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Illuminati agenda for Africa,Obama the face of deception?

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Tikerra, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Tikerra JF-Expert Member

    Feb 13, 2009
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    Obama was not wrongly put in the Oval Office,there is an agenda,yes an agenda for Africa.By putting a colored,the U.S conceals its military strategy and attempts to avoid the antagonistic contradiction of capital and labor which lead to the inevitable crash in the U.S economy.European capitalism has surmised that Obama's new face of deception will function to strengthen the relationship between African Presidents and U.S neo-colonialism to further its interest and save America's economy.The redirection of its military force from Iraq towards Africa in Afghanistan, seeks to mask America's real economic conditions, and establish with Obama as President,US military supremacy in Africa.The aim is to wage war with the African leadership against the people of Africa as they take Africa's resources.Domination of Africa's resources would give America,so they think, the competitive edge over the rest of the world in the area of trade and extraction of African resources.Obama has been placed in front of the US imperialism to win the hearts and minds of the African masses world wide,so as to set Africa for America.This in turn will give America the advantage needed to protect its investments and interests in Africa, to cover up the the US economy's weakness and diminishing influence among nations of the world.The same military strategies will be used,with different tactics in Africa with Obama's new face, in order to secure US national interest.The role of the so called Africom will be to station US troops wherever they are taking Africa's resources under the guise of fighting terrorism.The unstated assumption is that any measure taken against the acquisition of Africas's resources,especially oil, poses a security threat to the US national interest,which means military force will be used to protect those interests.The second in command of Africom,Vice Admiral Robert Moeller in a presentation at an Africom conference held at Fort McNair,on February18,2008,declared that protecting"the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market" was one of Africom's"guiding principles and cited "oil disruption",'terrorism"and "the growing influence of China" as major challenges to US interests in Africa.African Presidents are selling off Africa's resources in this war of deception,the same way African people were sold by many of the chiefs during slavery.The current neo-colonial African puppet president's capitulation to capitalism,is a continuation of the class of chiefs who sold the land,resources,and people's labor during colonialism.

    Since Obama has European and African heritage,that ties him well with Europe and Africa.This links him also well with the African Islamic world.The European capitalist world therefore view him as a President who can be used because of his multi-ethinicity in several ways.Obama will be used to wedge war against Africa.Under the false pretense of "war on terrorism",Africa' resources will be pinched to run America's industries.The US has a Tripartite Plus Intelligence Fusion Cell Program based in Kisangani-Congo(DRC),to ensure the US and Israel access to Congo's resources.The neo-colonial governments which protect the foreign interests are Congo DRC itself,Rwanda,Burundi and Uganda.
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    Nyau Gule New Member

    Oct 7, 2010
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    Much as i would not want to say anything but it comes out clear to me that this is Anti-American and looks like a baby of Islamic Fundamentalists, Terrorists who would dream of a day when Africa would revolt against America.
    I would pray that Africans should not go so cheap as to be fooled by this Islamic Fundamentalist Extremism. Africans cannot be fooled so easily. If the middleast is chaotic now it is because of the premitive civilisation that is so violent, beleives in suicide bombs, segregative of women. So premitive in dressing, treating women as second class citizens and only saved beacuae their land is rich in oil reserves. A civilisation that looks at all Christians as enemies (infidels is the word they use).

    We understand that there is war of civilisations in the middleast but i would surely not fall for the one that is associated with Islamic Extremists who kill each other at will. Jihadists, Talibans, Alqaeda, and all those funny names in several parts of the World.
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    HealthOvrWealth New Member

    Feb 1, 2011
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    I have to agree with the former writer. African countries need to nationalize their resources. Some countries in Africa have enormous populations of people starving in the heart of international expansion markets. These neo-colonialist are plundering, exploiting and straight out monopolizing just about all of Africa's resources . To compensate the displaced, deprived and starving people we give Africans Humanitarian Aid such as food and clothing. The problem is the food is genetically modified and infested with RBGH and other toxins and carcinogens that will give the people believable diseases while combating their World Overpopulation, "Agenda 21" Program. I know of cases where clothing laced with chemicals that would affect the reproductive systems of anyone who wore the clothing causing sterilization and spread of multiple diseases, also part of Agenda 21 and the Rockefeller sponsored Eugenics Program. What about maldistribution of the resources in Africa. Case in point, DRC (Democratic Republic Congo) and their massive amount of Coltan is a horror story. Coltan is short for Columbite-tantalite which is "a dull metallic ore found in major quantities in the eastern areas of Congo. When refined, coltan becomes metallic tantalum, a heat-resistant powder that can hold a high electrical charge. These properties make it a vital element in creating capacitors, the electronic elements that control current flow inside miniature circuit boards. Tantalum capacitors are used in almost all cell phones, laptops, computers, pagers and many other electronics." They havemajor child labor issues in those mines. 30% of the students have dropped out of school to go work in the mines. Over 8000 gorillas, 3700 elephant and thousands of people have been killed / extinct due to deforestation to build mines. The conflict in the Conga was a smoke screen to demonise the Congolese people to the world while international bankers funded the Gov't and the Rebels. Who's benefiting from the Coltan. You can put Bill Gates at the top of the list; a man who recently invested $30 Million dollars in biotech giant "Monsanto" who is the leader in GMO production and strives to control the worlds vegetable and fruit "Seed" markets. They aim to control the worlds food chain. Bill Gates has partnered up with fellow Billionares Michael Bloomburg (NY Mayor), Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Rockefeller and others to combat the world overpopulation issue and its effect on Greenhouses gases and overproduction of Carbon Emissions. The secret shadow government that controls just about the entire world is non other than the sponsors of slavery, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the French Revolution, The Bolshevik Revolution, WWl, WWll, Cecil Rhodes, English Diamond Magnate and tycoon, J. P. Morgan Banking Empire, Rockefeller, Oil Barron, Andrew Carnegie (Steel empire), Edward Harrimon (Railroad Empire)....The Illuminati!!!! If i didn't have to go to work I'd teach this ignorant super-patriot (blind follower) a thing or two.

  4. upcoming president

    upcoming president Member

    Dec 15, 2014
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    this thread no people to contribute coz people like statement but not brief explanation you see how Africans are lazy?
  5. nyumba kubwa

    nyumba kubwa JF-Expert Member

    Dec 15, 2014
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    They aren't lazy, they have other priorities...when you know your audience you find ways to deliver a message rather than copping a lengthy article and paste it here...

    That is why scholars these days uses blogs and other social media to make sure their works reaches different audiences...I am sure what is written in this article could be summarized in a smaller paragraph...and in Swahili...and people would have something to say...( I didn't even read; I am too busy)