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Aug 30, 2007


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This is the kind of no bullsh!t, zero tolerance attitude i would like to see from Kikwete. Actually from all our ministers.

Threats won`t scare me, says minister Magufuli

Livestock Development and Fisheries minister John Magufuli declared yesterday that nothing would make him waver on his decision to ensure that all fishnets used illegally are impounded and destroyed.
He said he was not intimidated even by reports that some “big shots” were the forces behind the vice he was fighting against and have vowed to retaliate.
The minister made the remarks in an exclusive telephone interview with this paper, saying: “Those making illegal fishing thrive in our country and still having the audacity to think they can corner me should be informed that I have nothing fear.”
“I am serving this nation according to established laws, rules and regulations. If there are individuals driven by feelings of resentment, let them go ahead and do what they want to do,” he stated, adding: “I am not scared by their threats, if any. Law-enforcement agents have the duty and responsibility of implementing (government) orders.”
The reports the minister was responding to, resulted from the directive he issued on Tuesday that the consignment of prohibited fishnets found in three warehouses at Keko Mwanga in Dar es Salaam be destroyed within 24 hours.
The discovery of the fishnets, which were stocked in storerooms, was made the day Dr Magufuli made an impromptu visit to a fishnet factory in the city and ordered the immediate destruction of a consignment worth billions of shillings. He said the continued use of the nets would cost the nation a fortune.
“No one should expect me to succumb to intimidation, hoping to deter me from executing my duties. Challenges are there to stay and even you journalists receive threats, but that won’t stop you from filing stories,” noted the minister.
“The laws governing our fisheries and livestock sectors must be adhered to. Sources that keep coming up with information on the said threats stand an excellent chance of helping the authorities concerned with vital clues and details,” explained Dr Magufuli, without saying when recently he was last threatened.
Early this week, the minister issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the proprietor of Imara fishnet factory in Dar es Salaam to have a consignment of fishnets deemed unsuitable destroyed before they entered the market.
“We have conducted several patrols in many areas, setting ablaze illegal fishing gear and taking to court some presumed culprits. There will be no let-up in this crusade until our country is rid of illegal fishing,” he declared.[/b
The minister had a word of advice to investors, saying: “The country’s interests should take precedence over individual interests and profit-making frenzy. Manufacturing or importation of illegal fishing gear is a deliberate move to suffocate the country’s fishing industry, and it is simply unacceptable.”
He said it was a shame for the fishing sector of Tanzania, which is endowed with lakes, rivers, dams, an ocean and other water bodies, to contribute hardly 1.6 per cent to the Gross domestic Products while in much less endowed countries like Namibia the figure is 35 per cent.
Elaborating, he said the sector’s relatively meagre contribution to the GDP was due to illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing practices within Tanzania’s territorial waters. He described this as a double tragedy because it also led to a drastic decline of fish stocks.
The fishnet factory’s proprietor, Shenaz Halare, told Dr Magufuli’s delegation during the tour that part of the consignment of the fishnets in his stock was destined for Malawi while the rest would be sold in Tanzania.

Now the minister and the media needs to follow up on this. Make sure the nets are really destroyed. Supervised destruction.

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