I will never date a lady through the internet


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Jul 9, 2007
I mean looking for wife to marry!

Well am Dr Christopher eric Im aware that most of you may have know me OR COME ACCROSS MY EMAILS, under tough moments with a woman whom i belived that was to be my wife,. she took me to the court so that my estates tshould be divided, , I stayed fro 8 years without marriage with a domestic conflict abuse scar in my heart, I had one doughter with the woman, now she is married to another man, she took my house my car and my land I started life from zero.

I got my PhD degree in nursing science in 2001 from saint Regis university then I continued and took medical doctorate degree from ashlow university in 2004, my life started to change again bu the domestic conflicts continued though I was also part time preacher most saw me as a single man who can not tell them something and friends kept on persuading me to marry, so I dint know how to go through this for I dint want again to marry a lady from my on country I thought according to my own mind it was good to marry a white lady who is in service of the lord, I seek advice from my best friend who married a white lady from Australia in now the y serving the lord here in Tanzania Africa, what he told me is that I can only get a good lady not only when I traveled to usa but also though this Christian web site like Christian net so I went and I registered. I have never tried this before soon the start I got junk emails some ladies asking for cash and air tickets so that they can come to Tanzania which I was told and warned never to send any cash to any person whom you don't know, so I went and seek again another advice at this time I was told to join olx this though not dealing with Christians but you can as well get a saved woman and get married to her.

I got many responses form women but almost all were not saved so I was even more disgusted with the olx web page so I went back to Christian net at this time I found six emails and I just selected one person , this is nwo the lady who have made my life miserable till I will die and she has coursed me a lot of pains in heart , we started communicating very well sending each other emails and photos it reach a time she wrote me back like this (chris, im sorry i think you are misunderstanding me , yes i am coming there i like your plan very much i dont know yet just when i also want it to be this year ,i was meaning i am not looking for any other man YOU are the one i want i dont want anyone else i want us to be married there and here babe i love your plan for us and i love you, i also want it to be this year i need Gods help to save i love your church i want your church to be mine to our church`, i can take holidays later this year as sson as God provides i will be there….)

I was very happy and I went to God ask ask him for some more favor, she promised me a lot and I promised her to she even told me that her children loves me and that they have accepted that I should marry their mother, so iket on praying till I was totally possed by her and I became even weak in my thinking ,so it coma a time now I wanted her to come to Africa before September, and I was really happy expecting for her to come to Tanzania so I kept on telling her to come over and as for I never ask any money nor any gifts except I asked her to send me Christian materials so that I can build upmy self spiritually I even send her our church photos too.

One day when I was at home taking a rest my friend came very confused and he told me what have seen in the internet that someone spoiled my name and called my a scammer and she even called me buddy we went off hurriedly rushed to the internet and this is what was written by that Australian lady but at this time she went with a new name http://koppies.olx.co.za/am-looking-for-wife-iid-8052047

Just click and read I dint expect that she was the one so I took my handset and I loaded it heavily so we started to called all the women whom I rejected non of them accepted this fault and my mind just went off and I thought that it might be the lady who asked me to send her air ticket so that she can come to Tanzania but she wasn't saved so I refused and I was warned that this was too risky for we haven't been met before, deep inside my mind I dint expect that it was the Australian lady who did that to me so I went on communicating with her but just to find that she was the one in the last minite and this is what she wrote this time she abused me and molested me in total humiliation till I cursed God and I even told God that was no longer interested in life let him take my life away ,,,,, christopher why do you keep asking me to come when i already say( every email )im coming when God says , i listen to God not man all your emails say is please come or come and help me its not love its begging and ignoring what God would say you are manipulating me to go against God , i dont make decisions for my life God makes them !!!!!!,

This is a true story of what happened to me just some few hours ago and from today I swear I will never attend the internet till I die and that I will stay single fro im totally embracing this scam with pain .people of God I am not a scammer and I have never done that before and please fwd this to every brother and sister whom you know and if any one want to know more about me or knows something about me then be free tell people don't hide anything just say if I am a buddy or a scammer but as for this lady I will never forgive her till we shall meet in heaven fro the right judgement.

Dr Christopher Eric
Mwenzetu yamemkuta!


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Jan 11, 2007
...but as for this lady I will never forgive her till we shall meet in heaven fro the right judgement.

Dr Christopher Eric

...in heaven?...anaota huyu!!!


