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Je mmemsikia Mwenyekiti wa CCM Taifa na maendeleo ya Tanzania ?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Lunyungu, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Lunyungu

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    Oct 19, 2011
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    President Jakaya Kikwete yesterday opened Lake Tanganyika Zone Investors Forum with a reminder that meaningful economic development cannot be realised in the absence of serious investment.
    He reiterated government’s commitment to attracting local and foreign investors, saying he knew of no single country that has developed without investments.
    The one-day Investors’ Forum covered Rukwa, Kigoma and (newly formed) Katavi regions.
    The one-day meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda attracted local and foreign investors, diplomats and government officials.
    The president said the government was creating an environment which will be conducive to local and foreign investors.
    “Attracting investors is the government’s main agenda because it is very clear that there is no development without investments,” he said.
    The president said all countries that have developed succeeded in provision of better services and manufacturing through investments.
    “The government is playing its role through creation of good environment and ensuring provision of social services like water, power and infrastructure,” he noted.
    “In the past, the government was doing everything including ownership of rice farms in Mbarali, village shops, wholesale and retail shops; but now we have left everything to the private sector,” the president explained.
    Kikwete said in the past, the private sector was considered the agent of imperialists, resulting in many problems. He said the government wasted a lot time watching and supervising manufacturers in the private sector.
    “We have now embarked on connecting the regions of Rukwa and Kigoma with the rest of the country through improvement of infrastructure. In the past such regions lacked proper roads, railways and airports for their development.
    Kikwete said that the government has set aside 490bn/- for improvement of roads in Rukwa region while in Kigoma the government has spent almost twice the amount for infrastructure development.
    On power, he said despite the fact that each district had electricity from generators there was a strategic plan by government to connect the regions to the national grid.
    He said reliable power will be one of the attractions for investors to set up projects in Kigoma, Rukwa and Katavi regions.
    Speaking on behalf of the three regions, Rukwa Regional Commissioner Eng. Stella Manyanya said there were many investment opportunities available in Rukwa, Kigoma and Katavi regions citing the Katavi national park, fertile land for cultivating commercial and food crops.
    Manyanya said other potentials included Lake Tanganyika, Lake Rukwa and forest reserves.
    For her part Minister of State Prime Minister’s Office (Empowerment and Investment) Dr Mary Nagu directed that all the regional commissioners in the country prepare investment plans as done by Rukwa and Kigoma regions so as to enable investors to be informed of the available opportunities in the areas.
    Dr Nagu said Tanzania was endowed with many resources but people will not benefit without capital to process them, adding that by collaborating with investors who will provide capital, technology and human resources even the war against poverty will not be successful.
    The forum whose theme is ‘Promotion of Lake Tanganyika Zone Investment Potentials’ aims at informing investors of the opportunities within the three regions.
    The regions enjoy an abundance of natural resources comprise fertile land, minerals, game reserves, fish which offer tremendous investment opportunities.
    Last week, the TIC Acting Director of Investment Promotion, Mathew Mnali urged investors to exploit the potentials in the Lake Tanganyika zone.
    He said TIC has revised its corporate strategic objectives with a view of creating a strong domestic investment base with objectives of raising the profile of the country as the best destination in the region
    He said they also focused on increasing investors in key sectors such as power generation and others.
    Some of the Ministers who attended the forum included the Minister for Regional Administration and Local Government Authority, George Mkuchika, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office (Investment & Empowerment), Dr Mary Nagu, State Minister, President’s Office (Civil Society Relations and Coordination), Stephen Wasira and Regional Commissioners from the regions of Kigoma Rukwa, Shinyanga and Tabora.

  2. Ringo Edmund

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    Oct 19, 2011
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    Hakuna aijuaye siku wa la saa ila ya ccm mimi naijua.
  3. U

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    Oct 19, 2011
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    By ABDULWAKIL SAIBOKO, 18th October 2011 Daily News

    THE World Bank has called for introduction of cash transfer to people as poverty is on rise among individuals in Tanzania despite general economic growth.

    The WB's report issued on Tuesday with a title; 'Tanzania: Poverty, growth and public transfers' noted that
    (1) poverty in the country was widely spread.

    "The report
    (2) proposes that for the country to have a sustainable economic development, two options should be enforced, one of which is cash transfer and another is public works", said the WB Lead Social Protection Specialist, Ms Anush Bezhanyan.

