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Jamani tuache kula vyakula feki vinavyo tengenezwa MC Donald's Junk food

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by MziziMkavu, May 5, 2012.

  1. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    The 25 Unhealthiest Junk Food Items

    • [*=center]
    [​IMG]Drive down the street of any town in America, and chances are you'll run across multiple fast food restaurants. In fact, there are around a shocking 160,000 fast food restaurants across the country, and the number grows daily. Americans eat out an average of four to five times a week, and a significant portion of those meals come from fast food restaurant chains ranging from McDonald's to Applebee's. Families choose these restaurants because they are fast, cheap, and convenient… but at what cost?​
    Here's my list of the unhealthiest fast food items and substitutions you can make.
    1. Soda

    [​IMG]Acidifying, chemical-laden, and loaded with either HFCS or artificial sweeteners (diet varieties), avoid all sodas at all costs. Instead, have some plain water or bring your own.
    2. Fried chicken

    [​IMG]Made from conventional chicken laden with hormones and antibiotics, covered with gluten-containing breading and chemicals like MSG and salt, and fried in cheap, rancid oils, fried chicken is high in calories, fat, and other chemicals that can make you sick. Skip it altogether. Please, please just never eat fried chicken.
    3. Egg and sausage sandwich

    [​IMG]Hormones, salt, antibiotics and dairy make that breakfast sandwich a non-healthful choice. Instead, start your day with a Glowing Green Smoothie. You can make several and keep them in your freezer so you can always defrost one and still have one in a bind.
    4. Bacon cheeseburger

    [​IMG]Where do I begin? Fat, calories, and cholesterol are only part of the problem with bacon cheeseburgers, which also contain HFCS (in the buns and condiments), dairy, salt, hormones, and antibiotics. It's just plain nasty. Instead, opt for a veggie burger or an avocado sandwich.
    5. French fries

    [​IMG]Fries are simply salty unhealthy fat bombs fried in the worst possible rancid oil. Many fast food places now offer alternatives to fries such as a side salad (no dressing!) .
    6. Milk shake

    [​IMG]Loaded with saturated fat, sugar, conventional dairy, and often chemicals for flavoring, milkshakes can leave you feeling sluggish and sick. Skip them and try one of the smoothie recipes in The Beauty Detox Solution,instead.
    7. Deep fried cheese sticks

    [​IMG]Take cheese (loaded with fat, salt, hormones and antibiotics), bread it, and deep fry it. How does that even sound as if it might be "food"? Skip them and have some veggie sticks with hummus, instead.
    8. Fish and chips

    [​IMG]Many people select this as a "healthy" alternative in fast food, but it is anything but that. Fish serves as a sponge that mops up all of the toxic chemicals from the sea. Bread it in wheat flour (gluten) and fry it up, and you're looking at an unhealthy meal. Avoid fish unless you know where it comes from, and opt for a salad instead.
    9. Pepperoni pizza

    [​IMG]Cheese and white flour combined with nitrosamine-containing salty processed meats, pizza is toxic and unhealthy. Why not try some brown rice or quinoa pasta with tomato sauce instead?
    10. Tuna melt

    [​IMG]Tuna contains mercury, while other additions to the sandwich contain HFCS, dairy, salt, and gluten. Combined with the processed bread it comes on and possibly cheese throw in the mix, it truly is a toxic horror. How about a veggie wrap, instead?
    11. Caesar salad

    [​IMG]The salad part is okay – it's everything else, the dressing, cheese, and croutons that are a problem. Caesar salad dressing likely contains salt, HFCS, eggs, and lots of fat. Instead, opt for a naked salad and add a squeeze of lemon and some tomato and mashed avocado for dressing.
    12. Hamburger chili

    [​IMG]The main concern with hamburger chili is the beef, which is very likely laden with hormones and antibiotics. Fast food hamburger may also contain E. coli and some pretty gross ingredients including artificial color. Instead, have some vegetarian chili or vegetable soup.


    Hivi vyakula vya kutengeneza mimi huwa naviita vyakula feki au kwa kiingereza wanaviita (junk food) sio vyakula vizuri kwa afya zetu havifai kwa mwili wa binadamu Vinanenepesha kupita kiasi na kutia maradhi mwilini tujiepushe navyo Waungwana nawausieni....