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Jul 14, 2007
Pole sana Dr. inabidi kuwa makini sana unapodate mtu kwenye internet wengi wao wanakuwa na agenda ya siri.


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Oct 1, 2007
inavyosemekana nimesoma kwenye blogs zingine watu wanasema wanamfahamu fika huyo anayejiita dokta kuwa sio mtz wala nini bali ni mkenya sijui wanasema hata ukimpigia simu kiswahili chake ni cha kikenya na wakasema tujichunge na matapeli kama hao...as wako weeeengi ndo mambo ya internet hayo lakinii


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Aug 27, 2007
nafikiri huyu ´´Dr´´ akasome kwanza lugha alafu arudi tena na swala lake labda tutaelewa!!


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Aug 16, 2007
the problem you have is so psychological; you fear to approach women from direct attack(physical-face to face) you can say that from now on you will not need a woman but deep inside you willl be lusting in your heart when you see a lady.if you want to get a saved lady, they are so many in the churches and they pray day and night for God to give them a right husband. go to church , attend marriage semminars. make proposal to some one.first become yourself saved, dont predge for a saved woman if yourself you are not saved. they are so many and believe me they sometime pray overnight to get a husband and they find not! because most of us want easy things, we rush in the chart room to get for a woman easly or to make cover of our shame(fear of dennial) when we do approach. Real saved people have been tought their own approach of getting a real partner not the way you think. go to church attend various semiars so that they can get be known to you and you known to them..how can it be possible you get attractred to someone with an entire family without rethinking? Ithink first find psychological specialist,.pole sana mzee.God bless and forgive you as no one will curse the name of the Lord and stay alive spritually.


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Jan 17, 2008
Naona huyu jamaa (DR) ana matatizo ya akili. Yeye alimuingia huyo Dem ki spiritual, then naye akamjibu kispiritual! Sasa ngoma droo, nilivyoelewa response ya dem ni kuwa anahitaji call from God ndio aweze kuja kumtembelea DR lakini inaonekana Dr analazimisha. Anyways again Dr anaonekan mtupu vile vile hana nyimbo na mikakati ya kuapproach, yaani mpaka atoe details zake zote ndo anadhani kitaeleweka. He was only supposed to provide basic details mambo mengine angesubiri mpaka waonane. Alaaaaaaaaa...


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Sep 25, 2007
kuna penpal wangu mmoja aliniwarn against hiyo site ya christian dating ... kumejaa matapeli wengi mno ... most from nigeria

This guy too .. mmhhhh ... ananishangaza ... kisa cha kujichukia na kumkufuru Mungu ni mwanamke wa kizungu .... tu hujakutana nae wala kupoteza mda wala chochote juu yake ... unalia???? ... wengine wanapoteza mali na wanaishia kunawa tu ... analalamaaa weeee ... kweli ana matatizo huyo asaidiwe haraka mno

kama kweli unataka mzungu nenda beach kule zanzibar utaokota wengi tu wanaowataka waafrika ... na kama unabahati atakuingiza kwenye pochi yake uondoke nae kabisa


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Mar 6, 2008
heheheeh inabidi nicheke mana badala ya kufanyakazi aliyosomea yeye ana tafuta wife kweli alikua kwenye search engine sasa akapata!!!!

Mambo Jambo

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Jul 11, 2008
can take holidays later this year as sson as God provides i will be there….)

i listen to God not man all your emails say is please come or come and help me its not love its begging and ignoring what God would say you are manipulating me to go against God , i dont make decisions for my life God makes them !!!!!!,

i DONT see no problem here, she is not making decision her self It's GOD who does....so just take it easy and have a grip...DONT YOU READ A BIBLE.


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Jan 11, 2007
mapenzi ya internet nayo yanakuwa ya ki dot.com vile vile! hayachelewi mara siku nyingine file kuwa corrupted, mara server down, mara inabidi u install new software, almuradi kila siku wewe una update new antivirus!

kaaazi kweli kweli!


Aug 7, 2008
Wewe Dr kweli unamajeraha ya kisaikolojia. Mwanamke hujamuona kwa macho yako, wala kuishi pamoja,anakwambia hata watoto wake wamekubali aolewe na wewe!!! Yaani na udaktari wako wote huku weza kutambua kwamba it was never real? Halafu wewe uko Tanzania mwanamke yuko Australia,hata kama ndio long distance relationship,that was too much. I think you needed a reality check,and thats what you got. Women are women,whether white or black.
And another thing,hivyo vyuo vikuu ulivyosoma viko nchi gani??? Maana a 'Dr' and that is the English you write... I am worried.