    Ms Bezhanyan observed that
    (3) cash transfer involves giving cash to individuals who are unable to work in which the government is supposed to dictate modalities of expenditure and make a follow-up to get feedbacks.

    "The government can, for example, direct the beneficiaries of the cash transfer to use the monies in taking their children to school, and then a follow-up must be made to see whether the target has been achieved," she said.

    On public works, Ms Bezhanyan said the government was required to
    (4) allocate some public works in people's localities from where the poor would earn something in terms of cash.

    Citing examples, she said Ethiopia was one of the African countries which could provide best practice on how the two modes could effectively transform lives of individuals, hence, lead to overall economical growth.

    WB's Consultant, Mr Jim Smith said
    (5) 83 per cent of the poor are in rural areas but there are many poor people in non-poor areas. "Targeting specific areas basing on geographical locations is not proper, the report shows that poverty in the country was evenly spread," he said.

    The report also shows that
    (6) over 6.4 million people live below the food poverty line, some (7) 10 million people are facing severe seasonal food insecurity and about (8) 12.7million people are below the basic needs line.

    According to the report, the existing projects on poverty reduction have a limited coverage which is less than one per cent of the poor and
    (9) there are inclusion and exclusion errors due to generalization approach.

    It suggests that "the government should move towards a single national programme large enough to cover the country and big enough to make a difference".

    The Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) System Manager, Mr Ladislaus Mwamanga, said the fund has already started working on some of the WB report's recommendations.

    "We have already started cash transfer as a pilot project in three districts whereby some
    10 (Tsh 16,000/-) US dollars (What ?) are disbursed to every household per month," he said.

    He said that the pilot project which began in 2008 covers Bagamoyo, Kibaha and Chamwino districts in Cost and Dodoma regions respectively.

    "Already 200 households have benefited and the project has already received some 1.9 million USD from Japan Social Development Fund and 4.5 million USD from WB to support the project's implementation", he said.



    (1) poverty in the country was widely spread.

    Benki ya Dunia imebaini kwamba umasiki sasa umesambaa kile pembe ya taifa letu kuliko wakati wowote katika historia ya Tanzania hivyo kuhimiza hatua kadhaa za dharura kuokoa meli ya 'MV Walazwahoi' nchini tuzame jumla.

    Kwa maoni ya wataalam hawa wa Benki ya Dunia na uchambuzi makini wa mienendo ya uchumi wa nchi yetu, wao wanaona kwamba kama umasikini ungekua ni maji baharini basi tayari yameanza kupanda juu kidogo ya mustachi kuelekea kabisa puani.

    (2) proposes that for the country to have a sustainable economic development

    Pendekezo lao la jumla ni kwamba nchini Tanzania ni wakati mwafaka tukaanza kuzingatia misingi imara ya kujenga Uchumi wa nchi yetu wenye uwezo wa KUJINAWIRISHA YENYEWE bila kulazimika kubughudhi hasa mataifa ya Magharibi kila siku kuruka na mi-dege kwenda kutembeza bakuli.

    Ndugu zangu unposemwa vibaya hivi, kwa mtu mstaarabu ni sharti ukakae chini na kujichunguza mwenye kwa kujiuliza maswali kibao juu ya hali hiyo huku ukitangulia na swali zito zaidi la 'KULIKONI'? Na mimi hapa najiuliza swali kwamba kulikoni Benki ya Dunia watuambie hivi?

    Pengine ni kwamba mambo yenyewe yaliotufikisha hapo ni pamoja na haya haya mambo ya UFISADI ambayo ndio mpaka hivi sasa yametufanya tusitake kusikia hata baadhi ya majina ya wenzetu wakiwemo Edward Lowassa na Richmond, Chenge na Vijisenti, Mhajemi Rostam Aziz na Dowans na JK naye kauli ya kwamba hajui kwa nini tu masikini - mambo ambayo ni kwa kiasi kikubwa ni matokeo ya kuendeshwa kwa Uchumi unaofuata mfumo wa Soko Holela?

    (3) cash transfer involves giving cash to individuals who are unable to work

    Vile vile kumedhihirika kwa Benki ya Dunia kwamba kuna UKAPA mkubwa wa Umasikini wa kipato kiasi kwamba wamegundua wazi kwa Wa-Tanzania kibao tusiokua ama na ajira au uwezo wa kufanya kazi (sisi vijana wa vijiweni kila kona ya nchi, akina mama wanaokatiliwa na mfumo dume kutopata ajira, wato na wazee - mfano wastafu wa Afrika Mashariki - ambao kwa misingi tu wa umri wao hawawezi tena kufanya kazi) n hivyo kusababishiwa umasikini wa kipato kutokana na maelezo ya hapo juu, tufike mahala tupangiwe utaratibu mwanana wa KUFIKISHA FEDHA TASLIM huku tulipo.

