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Je Kuoa Ama Kuolewa Ni Sifa Ya Kiongozi ?

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by BigMan, Nov 27, 2007.

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    BigMan JF-Expert Member

    Nov 27, 2007
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    Now that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is single again, FP takes a look at a few of the other world leaders whose affections may be up for grabs.

    ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty ImagesNicolas Sarkozy
    Title: President of France
    Age: 52
    Marital status: Twice married and divorced
    Interests: Anglo-Saxon economic reform, jogging, the United States of America
    Why you’d want to date him: He’s always the center of attention. Sarkozy first made waves in France for his 1983 remark, “I’ve screwed them all!” (He was referring to his upset victory in a mayoral election.) In a country where nearly half of all marriages fail, it’s not surprising that the French met Sarko’s recent divorce from Cécilia—and her public admission of a 2005 affair with events organizer Richard Attias—with massive indifference. In a poll taken just after the divorce was announced, 79 percent found the matter of "little or no importance" in French politics, and 92 percent of those polled said the Sarkozys’ breakup didn’t change their minds about the president. Now footloose and fancy-free, Sarko is focusing his considerable energies on facing down France’s entrenched public-sector unions. Though he says he was elected only to “work, work, and work more,” Sarkozy doubtless misses having a partner who once controlled “everything from his schedule to his diet,” according to the New York Times. Now, it appears the French leader is looking for love in the transatlantic relationship. But while standing ovations from the U.S. Congress are nice, they can’t keep you warm at night.


    MARK WILSON/Getty ImagesCondoleezza Rice
    Title: U.S. Secretary of State
    Age: 53
    Marital status: Single, never married
    Interests: Foreign affairs, enforcing message discipline, classical piano, NFL football, going to church and the gym
    Why you’d want to date her: She’s organized, smart, and determined, not to mention she’s probably the most powerful woman in the world. Her fashion choices, such as the knee-high “dominatrix” boots she occasionally favors, have enthralled the media, an issue that Zbigniew Brzezinski probably never had to confront. Condi keeps her personal life tightly under wraps, though in her younger years she demonstrated a fondness for football stars. According to biographer Marcus Mabry, Condi nearly married 1975 NFL Rookie of the Year Rick Upchurch, but as a friend told Mabry, in the end “she knew [the relationship] wasn’t going to work on an intellectual level.” Accounts of her 1980s romance with Gene Washington vary, though some friends and family say the ex-49er had marriage potential. Though Miss Rice has remained single, she once reportedly slipped and referred to her boss and close confidant George W. Bush as “my husband” at a Washington dinner party. Her martial status became an issue again in January 2007 when California Sen. Barbara Boxer insinuated that Condi has paid no “particular price” for her advocacy of the war in Iraq because she has no immediate family. But fellas, if you’re looking to change that equation, know that it’ll take a lot to impress Madame Secretary—Chevron once named an oil tanker after her.


    RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty ImagesJigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck
    Title: Dragon King of Bhutan
    Age: 27
    Marital status: Never married
    Interests: Incremental political reform, preserving local culture
    Why you’d want to date him: He’s Prince Charming. At least, that’s what the Thai press dubbed Namgyal, then a 26-year-old crown prince, during his 2006 visit to Thailand. The Oxford-educated prince became the talk of Phuket as throngs of young female fans tracked his every move. Now the world’s youngest head of state, the Dragon King’s matinée-idol looks and polite manners will almost make you forget that he rules over a devastatingly poor, landlocked kingdom right in the center of the Himalayas; GDP per capita is a paltry $1,400 and the kingdom didn’t have television until 1999. King Namgyal is a modernizer, however, and aims to raise living standards by promoting what he and his father call “Gross National Happiness.” If you think you can raise the king’s own gross happiness, book your trip now: Bhutan permits only about 6,000 foreign visitors each year. And if you really want to be the Dragon Queen, you’d better be prepared to share the title. Namgyal’s father had four wives, all of whom were sisters.


    FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty ImagesMichelle Bachelet
    Title: President of Chile
    Age: 56
    Marital status: Single, divorced once
    Interests: Playing the guitar, women’s rights, socialism (although she enjoys opening Chile’s markets to foreign investors), and languages—she speaks Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, and French
    Why you’d want to date her: She’s tough, smart, and ambitious. In 1975, former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s secret police interrogated and tortured Bachelet for being the daughter of an advisor to the ousted Salvador Allende. After her release, she and her mother were exiled to Australia and then moved to East Germany. Bachelet returned to Chile in 1979 and became a pediatrician, surgeon, and epidemiologist. She entered the government in 1990 and worked her way up to become minister of health in 2000 and Chile’s first female minister of defense in 2002. In 2006, she won the presidency despite being a socialist, agnostic divorcée in deeply conservative and Catholic Chile. Forbes now ranks her as the 27th most powerful woman in the world. If you aren’t a family man, don’t bother pursuing her—Bachelet dotes on her three children. In any case, her taste in men is somewhat fickle: She has dated both Communists and right-wing Pinochet supporters.


    ALI BURAFI/AFP/Getty ImagesHugo Chávez
    Title: President of Venezuela
    Age: 53
    Marital status: Divorced twice
    Interests: Singing, denouncing the imperialist devil, nationalizing key industries
    Why you’d want to date him: He’s a hopeless romantic. If you’re the type of girl for whom anti-American rhetoric is an aphrodisiac, then this 53-year-old former paratrooper is the man for you. Ever since his failed 1992 coup attempt, Chávez has been popular with the ladies. Shortly after being released from prison in 1994, he divorced his wife and ended a 9-year-affair with his mistress, Herma Marksman. Though he may be ruthless toward the domestic opposition, Marksman remembers her time with Chávez pleasantly. “He’s the kind of man that showers you with flowers and chocolates, serenades you with romantic songs and never forgets your birthday,” she told the Times of London in a 2006 interview. (She did add that now, “He is imposing a fascist dictatorship.”) If you’d like to be on Chávez’s arm as he drives his country’s economy into the ground, you’d better move fast. Hugo rated as Venezuela’s fifth-sexiest man in a recent poll, and rumors have linked him with Venezuelan model and actress Ruddy Rodriguez despite her claim that she doesn’t even find him attractive. Then again, she might just be jealous of his relationship with Fidel.
  2. Ibrah

    Ibrah JF-Expert Member

    Nov 27, 2007
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    Huyo Sarkozy ana siku chache tangu awe kiongozi wa Ufaransa kwa kujenga hoja juu ya mtu huyu si sahihi. Pili, kuna tofauti kubwa kati ya kuoa na kutooa kwa hiyo itakuwa si busara pia kujenga hoja kwa kuangalia viongozi ambao hawakuoa kama kwa huyo Dragon King of Bhutan.

    Narudi kwenye hoja yako. Mimi naamini kuwa kipimo kizuri na rahisi cha kiongozi ni kuangalia ndoa yake. Maandiko (Biblia) yanasema mtu asiyeweza kuisimamia nyumba yake vema asichaguliwe kuongoza Kanisa (1Tim. 3:1-3)MAANA HAWEZI KULISIMAMIA kANISA.

    Namini kuwa kama mtu hawezi kuisimamia nyumba yake ya mke mmoja na watoto wawili atawezaje kusimamia nchi ya watu milioni 30?
  3. Kitila Mkumbo

    Kitila Mkumbo Verified User

    Nov 27, 2007
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    i) Sasa ina maana kama mtu hataki kuoa au kuolewa ndio unamhukumu kwamba hawezi kusimamia nyumba yake, kivipi? Haya, na mtu ambaye amekaa na mke au mume lakini wakafika mahala hawaivi na kuamua kuachana, huyu unamhukumu vipi kwamba hawezi kusimamia nyumba yake. Hivi ndoa si ni mahusiano ya kirafiki na wala sio undugu ambao hauwishi whether mmegombana au la, sasa watu wakivunja urafiki ndio tuwahukumu kwamba hawafai? Ipi bora, mtu aliyeng'ang'ania ndoa ili aonekana "anajua kusimamia" familia huku ndoa yenyewe ikawa imekwama na hivyo kubaki akiteseka au kutengana kwa amani ili kila mtu aendelee na hamsini zake kwa amani na utulivu?

    ii) Ni vizuri sana ku-quote biblia. lakini je ni nani amekwambia kwamba watu wote hapa duniani au Tanzania lazima wakubaliane na biblia? Je, mtu asiyekubaliana na biblia naye ahesabiwa kuwa ana kasoro na hivyo hafai kuwa kiongozi?

