Its a Family Matter Lol..


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Oct 20, 2007
A black guy and a white man were sitting in the
The white man had a pet monkey and a black guy was selling
So the black guy said "Mr. Can u look after my bananas I am going to the toilet"."Oh yes go ahead" said the white guy.
When the black guy came back there were no more Bananas and he goes mad, "where are my bananas?" The white guy says "ask your brother", pointing at his Monkey. The black guy just chilled.

Then the white guy said few minutes later, can u look after
your brother I am going to the toilet. The black guy says, ok.

When the white guy came back the monkey was dead and he went
mad asking "what happened to my monkey?" The black dude says
"Mr. don't get involved it's a family matter!!!"Lol

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