    Mpaka hapa, laiti Mzee John Mimose Cheyo wa UDP asingalikua kwamba ndiye mlinda mlango wa mapato na matumizi ya serikali kupitia kamati yake ya miaka nenda rudi na hata kudaiwa kusaidia kuidhinisha ufisadi wa Richmond, Dowans, EPA na nyinginezo nyingi tu kutokea kwa masikitiko makubwa taifa zima, hadi hapa pengine ningempa heko kwamba mwisho wa siku Benki ya Dunia imeamua kuazima SERA YAKE YA KUTAKA KUTUJAZA MA-PESA MINGI mifukoni ili tupate kuendelea.

    Lakini ni bahati mbaya mno kwa Benki Kuu hivi sasa wameazimia kushinikiza serikali ya CCM kutekeleza AZIMIO LA BENKI YA DUNIA KUTAFUTA KILA NJIA KUHAKIKISHA KWA WALAZWAHOI TUNAJAZWA MA-PESA hasa huku sehemu z vijijini; hatua ambayo kwangu mimi naona kama vile sera hii nzuri ya Mzee Ma-Pesa imelazimika kuazimwa na Benki ya Dunia LAKINI kwa kusudio la KUTIBU VIDONDA ALIVYOVISABABISHIA WA-TANZANIA yeye mwenyewe ama kwa kunyamazia au kwa kuazimia kuungana na ngurue pori (CCM) kula mabua kwa pamoja milithi ya Chama Cha Wananchi CUF ndoa ya kuchumia tumbo huko Visiwani.

    (4) allocate some public works in people's localities from where the poor would earn something in terms of cash.

    Ndio, miongoni mwa nji mbalimbali zilizopendekezwa na Benki ya Dunia (BD) ni pamoja na kupendekeza kwamba kukitokea kwamba barabara inajengwa kwenda Mtwara basi kila kiungo cha barabara hiyo wapewe wale Masikini wa Mwisho wa kipato katika jamii yetu.

    Lengo kuu hapa ni kule kutafuta kuwafanya na wao Maskini wa kipato wanaopatikana katika eneo fulani ya barabara hiyo inakopita ndio washughulike kufanya zile kazi za mikono chini ya maelekezo na usimamizi ya wataalam ili kutokee mambo mawili makubwa; (1) taifa lipate barabara yenye kiwango cha lami kufungua zaidi uchumi wa nchi, pia nao (2) wanavijiji (si wana-CCM) wale ambao ni masikini wa kutupwa wa kipato nao wawe hawajapata tu barabara bali pia fedha za kupeleka watoto shule, kula yao, mavazi na makazi bora.

    Hakika sura halisi ya hivi sasa nchini unasliti kabisa msingi huu ambao sasa imelazimika wenzetu wa ngozi nyeupe ndio waje wakatueleze ndio tupate kufanya. Nakumbu kipindi fulani Mzee Cheyo alipokua akizungumza hili, wakati ambapo bdo nilikua mwanafunzi wa sekondari tu pale Mwanza, kwa kuwa tulikua hatuelewi kwamba siku moja wazo lake lingeibukia Ulaya sisi letu lilikua ni kucheka hatuna mbavu kwa yale tulioona ni mzaha mkubwa mtu yeyote kuja KUTUJAZA MA-PESA mifuko yote kujaa.

    Ama kweli hata naye Mtaalam haheshimiki kwao kama huyu Mzee Cheyo, British trained accountant na maono yake kwa Wa-Tanzania yalimwagwa mbali kabisa na yale ya akina Tambwe Hizza, Sheikh Yahaya, Lusinde wa Mtera na Mwigulu Nchemba kuonekana ya maana na kutiliwa maanane zaidi.

    (5) 83 per cent of the poor are in rural areas but there are many poor people in non-poor areas.

    Kwa hali ya ajabu sana ni kwamba BD miongoni mwetu Wa-Tanzania tulio masikini wa kutupwa wengi wetu tuko sehemu za vijijini.