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Nov 22, 2007
All In All Spiritual Lady Is Right

Yeye Aanamsubiri Mungu Na Jamaa Alijionyesha Amepata Kidonda
Cha Mapenzi Mapema Na Ndio Maana Mwanaamke Akaona Yeye

Kuliko Afanywe ""spirit"" Ya Kidonda Cha Jamaa Wacha Amuulize Mungu

Ushauri Wangu

Awe Na Subira Hata Kama Itachukua Miaaka Kumi Aendelee Kumuuliza Na Yeye Kwa Mungu Yule Ni Wake!!!asikudannganye Mtu Mkiwa Katika Roho Hampishani Ungu Akijibu Hakuna Atakaepinga

Pole Sana Na Kila La Kheri


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Nov 22, 2007
Naomba Kumuuliza Na Miaka Mingapi?????? Msimuhukumu Tu Ajui Kutongoza Au Mwoga Inawezekana Amechukua Muda Mwingi Wa Maisha Yake Kwenye Shule Hayo Ndio Matokeo Mkisoma Kumbukeni Kun A Mambo Ambayo Yana Muda Wake Kama Mmeobservr Ma Lecture Wengi Pale Chuo Kikuu Cha Mlimani Wanakufa Ngoma Sababu Wanaoa Wakiwa Wazee Na Mwisho Unamkuta Prof Anakuja Na Mwanae Jumamosi Unafikiri Mjukuu Wake

Nenda Mwangalie Mjukuu Wa Prof Ndumbaro Wa Engineering

Uliza Wajukuu Wa Prof Lema

Wajukuu Wa Prof Mutashobya

Hawa Si Kwamba Walipenda Ndugu Matatizo Ya Familizao Zosi Deis Ziliwafanya Waamini Maisha Ni Shule Tu Na Si Wattoto Wala Kuoa

Kwa Hiyo Wamekuwa Wakioa Ukubwani Na Mwisho Wakitaka Vingast Wanakimbilia Ma Bar Med!!!!ukikuta Wajanja Wanawabana Totos Kwenye

Supplimentary Zina Mamboa

Pole Ndugu Yangu Mkimbilie Yesu Ndie Njia Pekee Ya Matatizo Yako Si Binadamu Tu!!1


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Nov 22, 2007
Mathayo 7:7

Kila Aombae Hupewa Atafutaye Uona Aishaye Hufunguliwa Kama Mkristo Haki Yako Kumuuliza Mungu Kwa Nini Hivi Nikupe Tu Kisa Kilichonitokea Mimi
Ila Ukiamini Kwa Mungu Kila Jaribu Lina Mlango Wa Kutokea Unaweza Kufanikiwa

Nimezaliwa 1979 Mtoto Wa Pili Kwenye Familia'

2004 Nilitokea Kupenda Na Dada Mmoja Wa Kihehe Mungu Akasaidia Mwaka 2005

Tukaoana Akaniomba Aende Kusoma Nje Nkamwambia Aiwezekani Akanishauri Sana Niache Kazi Twende Tukasome!!1nilimuuliza Mungu Kaama Anapenda Hili
Mwisho Nilipata Ujasiri Kumwambia Natumaini Mungu Atanipa Sehemu Nyingine Ya Kusoma!!!napenda Kukwambia Nilikaa Miei 5 Tu Niliacha Kila Kitu Cha Maisha Yangu Pale Kunduchi

Mwezi Ulipopita Wa Ndoa Yetubinti Alianza Visa Sijapata Kuona Nkamuuliza Mungu Ni Mapeni Yako Kuishi Maisha Haya Ikachukua Muda Kupatajibu Huku Nikiendelea Kuumia Binti Hakuwahi Kunywa Pombe Akanza Kurudi Hoi,,akuwahi Kuvuta Sigara Akaanza Kuvuta Sigara ,,nilimlilia Mungu Sana Sana Sana

Tukaitwa Na Familia Zoote Mara 10 Ndani Ya Miezi 5..hakuna Matokeo Yoyote Ndugu Yangu...aliponishosha Ni Pale Nikiwa Kaizni Napigiwa Na Watu Mkeo Anasafiri Anakwendanje Mbona Atukuoni???