  2. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    13. Nachos

    [​IMG]Corn chips loaded with cheese, meat and beans and then dipped in sour cream? Really?? Dairy, hamburger, salt, and GMOcorn are just a few of the health issues associated with this high fat, high calorie snack. Instead, have some vegetable sticks dipped in salsa.
    14. Popcorn shrimp

    [​IMG]Shrimp is like other fish, a dirty toxic dumping ground in the ocean for chemicals like PCBs and mercury. Take those chemicals and dip them in flour and salt, and deep fry them and you have a very unhealthy meal, particularly if you dip them in HFCS-laden cocktail or tartar sauce. If you really want fish, try some wild caught Pacific salmon.
    15. Churros

    [​IMG]These sweet bits of dough contain wheat (gluten), sugar, salt, and high-fructose corn syrup. Avoid them and have a piece of fruit.
    16. Cheesecake

    [​IMG]Dessert in fast food places isn’t much better than the main meal. Cheesecake is particularly bad because it not only has sugar, salt, and chemicals, but also hormone-laden dairy. Avoid it, and try some yummy Chia Pudding.
    17. Hot dog

    [​IMG]Have you ever read what’s in hot dogs? They are created from “meat trimmings” which may include organs that have been mechanically separated into a paste, blended with salt and other chemicals, and shaped into a hot dog. High in sodium, many hot dogs also contain HFCS and other unhealthy ingredients. Instead, try a veggie sandwich.
    18. Teriyaki chicken

    [​IMG]Many people believe this is a very healthy option because it is low in fat and calories, but teriyaki chicken contains high levels of sugar, sodium, genetically-modified soy, MSG, and other unhealthy chemicals. Try vegetables and brown rice, instead.
    19. Fish fillet sandwich

    [​IMG]These sandwiches have the same problems as fish and chips – mercury and other chemicals, HFCS, breading, and lots of fat. Opt for a salad with some avocado or a sliced veggie burger on top.
    20. Beef burrito

    [​IMG]The biggest problem in a beef burrito is the beef and cheese. Dairy, hormones, antibiotics – they’re all in there. Instead, have a heart veggie burrito with some rice and beans (hold the cheese) if you are hungry.
    21. Taco

    [​IMG]Beef, chemicals in seasonings, cheese, and fried GMO corn all contribute to how unhealthy this food is. Make a taco salad with black beans and salsa, instead.
    22. Chicken nuggets

    [​IMG]The mainstay of children around the world, chicken nuggets are terrible for you. First, they are made from mechanically separated conventional chicken (hormones, antibiotics)and then breaded with flour and salt (gluten), and contain copious amounts of corn bi-products. These are going to harm your kids’ health. Instead, offer them almond butter on celery sticks or a hummus sandwich.
    23. Milk

    [​IMG]Many parents select milk for their kids as a healthy fast food choice. Milk is filled with hormones and antibiotics, and is very difficult to digest. Instead, drink plain water.
    24. Cold cut sandwich

    [​IMG]Cold cuts have all kinds of chemicals, lots of sodium, and contaminated animal protein. They are also high in fat, and if you add cheese, dairy. Instead, have a hummus and veggie wrap.
    25. Chef’s salad

    [​IMG]Eggs, lunch meat, and fat laden dressing make this “healthy” salad a really unhealthy choice loaded with fat, salt, sugar, and all of the bad stuff that comes in meat. Instead, opt for a hearty green salad with some quinoa or avocado on top.
  3. Lizzy

    Lizzy JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    Kwahiyo watu wasinywe mpaka maziwa?!Stop being silly!!
  4. simplemind

    simplemind JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    Oh kipenzi T-bone steak, i will give up the world for you. And it happens! unhealthy eating kills.
  5. tz1

    tz1 JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    Ungetoa orodha ya vyakula na sehemu wanapopika vyakula feki,
    tungekupigia debe Jk akuchague uwe waziri wa kitoweo Tz.
    Endelea kusaidia jamii.
  6. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    @Lizzy Wanywe Maziwa nilikosea kuweka hapo samahani mkuu.
  7. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
    Joined: Feb 3, 2009
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    @tz1 Utauliwa na hao wapika hivyo vyakula Feki. Usijaribu kuwataja mimi ninasema kila chakula cha

    Mabox ni feki Juisi ya Box ya aina yoyote ile ni feki,soda ya aina yoyote ile ni Feki Matunda yanayotengenezwa viwandani kuwa ni fruit

    ya mabox ni Feki mkuu. Matunda yanayouzwa Sokoni ndio yapo safe na mboga za majani zinazouzwa sokoni ndio ziko poa lakini Vitu

    vya mabox na kuandikwa tarehe za ku Expire mimi ndio ninazipiga vita kuwa ni chemical kuna sumu ndani yake . Kama unataka kutengeneza Juisi nunuwa wewe mwenyewe tunda la aina yoyote katengeneze nyumbani kwako itakuwa bora kuliko kununuwa Dukani.
  8. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
    Joined: Feb 3, 2009
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    Kitu usichokijua kuhusu ‘juisi ya boksi'

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Boost: Pomegranate juice has surprising attributes

    BILA shaka unapoingia dukani au supermarket kununua juisi ya box, huwa unaamini kuwa iliyoandikwa ‘100% Puer Juice' huwa ni halisi na ndiyo bora. Kwa kukuongezea imani zaidi, watengenezaji wameweka na neno ‘No Sugar Added' au ‘No preservatives' (haikuongezwa sukari wala dawa)!

