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huu sio uzalendo,wala ubinadamu kabisa

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Mzalendo, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Mzalendo

    Mzalendo Senior Member

    Feb 19, 2008
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    Huyu KILONGOLA katuhumiwa na WENYENCHI(wananchi)Kasulubiwa na wenzio,halafu kodi ya WENYENCHI itaendelea kumlea isitoshe mgao wake,ukawa zaidi ya KILONGOLA wa sasa jamani wakuu HESHIMA MBELE KABISAA! hizi ndizo amendment za sheria za kina chenge na kina maria kejo?,hivi tume wakosea nini hawa wanasheria wa ofisi ya mwanasheria mkuu?
    Basi kwaniaba ya wazalendo wenzangu naomba, kuomba msamaha, hivi mnatuangamiza jamani,
    hata machafuko yakianza nyie mtakuwa ndani ya ndege na ma CRUISER yenu mshakimbia .hila bibi zetu vijijini ndio watatetereka,
    miaka yote tulio kuwa tunawaamini wabunge wetu kwenda kutuwakilisha,kumbe ndio kwenda kujishibisha,wajameni

    naomba kunuuu this day la leo;

    Dar es Salaam

    FORMER Prime Minister Edward Lowassa, who resigned early this month over the Richmond corruption scandal, will pick up a huge government pension cheque and continue to live a life of luxury in his enforced early ’retirement’, THISDAY can reveal today.
    Apart from pocketing millions of shillings from his generous pensions package, the 55-year-old Lowassa is entitled to a personal assistant, a cook, a laundryman, a domestic servant, a gardener, a driver, and a monthly pay cheque equal to 80 per cent of the salary of the incumbent PM for the rest of his life.
    All this is at the expense of the normal taxpayer, according to the law of the land.
    Although Lowassa was literally forced to resign after being implicated in a major corruption scandal, the Political Service Retirement Benefits Act of 2000 guarantees him various other remuneration incentives over and above a hefty pension cheque.
    According to section 14 (1) of the legislation, a leader who held the office of prime minister shall, upon ceasing to hold office, be granted the following:
    An annual pension payable monthly the sum equal to 80 per cent of the salary of the incumbent premier,
    A gratuity of the sum equal to 50 per cent of the total sums of money received by him as salaries when he was in office,
    A winding up allowance of the sum equal to the amount that would be received as salary in 24 months by the incumbent prime minister.
    Apart from the lucrative pensions package, Lowassa - who served in the post of prime minister from December 30, 2005 to February 9, 2008 - is apparently also entitled to be provided by the government the following benefits:
    A diplomatic passport for him and his wife (Regina),
    A health insurance policy that covers treatment within Tanzania,
    The service of one vehicle to be provided by the government, along with maintenance allowance of the sum equal to 80 per cent of the salary payable to the incumbent prime minister.
    The use of the VIP lounge at all airports in Tanzania.
    ’’All necessary security and other protection services shall be provided to him and his immediate family,’’ states the same legislation.
    Furthermore, if the former premier is requested by the government to travel outside the country, the government (using taxpayers’ money) will foot ’’all First Class travelling expenses which shall also cover expenses for his spouse and one assistant.’’
    According to at least one legal expert sought out for comment, Lowassa’s accumulated pension benefits combined with the maintenance allowance is likely to exceed even the monthly salary earned by the incumbent Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda.
    And considering that Lowassa is still a member of parliament representing his Monduli Constituency, and thus also entitled to all legislators’ perks, this means that Lowassa and his immediate family can expect to continue living a comfortable, taxpayer-supported life from now onwards.
    The issue of the former premier’s massive pensions package has already been brought up in parliament, with Kilindi legislator Beatrice Shellukindo (CCM) declaring last week that Lowassa was not entitled to the package because of the manner in which he left public office.
    Ms Shellukindo asserted that since Lowassa resigned over a corruption scandal and did not officially retire, he did not deserve to be paid such a fat pensions cheque at the expense of Tanzanian taxpayers.
    Ms Shellukindo has significant experience in public service management and previously worked in the Civil Service Department under the President’s Office, before entering politics.
    According to section (1) of the Political Service Retirement Benefits Act (2000), a person shall be entitled to a grant or benefit under this legislation upon the occurrence of any of the following events:
    Completion of a term of service in an office to which he was elected, nominated or appointed, Cessation of service in pursuance to the provisions of the Constitution or the provisions of any other law or order issued under any written law, Abolition of the office to which he was elected, nominated or appointed, Existence of medical evidence to the satisfaction of the electoral, nominating or appointing authority that he is incapable by reason of any infirmity of mind or body of discharging the duties of the office, or upon death while serving in a political office before completion of a term of service, in which case benefit shall be granted to dependents of survivors.
    Section 6 (2) of the same legislation states that: ’’A person shall not be entitled to benefits under this Act if he ceases to hold office as a leader in the circumstances provided for in Articles 46A (11), 50(5), 57(2)(g) or 71(1)(d) of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania.’’
    And according to section 57(2)(g) of the national constitution, the person holding the office of prime minister may cease to do so if the Ethics Council rules that such a person has breached the Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act of 1995.
  2. R

    Rwabugiri JF-Expert Member

    Feb 19, 2008
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    Ina maana nilivo elewa sivyo?

    Mi nilidhani hiki kipengele kinatosha zuia endelea mpa hela zetu fisadi huyu!
  3. Masanja

    Masanja JF-Expert Member

    Feb 19, 2008
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    Safari ya kupigana na ufisadi bado ni ndefu mno! Haeeeh! No way, ndo mwanzo, hizi sheria zote za kifisadi, wakulu walizipitisha kusudi ziwanufaishe wao! Aise ama kweli Africa tuna kazi. sasa hawa wabunge wetu ndo watagundua impact ya maamuzi yao kupitisha sheria bila kuhoji. Alas..wengi hawazielewi hizi sheria!

    Kwa kweli Lowassa kuendelea kupewa paycheck kwa kodi za walalahoi utakuwa ni UFISADI wa hali ya juu. Lets wait and see what will the goverment tell us.