How to Convert PDF to Word, Doc or Text



Ashish has discovered an excellent online service to convert PDF documents to plain text for free. The service is PDFTextOnline and allows you to convert PDF documents to text online just by uploading them.

The real challenege for me was to find a free software or service that would allow users to convert PDF documents to word or HTML for free so after a little research I came across this service called Zamzar which provides free online file conversion tools.


Zamzar can easily convert PDF documents to Word or Doc format. All you have to do is visit the site, choose the format to convert to, enter your email and hit the submit button. It will process the document and will automatically mail you once its done. The good thing about this service is that it allows multiple PDF to other format conversion options and does not truncate your PDF file.

Another online PDF to Word conversion service is FreePDFConvert. It is better than Zamzar as it maintains the quality and formatting of original PDF document to the maximum but it converts only first 2 pages of your PDF document and all the rest of the pages are truncated. Good to convert single or double page PDF documents to Word.
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