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Pentecostal pastors and many other people are known by their fruits. This question and answer section has been set up to test your knowledge about the most famous Pentecostal pastors. As i like to say, i am not a perfect person but i would not like the so called "holy men" to mislead others into, that is why i try to expose them as much i could.

The Bible warns that in the latter days many impostors would rise, they would perform many miracles (Matthew 24:24) and speak what their followers want to hear, like employment, visa, promotions, jobs and healing (2Timothy 4) .There is no doubt, these men and women mentioned in this chapter, with all the evil things presented are among the impostors spoken about. However many Pentecostals think that their pastors have a mandate to heal and make them rich.

1. Which very famous pastor and mentor of Pastor Benny Hinn faked her own kidnapping – Semple McPherson

2. Who said "if you are an intellectual, you will probably go to hell for it" -Jonathan Bell.

3. Which evangelist teaches that Jesus was rich and Apostles were successful businessmen with plenty of money? Fred price, Avanzini and others.

4. Which pastor felt he had to go to a psychiatrist to find out whether or not he was a homosexual? -Jim Baker.

5. Who wishes he could have a Holy GHOST machine so he can kill all his enemies? - Benny Hinn.

6. Which evangelist was banned from British television for airing un substantiated testimonies? – Morris Cerullo.

7. Which great evangelist said that we should never be sick and that we should posses power as that of the witched to kill and to heal? – Benny Hinn.

8. Who when accused of a sexual impropriety defended himself by saying a demon had duplicated him, and that if you see him doing anything bad, it's not the real him? – Bob Larson.

9. Which preacher sells eldership to his church by mail? – Morris cerullo.

10. Which mentor of Benny Hinn, fell in love with a married man and her miracles were discovered to be fake? – Kathryn Kuhlman.

11. Which great pastor said that man does not have a god in himself but that he is God himself? – Kenneth Copeland.

12. Who claimed that God is around 6'2, 6'3 inches long and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred pounds – Kenneth Copeland.

13. Which televangelist was exposed years ago for receiving words of knowledge" not from God but from his wife via radio transmitter? – Peter Popoff.

14. Which tele evangelist owns his mountain top? - Pat Robertson.

15. Which great pastor confessed to periodically visit Kuhlman's and Aimme McPherson's graves and receive re-charge of his powers? – Benny Hinn.

16. Which preacher claimed that god had vowed to take his life if his followers did not raise 8 million dollars by March – Oral Roberts.

17. Which great Pastor claimed that Satan conquered Jesus on the cross and took his spirit to the darkest regions of hells? – Kenneth Copeland.

18. Who bought twitty city and believes white hair is most often among the holy?-Paul Crouch.

19. Which pastor without shame said that God has 3 spirits, 3 souls and 3 bodies? – Benny Hinn.

20. Which pastor claims that Christ was "born again" in hell – Benny Hinn.

21. Which pastor was caught red handed collecting personal information and addresses of his followers and later use them in worship by pretending that God could enable him to know about any one? – Ps Grant Jr. W.V.

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