    Angalizo: Karibu mafisadi wote wa nchi yetu tunawajua wana ndoa na wanaende kanisani na misikitini sana tu. Sasa utaona hapa kuwa ndoa na kushika kwao dini hakujawafanya kuwa watumishi waaminifu na wazuri wa taifa letu. In other words, scientifically speaking, there is no causal linkage between being a good leader and having a good marriage; neither is there a relatioship between religiosity and good leadership. It is naive and stupidity, to say the least,to judge one's political leadership qualities on the basis of marriage and religiosity. These kind of qualities should be restricted to church and mosque premises.
  4. Bubu Msemaovyo

    Bubu Msemaovyo JF-Expert Member

    Nov 28, 2007
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    Si lazima kabisa kuoa kama kigezo cha uongozi, Mapapa wote hawaoi lakini wanafanya kazi zao vema.
  5. Msanii

    Msanii JF-Expert Member

    Nov 28, 2007
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    basi kama kuna ulazima wa kuoa ndipo upewe uongozi, basi na mie naoa desemba 23 ambapo baada ya hapo moto nitakaouwasha utakuwa makini kweli.

    lakini pia labda ukioa unaweza kuwa kiongozi wa vimada wengi ambao watachukua jukumu la kuitwa nyumba ndogo yaani wasaidizi wa mke kiongozi ambaye wewe ndiye kichwa chake. Mpo hapo?
  6. Bongolander

    Bongolander JF-Expert Member

    Nov 28, 2007
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    Mimi naona kama hiyo ni shalow, kwa sababu unazungumzia klabu mbili tofauti. Ndoa ya kweli hasa ya Kikristo ni rahisi sana kuiendesha kwa sababu msingi wake ni upendo na ambayo mwisho wake ni kifo, na Urais kwa baadhi ya watu msingi wake ni tamaa na kuiba haraka kwa muda ambao utakuwa madarakani au nia ya kuleta maendeleo na kufanya mambo unayotaka unayoona ni maendeleo au ni usalama kwa nchi yako katika kipindi unachokuwa madarakani.
    Kama ku-handle ndoa ni kigezo, basi yule jamaa Mwenyekiti wa IAAF baba mwenye wake kadhaa na watoto 26, anafaa zaidi kuwa Rais kuliko Bill Clinton mwenye mtoto mmoja.
    In my Opinion hiyo issue haina connection hata kidogo na uwezo wa kudhibiti taifa. Kuna mifano mingi tu. Angalia hata marais wetu watanzania wa sasa na waliopita, then you can tell that, this does not have any connection what so ever.
  7. Ibrah

    Ibrah JF-Expert Member

    Nov 28, 2007
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    Kitila, nimesema wazi kuwa itakuwa si busara kupima uongozi wa mtu ambaye hajawa na ndoa maana hakuna kigezo/kipimo cha kutumia hapo. Kiongozi ambaye hajaoa utampima kwa kigezo gani hasa? Lakini kwa mwanandoa ni rahisi maana background/historia yake ipo na inapimika.

    Nimetumia Biblia kama mithali na hekima na si kama amri na bado naamini kuwa FISADI ni FISADI tu; Hawaezi kuwa si mwamaminifu katika mali ya umma akaja kuwa mwaminifu kwa mkewe/familia yake; na akishindwa kuwa mwaminfu kwa mkewe/familia hatuwezi kwa kumuamini katika mali ya umma ya mabilioni.

    NAtumia tena mstari wa Biblia (samahani kwa wasiopenda hili) ambapo Yesu alisema asiyekuwa mwaminifu kwa madogo; hawezi kuwa mwamnifu kwa makubwa na aliye mwaminifu kwa madogo atakuwa mwaminfu kwa makubwa pia, na kuna mifano mingi sana juu ya kauli hiyo. Hilo linatumika kote na kumbuka kuwa jamii ni jamii tu- Mkeo na familia yako ni jamii ndogo sana kama huwezi kuwatendea haki na mema familia yako ambao ni damu yako Je, utatuntendea haki watu milioni 35? KAma huipendi familia yako utakuwa unatudangaya ukisema unaipenda nchi yako!
    Pili, kuna tofauti kubwa kati ya kuoa na kutooa kwa hiyo itakuwa si busara pia kujenga hoja kwa kuangalia viongozi ambao hawakuoa kama kwa huyo Dragon King of Bhutan