Kaka Yangu Nilipofika Nyumbani Sikukuta Hata Barua Ya Kusema Naelekea Wapi

Nkafungua Mlango Nikamlilia Mungu Niiliposhtuka Ilikuw Saa Saba Ndipo Nkaamini Mke Amesafiri.....usikate Tamaa Aliporudi Akalia Sana Na Kuomba Msamaha Sana Mwisho Nkataka Kuondoka Nyumbani Sikuona Solution
Baada Ya Muda Niliendelea Kumwambia Mungu Ajidhihirishe Aikuchukua Mwezi Akasafiiri Tena Hakika Nilimlilia Mungu Mungu Alijibu!!!alisema Usifanye Chochote Kibaya Atakapokuja Chukua Suruali Yako Na Shati Nenda Kwenu!!!

Hii Unawezafikiri Ni Hadithi Alikaa Nje Miezi 2 Aliporudi Sikujua Siku Akardi Usiku Ndipo Kesho Yake Nikaomba Famili Zote Wakaja Nikawaeleza Baadhi Ya Wazazi Wake Wakasema Si Tumechoka Imebaki Akili Yako Mwenyewe

Ndugu Yangu Niliomba Kuondoka Akalia Sana Lakini Usishindane Na Sauti Ya Mungu ...niliondoka Saasita Usiku Baada Ya Kungangania Begi Langu La Nguo!!!
Niliacha Kila Kitu Ndugu Zyangu Tukiwa Bfriedn Na Gfriend Tulipata Kuwa Na Magari Yetu 3 Tukauza Moja Yakabaki 2.....

Baya Zaidi Kuna Rafiki Yake Baada Ya Maombi Alikuja Kunifwata Na Kuniambia
Mkeo Antaka Kukutumia Na Mwanaume Nje Ndie Anaemsumbua Na Hata Kuoana Alitaka Kuonekana...sikukata Tamaa As Long Nilishajibiwa Na Mungu!!nikamwomba Mungu Anipe Anenifaa Anaenipenda....

Ndugu Now Am In Heaven!!!namwomba Mungu Atusaidie1!!kweli Baada Ya Kuachana Jamaa Yake Aktoka Sweden Akaja Akijua Anakuja Kuoa !!!wakakaa We Na Kutangaza Kila Sehemu...muda Si Mrefu Yule Kaka Akakimbia Na Hapo Ni Baada Ya Kuvishwa Pete Ya Uchumba

Ushauri Wangu Usisikie Sauti Za Binadamu Msiikilize Mungu Kwanza

Namshukuru Mungu Nimepanga Nina Vitu Vyotenilivyoviacha Nina Magari Si Gari!!!hayo Ni Moja Ya Kukumbusha Uskumbuke Ulipotoka Ndugu Yangu!!!

Mungu Akutie Nguvu Bwana Harusi Mtarajiwa Na Mi Ntakuombea Kwa Hili

Kumbuka Hakuna Linaloshindikana Kwa Mungu


Aug 22, 2008
DR pole sana sasa hivi matapeli ni kila kona internet siyo internet wapo.unaweza ukakutana na mtu thru a friend still akakufanyia hivyo hivyo.sasa hivi nikuomba tu mtu unayekutana naye


JF-Expert Member
Jul 10, 2008
Sijaona tatizo hapo kabisa. Hatutafuti mke au mume kwa staili hiyo. Pia naomba akae chini ajichunguze kitabia yuko fit? Kwa nini pia mwanamke wa kwanza or girlfried hawakudumu? Pengine naye kwa upande wake anahitaji msaada wa mawazo. Siamini kama ameokoka kikwelikweli au ni kama wale Wanaigeria, Waganda na Wakenya Wasanii. Waogope hao. Aende kwa mtu wa Saikolojia atamsaidia. Ila nina wasiwasi aliyeandika hapa ni Mkenya au non-Tz but African ambaye naye kuna jambo lake. Watch out wana JF usipoteze muda kumpigia huyu.


Aug 14, 2008
Inawezekana mzushi huyo, internet date kaishupalia tena na kumwamini mtu ambaye yupo mbali kabisa.

usirudie tena ila kama hujakoma try again.

Kiingereza chako ni cha ajabu sana..

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

Kuna taarifa umeiona humu JamiiForums na haifai kubaki mtandaoni?
Fanya hivi...

Umesahau Password au akaunti yako?

Unapata ugumu kuikumbuka akaunti yako? Unakwama kuanzisha akaunti?
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