    Hawajaishia hapo tu, BD wanaongeza kwamba kwenye kundi hilo kubwa la watu masikini hohehahe ukiwapanga Wa-Tanzania hao masikini kwa mafungu ya watu kumi kumi basi utakuta kwamba katika kila Wa-Tanzania masikini hohehahe 8 kati yao wanaishi vijijini na kwamba wale masikini wa kutupwa 2 tu ndio wanahimili mikiki mikiki ya kuendelea kuganga njaa mijini huku wakitimuliwa vumbi bila huruma na walanchi wenye meno kwenye magari ya kifahari. Jamani sasa mtu akija kuuliza tena swali kwa nini sehemu za vijiji CCM huhonga pishi la ubwabwa tu na kupata kura karibu zote, siri yote ndio hiyo takwimu heshimiki walioumwaga hapa ndugu zetu wa Benki ya Dunia.

    Hii inamaan kwamba miradi kibao hiyo ambayo iko njiani kuletwa Tanzania ikitekelezwa vizuri basi Gala la Kura kwa CCM vijijini nalo litakua limeteketea kwa kuwa ubwabwa, T-Sheti, kofia na vijisenti vitaakua si dili tena - tuko pamoja mpaaka hapo?

    Mpaka hapo maelezo haya, ya taasisi hii inayoheshimika sana duniani, yanatuelekeza watu tupende kujua kwamba ni iddi gani hasa wanaozungumzi hapa wenzetu. Tazama hapo chini.

    (6) over 6.4 million people live below the food poverty line

    Watalaam hawa wa benki ya Dunia waanatuambia kwamba kati ya Wa-Tanzania milioni 48, milioni 6.5 wetu ni watu ambao hatuna hata uwezo wa kupata mlo mmoja kwa maana kwamba kipato chetu kwa siku ni chini ya Dola 1 ya ki-Marekani (yaani tunaishi kwa chini ya kipato cha Tsh 1,600 kwa mmoja katika familia anayejihangaisha wakati watu tunaomtegemea kipato hicho hicho si chini ya watu 10). na

    (7) 10 million people are facing severe seasonal food insecurity

    Mbali na wale watu milioni sita unusu masikini wale, BD inatufahamisha kwamba umasikini nchini umeongezeka kwa namna ambayo zaidi Wa-Tanzania zaidi ya milioni 10 kumi ni watu ambao ni kama Matonya ambao hata mahitaji ya msingi kama upatikanaji wa chakula kwao ni mgogoro mkubwa sana.

    Kwa maana hii ni kwamba tunasema ya kwamba kati ya Wa-Tanzania wote kwa ujumla wetu milioni 48, wale wengine milioni 38 hawako salama hata kidogo kutokana na zaidi ya wenzetu milioni 10 ambao kila wakati upatikanaji wa chakula kwao ni kwa kubahatisha.

    Pengine watafiti wetu wakichagua kwenda mbele zaidi huenda wakatueleza kwamba kati ya hawa Wa-Tanzania wenzetu wenye kukodolewa macho na hatari ya kutokua na uhakika na chakula katika nchi yenye rutuba na pana sana ka hili la kwetu, ni wangapi kati yao amba huenda watakua wamesukumwa katika michepuo ama ya (1) kuuza mwili ili chakula kipatikane, (2) ujambazi ili mkono uende kinywani, au na (3) mikopo isiorudishwa ilmradi 'bora lawama kuliko fedheha ya kufa' na baa la njaa.

    Vile vile itakua muhimu wakatueleza kwamba ni (4) watoto wangapi wanaoachia ngazi kutafuta elimu kwa kuwa michango kibao inayohitajika ma-shuleni wazazi wanaonelea kwamba ni bora wale katika ujinga kuliko wafe wakipiga danadana ya elimu ambayo hata matunda yake mwisho wa siku ni kwa misingi ya kubagwana ... naamini watafiti wetu watatuletea majibu murua sana tu!!!

    (8) 12.7million people are below the basic needs line.

    Naam, Benki ya Dunia haikuishia tu kihivyo hapo juu. Wameenda mbali kidogo kutufunulia siri ambayo uongozi wa CCM siku zote ungependa kuuficha kwa kutumwagia takwimu kibao isioleta maana yoyote kwa maana ya mlo kwenye meza yetu nyumbani.

