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Is this election judgment on governance or Dr. Slaas character?

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by Rutashubanyuma, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Rutashubanyuma

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    Well, CCM spin doctors are busy shifting the narrative gears of this election from judgment on governance to Dr. Slaa's character!

    CCM correctly knows a party in power during economic hardships, like the ones we are going through, can only win an impending election if it distracts the main opposition party –Chadema – from talking about decisive topics like governance and get ensnared into trivial issues of character of her presidential ticket holder. All elections in the World are all about what voters want but not what politicians want.

    However, politicians often succeed to manipulate the electorate into their own parochial concerns! CCM through a number of affiliated media conduits has raised a number of personal issues on Dr. Slaa and I would have thought Chadema was smart enough to keep an eye on governance ball where CCM is her weakest link but regretfully inexperience seems to be creeping on Chadema.

    CCM spin doctors have raised two levities on Dr. Slaa character because CCM knows the message he is carrying is an election winning one but CCM is determined to test the messenger's credibility. I must reluctantly admit it is a CCM facetious grasp of air and Chadema has been caught reeling. One of the issues CCM is ferociously pursuing is closely tied to integrity questioning whether Dr. Slaa has the rectitude to deliver on a message he is fondly touting of a clean government.

    The pivot of the CCM tactic can be simply summarized as is Dr. Slaa the real redeemer the nation has been waiting for or is he not a false prophet eager to mislead the nation? Out of that, CCM is slowly persuading voters to reject him because of perceptions of personal frailties like family dysfunctions and pecuniary surmises of opportunism.

    With an eye on evangelical votes, CCM questions whether Dr. Slaa has really embraced his Christianity faith not only before he was defrocked from the holy altar but also after embracing "…until death does apart" vows. CCM portrays Dr. Slaa as unreliable reformer because his odyssey whiffs of a betrayer. CCM blithely avers while originally Dr. Slaa took celibacy vows he denounced them when it was convenient for him to do so.

    On marital bliss, CCM claims he jettisoned a one man one wife vows and he is now polygynous. The weakest link of CCM's strategy is in comparative terms where all CCM candidates now desperately vying to govern us make Dr. Slaa look like a pope himself. It reminds me of Jesus Christ gospel cautioning believers from distracting themselves and others by rearing to remove a speck on a neighbour's eye while a plank protrudes on their eye. One has to remove the plank in his eye in order to be able to see where the speck is in the neighbour's eye.

    It is an archaic strategy that is bound to backfire on CCM and will cost her plenty of votes. Can CCM truly expound how voters' stomachs will be filled with goodies if Dr. Slaa is not a seraph but a common politician? At utmost, CCM may endear to drive home a truth that Dr. Slaa is just an average politician like the one right now down on street trawling for votes. CCM can not claim her candidates were vetted on the same character yardstick she is meting out onto Dr. Slaa.

    Extramarital indulgences have always define human comport and Dr. Slaa is too humane to behave differently. On brighter side for Dr. Slaa, CCM is only excelling to connect him to voters because they will now see him one of their own: Too humane.

    Chadema promulgated her campaign brilliantly by raising doubts on CCM ability to rein state sponsored graft. Thereafter, CCM was forced to backtrack in a defensive stance. By pushing Chadema into a defensive mode over Dr. Slaa's character narrative, obviously CCM is now clutching a straw. Gingerly, voters will now even more appreciate CCM's insensitivity to their plight.

    Chadema should just keep an eye on the governance ball and victory is all but certain.