Husband snatcher faces women’s wrath


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Jan 9, 2007
The East African Standard Newspaper
Published on 02/08/2008
By Patrick Muriungi And Boniface Gikandi

A woman accused of snatching husbands was on Friday stripped naked and frogmarched to the chief’s camp in Meru town.

The woman from Runogone village in Imenti North District had attracted the rage of her age mates, who accuse her of shaming them by sleeping with their husbands, young men and farmhands.

In a recent dramatic incident that triggered the women’s anger, the accused, who had been chased from her matrimonial home because of her alleged excesses, was caught sleeping with a young man.

She was frogmarched and whipped by men, who later demanded her age mates, locally known as Ncurubi, punish her for her wayward behaviour.

About 300 women invaded the culprit’s house, forced her out, stripped her naked and paraded her in the open.

The intervention of the local chief saved her from further punishment.
i dont advocate for this kind of punishment .. .to strip one naked .. infront of watu wa rika zote especially watoto .. basi wangemchapa tu and parade her dressed kama kawaida .. wale wanawake wamejidhalilisha wenyewe na si mwenzao.

Hapa nawaza hivi kwanini kwenye cases kama hizi mwanamke tu ndiye mwenye lawama pengine wale wanaume ndiye waliyemtongoza huyo mwanamke .. sasa kwani hawa wanawake mashujaa wasiwavue waume zao nguo pia wakawaparade hadharani kama mwenzao ????????
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