Is Tanzania so corrupt?


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Oct 5, 2007
Najua wengi wamepoteza interest na haya magazati.Lakini naona ni vema mara mojamoja kuangalia yaandikwayo.

Is Bongo that corrupt?
Kiangiosekazi Wa-Nyoka, Windhoek
Daily News; Tuesday,November 27, 2007 @00:01

IS what we hear from Bongo true? Over the last two months or so the press has made us believe that Tanzania has already gone to the dogs -- thanks to the use and misuse of democracy.

In a foreign land one would become an avid reader of everything from home in order to keep oneself abreast of the developments at home. But the stuff we have been reading, to say the least, is highly questionable. It makes a person who does not know Tanzania feel our country is stinking of corruption.

Corruption stories, true or false, make interesting reading, that is why irresponsible people and the media capitalise on them. A corruption story makes a thriller when big names are mentioned. When big names of presidents or prime ministers are in a story, the impact is quite resounding.

In Namibia we have heard of names of retired President Benjamin Mkapa and the sitting President Jakaya Kikwete being mentioned in corruption stories. Are those making such utterances telling the world the truth?

We are told there are people over there advocating regime change. We are also told people want change because the present regime is so corrupt. Is Tanzania that corrupt? Every Tanzanian must try to get an answer to that question -- if for no other reason then for the sake of patriotism.

If Tanzania is all that corrupt, that is fine. Then those pushing that agenda should continue with all the force they can marshal. But if that is false, then they are doing a terrible disservice to our country and to themselves!

No one is safe in a Tanzania that is in flames. No one is clean in a stinking Tanzania. I am not in anyway suggesting that people with facts should stop campaigning against corruption. Courageous people who are campaigning against corruption have all my support. I support whistle blowers.

I have written strongly about corruption in some areas in Tanzania. As a patriot I had to. I encourage others to do so.

My point is that it would be wrong, actually treacherous, to invent corruption cases and publicise them. Fictitious corruption cases could be taken as true in some world quarters and this would do a terrible damage to Tanzania. Outside agencies record what you put before the world as true!

Tanzania should be judged for corruption that exists; NOT for fictitious corruption. Unproven allegations are more than enough evidence to attract the attention of Transparency International and designate Tanzania as being more corrupt than other countries. Politicians spreading fictitious stories on corruption will make the job of, for example, the Tanzania Investment Centre rather difficult.

We heard about “corrupt” Arusha CCM leaders who were picked by the agents of the corruption agency. The way some people presented the case to the world was as if the leaders had already been convicted of corruption. People cannot be declared corrupt on a very simple fact that their behaviour or activities are being investigated by the PCCB. That is missing the point.

Wait until the court convicts a suspect of corruption. Before that court process is concluded, you are dealing with a very innocent person who deserves no condemnation or labels.

The important thing to remember is that it is the ruling Party that invited the PCCB to monitor the electoral process. That is a big credit to CCM. Powerful parties, in many powerful nations, cannot dare do that!

What we have heard of is 'kulipua mabomu' ( to explode bombs). Only a foolish, treacherous commander sends bombs to an area that has no enemy. Such a commander is foolish and treacherous for two reasons. Firstly, he is exposing his men and weaponry to the enemy so cheaply and foolishly. Secondly, the bombs are being wasted.

Some political commanders in Tanzania seem excited about exploding bombs -- some foolishly and treacherously. Said in Bongo language: “Msiishikie bango rushwa isiyokuwepo. Mnaidhuru Tanzania machoni mwa dunia”. (Do not publicise fictitious corruption cases. You are unduly doing harm to your nation by bringing it into disrepute before the eyes of the world).

The lists of shame must be truly lists of shame. Old people remember the “list of shame” the late Oscar Kambona promised to read out at a Jangwani rally. He said he would tell Tanzania how Mwalimu Nyerere, Mzee Kawawa and his colleagues stole taxpayers’ money and hid it in Swiss Banks.

Mzee Kambona died without reading the list at Jangwani.. Remember what Mwalimu said? “It would make sense if people were told I stole money. But how do you include Kawawa in that list?” Sarcasm: Who would you be inclined to believe stole taxpayers’ money, Mwalimu Nyerere or Mzee Kambona?

Lists of shame may shame those who say have them.
Whoever wrote that article is as corrupt as those who asked him to write it to clear their mess in the eyes of the public. Pure non sense in the name of patriotism
Whoever wrote that article is as corrupt as those who asked him to write it to clear their mess in the eyes of the public. Pure non sense in the name of patriotism

Judy I wonder where you stand on this matter. I wonder whether your lovely fingers where hitting right buttons on your key board or not. It is open secret now that our country is stinking of corruption, it is only a fool who will refute this.
Just try to find out how many Tanzanians pay visit to Switzeland and for what purpose, utashangaa kuona kuwa watanzania tunaliwa sana, tena wanaotula tunawachagua wenyewe.
Huyu jamaa ameandkika mambo wazi kabisa, na yana ukweli mkubwa tu.
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