Muammar al-Gaddafi. Unlike Amin's soldiers, the TPDF had a relaxed relationship with the locals and at times went out of their way to assist them. As late as 1982, some Ugandans still marvelled at the gentle manners of the Tanzanians, which they could not associate with soldiers. On returning home, the TPDF soldiers were reportedly seen as heroe

    Officer Corps
    The TPDF employs a delibarate policy of drawing its officers from various regions of the country. This policy has ensured a development of a national force that has tended to promote stability.


    Military branches
    The army consists of:
    8 infantry brigades
    2 divisional headquarters
    1 tank battalion
    2 field artillery battalions
    2 AA artillery battalions
    1 SAM battalion
    2 anti-tank battalions
    2 signal battalions.

    Equipment includes: 30 China Type 59 heavy tanks, 66 China Type 62 light tanks, 20 Russia BRDM-2/BTR-40 combat vehicles, 30 China YW 531C, 10 Russia BTR-152 armoured personnel carriers, 240 Russia D-30 122mm guns, 50 Russia BM-21 rocket launchers, 350 mortars, 400 air defence guns, 61 SAMs.(These consists of 20 SA-3 launchers, 20 SA-6 launchers, SA-7)
    In 1989-90 Tanzania added 30 T-62 Soviet made tanks, 80 85mm Chinese made artillery, 20 122mm Chinese made howitzers. This added to an existing 40 76mm howitzer, 40 85mm guns, 200 122mm howitzer and 50 130mm guns.

    Small arms:
    - Type 56
    - RPD
    - RPG-7


    The navy operates 7 fast attack craft and 12 patrol boats.


    Air Force
    A few of the Tanzanian air wing's transport remain serviceable. However, its Shenyang F-5s, and Chengdu F-7s are reported to rarely fly because of airworthiness problems1. Tanzania's long coastline means that transports are also used for patrol flights.


    In Tanzania, early 1980s; Contrary to what is usually reported, Tanzania never purchased any J-7Is from China. Instead, the Jeshi La Wananchi La Tanzania (Tanzanian People's Defence Force Air Wing, TPDF/AW) was given 14 MiG-21MFs and two MiG-21Us by the USSR in 1974. Many of these were lost in different accidents due to the poor training, and two were said to have been lost when their pilots defected. Nevertheless, the few surviving examples took part in the war against Uganda, in 1978-1979, when they saw much action, even if one was shot down in a case of fratricide fire (it was lost to SA-7s fired by Tanzanian troops).

    The Tanzanian Army captured seven MiG-21MFs and one MiG-21U trainer from the Ugandan Air Force, as well as a considerable amount of spare parts. All of these were flown out to Mwanza AB, to enter service with the TPDF/AW. In 1998, Tanzania purchased four additional MiG-21MFs from the Ukraine, but these were reportedly in a very poor shape, and not used very often. Meanwhile, in 1980, an order for 10 F-7Bs and two TF-7s was issued to China, and in 1997 also two F-7Ns were purchased from Iran, together with four ex-Iraqi Air Force transports of an unknown type. Today, no Russian-supplied MiG-21s remain in service with the TPDF/AW, and only three or four F-7s remain operational. The TPDF/AW MiG-21MFs are now confirmed to have carried serials - in black or green - underneath the cockpit, but no details about these are known.

    At Daresalam IAP in 2004, preparing for celebrations of Tanzanian People's Defence Forces' 40th Aniversary, this F-6A is one of two that arrived from Mwanza together with three F-5s. It wears a disruptive camouflage pattern in sand, brown and green on upper sides, and light blue underneath. All the planes appeared in imacualte condition, considering they are in service since almost 30 years. No national markings or serials were apparent on either of F-6As.

    Another source puts theigures at; Planes and helicopters: 3 J-5 (MiG-17), 10 J-6 (MiG-19), 11 J-7 (MiG-21), 3 DHC-5D, Y-5, 2 Y-12, 3 HS-748, 2 F.28, HS-125-700, 5 Cessna 310, 2 Cessna 404, Cessna 206, 2 MiG-15UTI, 5 PA-28, 4 AB-205, 6 Bell 206B.
    The Air Force currently operates:

    Combat Aircraft:
    Shenyang F-5 Fresco - 8
    Chengdu F-7 Skybolt - 11

    Shaanxi Y-8 -
    Harbin Y-12 -
    de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo - 4
    BeechcraftKing Air A100 - 1
    Fokker Gulfstream V
    Fokker F-27

    Combat Helicopter:

    Agusta-Bell AB205 - 1
    Agusta-Bell AB206 - 2
    Training Aircraft:

    Shengyang FT-5 - 2
    Nanchang BT-6 - 2
    TPDF operates four air bases at Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Tabora and Zanzibar.

