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Ilemela legislator mulls legal action against stadium management over breach of contract

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by nngu007, May 28, 2011.

  1. nngu007

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    May 28, 2011
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    Yes, More Power to Ilemela Legislator, wakati wanajenga walituongezea bei za bidhaa pesa hazikutoka Mkononi Mwa CCM!!!

    By In2EastAfrica - Sat May 28, 2:10 pm

    Highness Kiwia

    Member of Parliament for Ilemela (Chadema) in the city of Mwanza, Highness Kiwia, has threatened to sue the management of Kirumba stadium for breach of contract.

    This comes after management of the stadium, which is owned by CCM, allegedly caused the MP pecuniary loss after it breached a contract to hire out the stadium.

    Reports said the lawmaker had hired the stadium in order to host a soccer match, for which he had paid the money upfront, but the stadium management reportedly disrupted the event, thus occasioning him to suffer pecuniary loss amounting to 38m/-.

    Kiwia told journalists recently that he had organized the soccer tournament last Sunday in order to raise funds to help reduce the shortage of desks in secondary schools in constituency.

    He said he had organized a match between local film stars and Mwanza All Stars, adding that he had expected to raise more than 38m/- from the event.

    Kiwia said apart from demanding the CCM regional administration to make good the financial loss, he would also institute a legal suit to question the legality of CCM’s alleged ownership of the stadium which, according to him, was constructed using people’s labour and contributions.

    He said at the time of the stadium’s construction, Tanzania was still under the single party system, and thus all the people, irrespective of party membership, contributed towards its construction.

    “Now, how come today we are told the stadium belongs to CCM? What about those who did not belong to CCM then?”

    Elaborating on compensation, Kiwia said he had paid in advance for the use of the stadium, adding that until Sunday morning he had not been told about any change of plans by the management.

    He said he was surprised and shocked to find all the entrances to the stadium locked in the afternoon, and when he tried to contact the manager of the stadium, John Tegete, he would not pick his phone.

    He alleged that the sabotage was hatched by the CCM regional administration because even his efforts to try and reach Illemela CCM district leadership proved fruitless.

    He said expenses he incurred to transport the artistes, including air fare and accommodation totalled to 18m/-, and although the management finally did open the gates at 5pm, she ended up netting only 4m/- instead of the anticipated 38m/-.

    Kiwia said there was a huge turnout of people at the stadium, but since the entrances were locked, most of them decided to go back.

    However, speaking over the phone on Wednesday, Tegete challenged Kiwia to name the person who received the advance payment and produce documentary evidence in the form of a letter from him authorising him to use the stadium.

    “This is not true. Who received the advance payment? Ask him to show you whether he received any letter from me,” said Tegete.
    By Cosmas Mlekani, The Guardian
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    May 28, 2011
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    most of the ccm executive leaders they don't think that other they can.