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Investor’s arrest in Burundi annoys Dar: Membe has called the incident “serious and unfortunate

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by nngu007, May 6, 2012.

  1. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    May 6, 2012
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    Abdul Karim Hussein has been based in Burundi for the past 16 years. He's been in Mpimba prison since January 12 By MIKE MANDE

    Posted Saturday, May 5 2012 at 12:47

    A diplomatic row is simmering over the arrest and jailing of a Tanzanian businessman by Burundian authorities over undisclosed charges.

    The Tanzanian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, is putting pressure on the Burundi government to intervene in the arrest, freezing of accounts and confiscation of property of Abdul Karim Hussein.

    The Tanzanian investor, who has been detained at Mpimba prison in Bujumbura since January 12, has been based in Burundi for the past 16 years. The judiciary and prison officials have yet to disclose the reason for his detention.

    The EastAfrican has been informed that despite frequent requests by the Tanzania government, the Burundi government is yet to respond. Tanzania is now contemplating summoning the Burundian ambassador to lodge a protest.

    Inquiries by The EastAfrican have revealed that Mr Hussein entered into an agreement with the Burundian Police Force in 2005 for the supply of goods including fuel.

    Documents seen by The EastAfrican show that despite the Burundi Supreme Court issuing out two orders and prior instructions in 2011 to the Legal Department and the Ministry of Finance to have Mr Hussein collect his dues, the police force has failed to honour the order.

    Demand for compensation

    Mr Hussein presented the matter before the Administrative Court of Gitega in April 2010. The investor also wanted to be compensated for the loss incurred after the government repossessed his plot located at Bubu in the district of Giheta, province of Gitega, which contained a petrol station that the police force was using to fuel its motor vehicles.

    The dispute between the Tanzania investor and the government of Burundi was brought to the Supreme Court in Gitega in July 2011 and the Court ordered the State to pay Mr Hussein, but this has not happened.

    Martin Nivyabandi, Burundi's assistant head of the President's Civil Legal Office, said the Burundi government should instruct the Police Force to finalise payment to the Tanzanian investor.

    Other documents seen by The EastAfrican from the Burundi Ministry of Finance showed that a notification has already been signed directing that the investor be paid, but the Legal Department still hesitates as a senior official in the Ministry of Justice and the Lord Chancellor's Office allegedly intervened so that the investor is not paid.

    Tanzania Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Minister Bernard Membe has called the incident "serious and unfortunate," adding that "all efforts are being made to have the businessman released and his property returned, including the money he is owed."

  2. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    May 6, 2012
    Joined: Aug 2, 2010
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    Tanzanians from JK Nyerere to JK Kikwete did a lot to stabilize the Burundi, but why are they doing this to Tanzanian Investor? or he was doing things above the law? Give reasons for his arrest we care for our people abroad!!!!
  3. F

    FJM JF-Expert Member

    May 6, 2012
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    Kwa hiyo Membe anafahamu kwa nini huyu mfanyibiashara amekamatwa?

    Kule kwenye habari mchanganyiko kuna thread moja inahusu mtanzania anayetarajia kunyonjwa huko China Jumanne kwa madawa ya kulevya. Sijamsikia Membe au mtoto yoyote toka Foreign Affairs akiongelea hili. Lakini la mfanyibishara tayari anatishia kum-summon balozi wa Burundi!
  4. Zogwale

    Zogwale JF-Expert Member

    May 6, 2012
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    Huyo wa madawa anyongwewwwe afee fiiii kabisa. Na huyo mfanyabiashara atetewe maana anapambana na maisha na si kuua watoto na bnadamu kama madawa. Hivi kuna binadamu mwenye akili atatetea madawa ya kulevya? Sijui kwa nini tanzania hatuna death penalty kwa drugs dealers. Stupid
  5. zomba

    zomba JF-Expert Member

    May 6, 2012
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    Huyu anataka kudhulumiwa fedha zake na mali zake, eti kazitengeneza Burundi ni lazima aziache Burundi.

    Serikali izuie mali zote za waburundi zilizopo Tanzania haraka sana mpaka watakapomuwachia huyu na kurudisha mali zake. Hawa warundi huwa ni wabishi sana, nakumbuka walipochezea kichapo cha masaa machache enzi za Nyerere.