Huyu mama??????????


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Kwani huyu ni wa kwanza?
umesahau yule mama wa Uganda aliyekuwa akimnyonyesha mbwa kwa shinikizo la mumewe??
Hii ndio dunia yenye msongamano wa mambo. Wewe ukijua huu wenzio wanajua uleee....

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For seven years, Jennipher Alupot, a 26-year-old Ugandan wife and mother, was forced to breastfeed the puppies of her husband's hunting dogs.
Alupot's husband Nathan Alowoi would bind his young wife's legs and hands together and force the mewling puppies to her nipple.
Alowoi had handed over two cows to Alupot's father as part of the "bride price" for his new wife. He reasoned if the cows were no longer around to provide milk, then his new wife would have to provide for the puppies.
"I had to feed them all through the night, then in the morning he would untie me," said Alupot..
Alupot's ordeal began in 2002 with the arrival of her first child when she was forced to breastfeed her infant and the puppies.
There was a reprieve with the second child &#8211; a boy &#8211; as tradition dictates and thus protected the child from having to share his mother's breast milk with the puppies.
Jennipher Alupot

But later a third child was born, Olinga, who wasn't immune from having to share his mother's breast milk with a new litter of puppies.
Olinga started having fits and foaming at the mouth and died just before his second birthday. "I think it could have been something to do with the dogs," Alupot says.
She tried to resist Alowoi and complained to her own family, her in-laws and tribal elders about the abuse she was being subjected to.
She even dared to go to the police in the nearest town, but all of her efforts were in vain.
In March 2009, Alupot gave birth to another daughter and the abuse began again, but this time it became more violent. One night when she protested, Alowoi pierced her with a spear under the chin.
Alupot decided she wasn't going to breastfeed puppies any longer. She fled to the women's refuge in the nearby town of Pallisa and the center's staff is helping her bring legal action against Alowoi.
Alupot's case made headlines around Uganda, with civil rights groups lining up to denounce the abuse.
A bill to tighten domestic violence laws had been languishing in the Ugandan parliament for years, but was passed in November 2009 after Alupot's ordeal became a national outcry for action. The law is awaiting the signature of Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni.
Domestic violence against women in Uganda is widespread. According to a 2006 government survey, more than two in three women have suffered some form of abuse at the hands of a spouse.
Alupot has spent seven months at the women's center as she awaits a resolution of the pending legal action against Alowoi

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