I want to kiss her


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Feb 11, 2008
Five men end up stranded on a tropical island. The only female around is a gorilla on the other end of the island.

After one whole month the guys are all sitting around and Garry stands up and says, "I'm so horny, I can't take it anymore!"

So he grabs a bag and storms off to the other side of the island with his pals right behind him. They catch the gorilla, each guy grabs an arm or leg and Garry puts the bag over the gorilla's head. He climbs on top of the gorilla and begins to do the nasty.
The gorilla fights and struggles and finally gets an arm free and she wraps it around Garry's back. Then she gets both feet free and wraps them around Garry's waist. She gets her other arm free and grabs on to his hips and starts pulling him in harder and harder.

Garry yells to his buddies...."Get it off!! Get it off!!
They said, "You're on top, we can't get her off of you."
Garry said..."No, I mean the bag.....I want to kiss the bitch!"
Jana nilikuwa nacheki hii post. Pata picha, jamaa yuko on top! Ma-utamu mengine ....Duh!

Kumshika tu ni shughuli, wote watano wakishindwa kumtimizia gorilla haja....


Gorilla.????? i dont think so kama ni gorilla ninaye wafahamu, i guess thats not being horny to that extent

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