    Police Helicopter:
    AB412 Griffon

    Current High Command

    Commander in Chief: President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

    Chief of Defence Forces (CDF): General Davis Mwamunyange

    Chief of General Staff: Lt. General Abdulrahman Amir Shimbo

    Chief of National Service: Maj. General Martin Madata

    Chief of Air Defence Command: Brig. General Ulomi

    Chief of the Navy: Rear Admiral (Brig. General): Othman

    Former Generals and high-ranking officers Former CDF's

    Major General Sarakikya 1964-1974;

    Lieutenant General Abdallah Twalipo 1974-1980;

    General David Musuguri 1980-1988;

    General Ernest Kiaro 1988-1994;

    General Robert Mboma 1994-2002

    General George Waitara 2002-2007

    General Davis Mwamunyange 2007-

    Chiefs of Staff

    Brigadier General Tumainiel Kiwelu 1975-1980;

    Major General Imrani Kombe 1980-1983;

    Major General M.N. Mwakalindile 1983-1988;

    Lieutenant General Kiwelu 1988-1994;

    Lieutenant General G. F. Sayore from 1994-2001

    Lieutenant General Iddi Gahu 2001-2006

    Lieutenant General Davis Mwamunyange 2006-2007

    Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Shimbo 2007-


    Other statistics
    15? years of age for voluntary military service.
    18 years of age for compulsory military service upon graduation from secondary school
    conscript service obligation - 2 years (2004)


    Jeshi La Wananchi Tanzania

    CIA-Tanzania Military
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    ...Nakumbuka kulikuwa na Wazungu, machotara, Wahindi na waarabu kwenye Jeshi letu.
    Wasisahaulike kwenye Historia hii.
    Majina yao 'yamenitoka kidogo', nikumbusheni jamani.
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    usaili na namna ya kujiunga na jwtz ni lini? nisaidieni jamani
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    Sijui post imeletwa ili iweje? Hata ivo umemtaja mtu aliyetupwa kwa aibu Tumaniel Kiwelu. Alishakuwa mpaka Rc lakini leo anaishi kwa taabu sana. Kiujumla post yako haielezi umuhimu wa kuwepo jf hasa ktk mda kama huu.
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    Mbona silaha zao nyepesi sana? Kumbe tukikomaa nao tunaweza kapiga hawa wakoloni JWTZ
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    hivi maximmum age ya kujiunga na jeshi ni .. umri gani..?!
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    Tunawaweza jamani wasitutishie nyau walete mihela yetu
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    Mkuu! Yu wapi huyu bwana jamani? Loh.. Dunia ni pembe tatu nadhani.

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    Post iliandikwa kama miaka mitatu iliyopita, ikajibiwa kwa mara ya kwanza mwaka mmoja baadaye na mchangiaji wa pili akajitokeza ktk kipindi cha zaidi ya miezi sita toka mchangiaji wa kwanza achangie. This show how important this post is!!!!!

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    mkuu hapa kina shimbo wakigundua mnawajadili lazima wapige mkwara...
    kumbe huyu Gen. Mayunga hajawahi kuwa mkuu wa majeshi:A S-omg:
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    Nadhani kwa sasa kuna mabadiliko makubwa kwenye Jeshi kuanzia vifaa na technologia na wafanya kazi wake watakua wameongezeka pia naamini vitu Vingi vimebadilika sasa
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    naamini tumepiga hatua kubwa
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    Jwtz imepga hatua sana, bigup soldiers.
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    naomba kuuliza swali, ukistafu jeshi unaweza ukapanda tena cheo?? mfano Meja Jenerali Said Kalembo alipandishwa cheo na Mkapa kutoka Brigedia kuwa Meja Gen ktk sherehe za miaka 40 ya jwtz ilihali alishastafu jeshi
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    Hivi si siri zotr za Jeshi nje au nimeona vibaya?.
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    Nice story