    Kile wananchosema hawa waheshimiwa ni kwamba kama mtu uliona ajabu ya wale watu milioni 10 hapo juu bsi tangu leo ujue kwamba wewe unapokula mlo wa miraba mitatu na kumwaga kwenye pipa pale nyumbani, nguo ikipatawa tu na doa dogo tu unapigia deki na uhaywani mwingine kama huo basi ujue kwa kuna Wa-Tanzania zaidi ya milioni 13 ambao kama si aibu tu usoni tungepashwa kujimwaga pembeni mwa barabara kila mmoja kibakuli cha kutafutia msaada.

    Misaada hii ingalikua ni kwa minajili ya kununulia mahitaji ya msingi sana kama vile nguo, na chakula kulala ni kwamba hadi hivi sasa tunalala kwenye viota vya vindege ambavyo vinatufanya tusiwe salama hata kidogo na binadamu wenzetu na hata wanyama wakali porini - tafakari mwenzangu haya si masimulizi ndio hali halisi huku ukisikia wengine kukukwapulia kodi yako.

    (9) there are inclusion and exclusion errors

    Kama utani vile, Benki ya Dunia kumbe nao wanayo taarifa kwamba hata kwa miradi michache tulionayo nchini naayo inaaelekezwa mahala kwa kufuata vigezo fulani visivyo rasmi na kujulikana kwa Wa-Tanzania wote.

    Kwa mfano tu hapo juu ukiwauliza TASAF ni jinsi gani walifikia kugawa miradi michache hiyo ya Wa-Tanzania tunaoishi katika mikoa yote 26 na wao kupeleka mradi mmoja mkoa wa Dodoma na miwili iliobaki kwenda mkoa wa Pwani kwa maana ya Kibaha na Bagamoyo ... kero tupu!!!!!!!!

    Sura kama hii inajulikana mahali pengi sana ikiwa ni pamoja na kupembuliwa wasio Wana-CCM kunyimwa baadhi ya huduma kama vile upatikanaji umeme, maji safi, mikopo benki, ajira serikalini (serikali ndiye mwajiri mkuu nchini mwetu), mikopo kwenda elimu ya juu, ufadhili kusoma Ughaibuni, kuganywa kwa miradi ya serikali na mambo kama hayo.

    NB: Pindi unapomaliza kusoma tathmini hii ya Benki ya Dunia kama ambavyo nimejaribu kuisogeza jirani zaidi na uelewa wa wengi wakiwemo Bibie Ngonda, FaisaFoxy, Tropical, Omr, Malaria Sungu, Kishingo, Selemani na wengine wengi wa kundi hilo la kishabiki zaidi, kavute pumsi kubwa ndani na kisha upumue kwa nguvu huku ukimalizia hasira zako kwa kusema


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    Investors bila umeme!! du!!
  5. M

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    Tatizo la JK ni kuelewa hotuba yake mwenyewe...
    Maelezo yote ya kiuchumi yanapozungumzia ubinafsishaji yanazungumzia uwekezaji kwa wananchi wenyewe. Kutoka ktk kuhodhiwa na serikalina kuwa mali binafsi ya wananchi - WAZAWA, na sii kutegemea kuwavutia wawekezaji kutoka nje!. Maendeleo ya nchi huletwa na wananchi wenyewe...

    Hivyo, maendeleo anayazungumzia ni ya vitabuni, kasoma bila kuelewa kwamba matokeo ya umaskini na kuzidi umaskini nchini ikunatokana na kwamba wananchi hawawezeshwi..Mikakati yote ya kuweka mazingira bora ya uwekezaji nchini yanawalenga wageni badala ya wananchi wenyewe..

    Na hii tabia ya kufikiria mtu hawezi kuendelea bila mtaji mkubwa badala ya kuanza na kile kidogo ulichonacho mkononi ndio maana Watanzania wengi wameshindwa ktk maisha kwa sababu kila siku wanafikiria akipata billioni atafanya hili ama lile wakati kwa millioni moja anaweza kuanzisha biashara ya millioni moja na akaendelea tokea hapo. Mifano ipo, kila Bakhresa na matajiri wengi tunaowajua hawakuanza na mabillioni wala kutegemea kuungana ama kukopeshwa na matajiri..Unapomweka tajiri ktk biashara yako ni sawa na kumkabidhi biashara yeye, atakuwa na nguvu ya maamuzi kuliko wewe na hatafikiria nje ya faida kubwa zaidi wakati wewe unataka kutoka ktk umaskini...