Jakaya and the executive branch of the government 2010 to 2015


Nov 4, 2010
  1. The main role of the executive branch of the government is to implement laws and policies made by the legislative branch of the government. Difficult talks for you, you neither respect the laws nor the laws makers: The Great thinking in your mind is how to manipulate the laws and the laws makers. I have said this confidently Can Jakaya prove otherwise with reference to this statement?
  2. The other role of the executive branch of government through JK is to enforce the works of the military, policy and civil servants to the benefit of the public? will you use the powers vested in you to threaten citizens the way you did during the general election 2010? Tell me that you are not going to use powers vested in you for your own benefit? difficult to utter such words! Tell us that you are not going to appoint civil servant not loyal to you but to the public? Impossible! You want civil servants who see you and tremble the like of Lewis Makame, Agustino Ramadhani, Hosea, and many others! So it is correct for me to call those appointed by URT president, JK servants rather civil servants?
  3. NOW comes the time to appoint ministers. Are you going to appoint ministers to protect your personal interests in key ministries! I will be watching the kinds of people you are going to put in these ministries and then I will confirm my statement that you have interest in those ministries.
    1. Ministry of Finance: MUSTAPHA MKULO
    2. Ministry of Tourims and Natural Resource JOB NDUGAI you would have loved to MANGUNGA back but she failed the parliamentary race! sorry for that
    3. Ministry of Minerals and Energy: WILLIAM NGELEJA: The ministry were the country is ripped off and it does not bother you why?
  4. Note: even if you wont appoint these guy in the mentioned ministries but they become ministers in other ministries it will also confirms the interests you had previously in those ministries through them and their reappointment in other ministries is a payback for a good job done 2005 to 2010 in making Tanzania poorer than it was 15 years ago. Remember this is a test of your INTEGRITY MR PRESIDENT.

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