Ingekuwa vipi M/nyamala Hospital?



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Hali ingekuwaje pale Mwananyamala au Temeke Hospital AU MUHIMBILI...??

Exit! Baby Born In Hospital Doorway

The dramatic arrival of baby born at the doors of a hospital has been captured on CCTV footage.

Emergency Exit! Baby Born In Hospital Doorway Play video

Caroline Meech, 32, and her husband Mike raced to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester for the birth of her third child - just in the nick of time.
As Mrs Meech stumbled into the foyer in the early hours of Tuesday last week, she found herself simply unable to take a step further and fell to the floor in the last stages of her labour.
Adding an element of the ridiculous to the situation, Mrs Meech found that every time she gave a push, the automatic doors would slide open.
Happily midwives came to her aid and within ten minutes her daughter Alice Harriet was born - just inside the doors, by the water cooler.
She weighed in at a healthy 8lb 3oz.
Mrs Meech, of Chandler's Ford, near Southampton, told the Southampton Daily Echo: "I knew the baby was coming so I told Mike to take me to hospital. My waters broke in Hursley and I saw her head coming down, so I said 'drive faster!'
"We screamed into the car park, managed to find a space. I was worried about leaving the car doors open.
"I pressed the buzzer and just made it through the double doors. The midwives came running down. They tried to persuade me to get in a wheelchair. But there was no way I could move.
"They asked me to move forward because every time I pushed, the automatic door opened. It was a comedy situation.
"Mike was brilliant. I was biting his thumb. He didn't seem to mind. I couldn't have done it without him."
Mr Meech, 34, who works for IBM, said: "Caroline got in and the midwives came down and they were superb. It was all very exciting."

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