    Kuanzia leo elewa kwamba hayo ni maneno ya kibiashara tu, ukweli hauko hivyo! Umewahi kujiuliza kwa nini maboksi yote ya juisi hiyo yawe na ladha moja tu. Sote tunajua kwamba, kama ni juisi ya machungwa kwa mfano, ukila machungwa matano, yote hayawezi kuwa na ladha moja!

    Lakini kwa juisi za maboksi imewezekana kuwa na ladha moja kwa sababu za kikemia zinazofanywa kiwandani wakati wa kuhifadhi juisi hiyo ambayo huweza kukaa kwa muda mrefu bila kuharibika. Hivyo siyo kweli kwamba unachokunywa ni asilimia 100 ‘pure'.

    Ni kweli kwamba ‘100% pure juice' hutokana na matunda halisi kama vile machungwa, mananasi, embe, n.k, lakini mchakato wake wa kukamua, kuhifadhi na hatimaye kumfikishia mlaji ndiyo wenye dosari za kiafya.

    Kinachofanyika baada ya tunda kukamuliwa ni kuhifadhi juisi yake kwenye matanki maalumu makubwa ya viwandani. Ili juisi hiyo iweze kukaa kwa muda mrefu bila kuharibika, wanalazimika kuondoa hewa yake asilia ya oksijeni (mchakato unajulikana kitaalamu kama ‘deaeration'), kitendo ambacho huifanya juisi hiyo kupoteza ladha yake ya asili.

    Kwa mujibu wa mtandao wa ‘Food Renegade' wa nchini Marekani unaojishughulisha na masuala ya lishe na kuhimiza ulaji wa vyakula asilia, makampuni yanayozalisha juisi hukodisha makampuni yenye ujuzi wa kutengeneza ladha mbalimbali za matunda na manukato.

    Makampuni hayo husimamia utengenezaji wa maboksi ya kuhifadhia juisi ambayo huwekwa ladha na harufu ya matunda husika. Inaelezwa zaidi kuwa makampuni hayo ndiyo yanayotengeneza pia manukato (perfumes) maarufu duniani, kama vile Dior na Calvin Klein.

    Lakini cha kushangaza, virutubisho vinavyotumika kutengenezea ladha hiyo bandia haviorodheshwi kwenye boksi na wenyewe wanajitetea kwa kusema kuwa ladha hiyo haiwezi kuorodheshwa kama sehemu ya ‘ingredients' kwa sababu hutengenezwa kutokana na tunda lenyewe, ingawa wataalamu wengine wanadai utengenezaji wake huhusisha kemikali zingine ambazo siyo za asili.

    Mtaalamu mwingine kutoka Taasisi ya Sera ya Kilimo na Biashara nchini Marekani, Bi. Alissa Hamilton J. D (PhD), ameelezea kwa undani jinsi juisi ya machungwa inavyotengenezwa kiwandani. Undani huo umo kwenye kitabu chake cha; ‘Squeezed: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice'. (Kitu usichokijua kuhusu juisi ya machungwa).

    Katika kitabu hicho, mwanadada huyo anasema kuwa ni muhimu kila binadamu kujua kwa undani jinsi chakula chake kinavyoandaliwa, kwa sababu maelezo au lebo inayowekwa kwenye boksi, siyo tu haisemi ukweli, bali pia hailezi ukweli wote.

    Anasema kwamba, kama kweli ‘pure orange juice' tunayokunywa ilipatikana baada ya kukamuliwa chungwa peke yake na kuwekwa kwenye boksi, basi bila shaka ladha ingekuwa tofauti kati ya boksi moja na lingine, kwa sababu chungwa moja linatofautiana ladha na chungwa lingine. – mengine matamu, mengine makali.

    Mbali na hilo, kila kampuni inayotengeneza juisi ya machungwa ina ladha yake. Juisi ya machungwa inayotengenezwa na kampuni ya Tropicana ina ladha tofauti na juisi ya machungwa inayotengenezwa na kampuni ya Ceres, sababu ya tofauti hiyo inaacha maswali mengi zaidi kuliko majibu.

    Kitu usichokijua kuhusu ‘juisi ya boksi'
  9. k

    kisukari JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    mh,baadhi ya hivyo vyakula,huwa sikosi kula
  10. Evarm

    Evarm JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    Mmmh, mate yamenitoka mtu mzima baada ya kuona picha za misosi!
    Asante mkuu mzizimkavu, ujumbe umefika.
  11. Viol

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    May 5, 2012
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    hawa majamaa wanajulikana kimataifa na wanakubalika.....utajuaje kama ni uzushi unaozushwa na makampuni mengine ili yapate soko?acha ku-confirm tu.