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Je, Fatma Karume amechakachua kiwanja cha Kanisa Znz? Karume stands by daughter...

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Shadow, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Karume stands by daughter in land row Send to a friend Sunday, 02 January 2011 09:11 digg

    By Salma Said, Zanzibar

    The retired Zanzibar President, Amani Abeid Karume has defended her daughter’s claim that she is the rightful owner of a plot in dispute near a graveyard between her and the Anglican Church in the Isles.

    Dr. Karume’s defence of her daughter, Fatma, came a day after worshipers of the Anglican Church stormed the plot at Mfuuni, Mbweni area on Friday and demolished structures being erected there for a building under construction. While Fatma was reported to be the legal owner of the plot, the Anglican Church claimed it was part of the church area since before nationalization, and the land was earmarked for cemetery expansion.

    Addressing a press conference with his daughter at his side at his home yesterday, ex-President Karume said his daughter has the title deed for the land issued by the government after she complied with all land allocation requirements, and that she is entitled to build a house there as she wish.

    He added that he was the one who took the initiative to protect and maintain the cemetery area from invasion after the Anglican Church leadership and worshipers neglected it for a long time.

    According to the ex-President, he and his family played a big role to defend the Anglican properties, including hiring security guards to avoid vandalism, as the owners did not take proper care of the area, and the doors of the church building were left open for a long time.

    “The cemeteries that you see there have been under the care of our family for 20 years now…it is me personally and my family members that are taking care of them, and sometimes we hire labourers to weed out grass and clean the entire cemetery,” Karume told reporters.

    He expressed his disappointment over the utterances made by the Anglican Church leaders, saying they were over-carried by emotion in instructing the worshipers to invade the disputed piece of land instead of telling them the truth.

    Fatma also expressed her dismay over the church’s claims, and alleged that heaps of soil thrown at the cemetery was the work of a Chinese firm authorized by the same church leaders to do so. The firm is construction a hotel nearby, according to Ms. Karume.

    Friday invasion of the controversial plot by the Anglican worshipers was preceded by special prayers presided over by Canon Mathew Mhagama who alleged that crosses at the cemetery were being pulled out by land grabbers, and equated the acts with blasphemy

    Source: Karume stands by daughter in land row

    Church-Karume daughter plot saga takes fresh twist

    By Mwinyi Sadallah

    2nd January 2011




    Former Zanzibar President, Amani Abeid Karume, flanked by his daughter Fatma, briefing journalists on a dispute between his daughter and the Anglican Church.

    A dispute in which Fatma, daughter of the immediate former Zanzibar President Amani Abeid Karume, is contesting ownership of a piece of land on the main island, Unguja, took a dramatic turn yesterday, when the father visited the site.
    Fatma commissioned construction works on the plot recently, but it has transpired that she doesn’t have official building permits. The Church, on its part, claims that it is the long-time, rightful owner of the piece of land.
    A high-level meeting was held yesterday to resolve the dispute but it didn’t yield the anticipated outcome.
    Those in attendance included Second Vice President Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, leaders from Zanzibar Municipal Council, land department and a delegation of five people from the Zanzibar Diocese of Anglican church led by retired bishop John Ramadhani.
    Information that leaked from the tripartite meeting stated that officials from Zanzibar urban authorities found themselves in a tough time after they were required to explain whether or not they issued building permits on the disputed plot.
    “As far as we are concerned we have not issued any building permit and this matter is strange to us,” an official was heard as saying while quoting officials from Zanzibar urban municipality.
    Secretary of the Zanzibar Diocese of Anglican Nuhu Salanya confirmed that the meeting was held, in the wake of a police ban on a planned demonstration by Church worshippers to protest against what they described as an invasion of their property. Salanya, however, declined to disclose what was discussed at the meeting.
    Recently, Zanzibar’s Minister for Lands Ali Juma Shamhuna nullified 20 title deeds of various government officials who owned plots in Mombasa area in Zanzibar urban, including the plot that was owned by CCM Deputy Secretary General Saleh Ramadhan Feruz.

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