I was..I am..I will..are you!??


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Oct 14, 2008


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I was rejected by all people, but Jesus loved me,
I was full of all evil, before the Spirit filled me,
I was, are you!??

I was lost in a valley, and his hands brought me up,
I was lying in the alley, when his angel stood me up,
I was used na shetani, but his call got me up,
I was, are you!??

I was down and thought forgotten, but his blessings got me counting,
I was hating and heart broken, but his love got me loving,
I was gone and long forgotten, but he remembered and got me coming,
I was, are You!??

I am a sinner forgiven, from sins u don't wanna hear,
I am a sinner not to pardon, but the blood draws me near,
I am a sinner sent to prison, and the son set me free,
I am, are you!??

I am now saved by the blood, and healed by His stripes,
I am free from sin's bond, and I will suffer no loss,
I am strong and bold, for what He did on the cross,
I am, are you!??

I am His servant day n night, and for this I'l neva tire,
I am preaching of His light, to those who wanna hear,
I am speaking of the sight, restored to those who fear,
I am, are you!??

I will go and preach the Gospel, to the world where he sends me,(cecy)
I will to places travel, don't care what u tell me,
I will tell the people, of the word he spoke to me,
I will, are You!??

I will tell JF members, that to him there is always a friend
I will tell all the numbers, that in him there is no rebound,
I will ask to be his follower, and stick to his eternal bond,
I will, are you!??

I will rejoice in the Lord, my saviour who set me free,
I will sing of You God, of the day You came to me,
I will wait upon the Word, till when You I see,
I will, are you!??

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