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How Sheela became a slave

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by Kiranja Mkuu, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Kiranja Mkuu

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    Mar 30, 2010
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    My name is Sheela, am a 29 year old housewife. I have been married for almost 4 years now and we dont have any kids. I was not a virgin when I got married, having had a few affairs in school and college. I have always been attracted to strong, forceful men who like to dominate me. I dont know if it is because my first experience was with a much older man, and he was a very strong person. But unfortunately my husband is a real softie. Inspite of goading him consistently to try and dominate me in bed, he is always very caring and soft. Though this does get me off once in a while, but I am mostly left yearning for a hard ****. And what happened recently is completely out of this world, and I am trembling right now even as I think about it. I was subjected to complete and utter humiliation and I loved every bit of it. I know I am sick, but what can I do - thats me. So here is what happened: We live in an apartment complex, on the 12th floor. The house opposite to us had been empty for almost a year, until a few months back. A family of 4 moved in recently - a husband, wife and child and the wife's father. In the first few days, we became acquainted and I invited the family over for dinner at our place. The husband and wife both worked, and the kid was in 6th standard. The father was in his late fifties and had taken a voluntary retirement. They had bought the house on his retirement benefits. It was a pleasant evening, though the couple were fairly reserved. Surprisingly, the father was fairly friendly and I found myself having more conversations with him than the rest of the folks. He complimented me on my cooking skills, and expressed surprise that I was a housewife and did not work. He had worked as a corporate lawyer for a big MNC and he started regaling me about his experiences. Overall, he sounded like a fairly nice guy and the dinner went really well. To be honest, I wasnt attracted to him physically at that point for sure. A couple of days later, I heard the door bell ring. I had just finished my shower and was drying my hair. I had finished all of my household chores earlier, and I usually spend my afternoon watching tv and taking a short nap. I generally dont have any visitors, as there were very few housewives in the apartment, and most women who stayed home were much older than me. I opened the door to find the older gentleman standing there. I wished him a good afternoon and invited him inside. Before I could ask him if he needed anything, he said that he had dropped in to say hi and while away some time if I was free. I was glad to have some company and he settled down on our sofa. The TV was running and I still had a towel in my hand and was drying my hair. I asked him if he would like to have some coffee, to which he agreed. I went in to the kitchen to make some coffee. I quickly ran the towel a few more times through my hair and threw it away. I put a hair clip to hold my hair back, and started making the coffee. When I turned around to grab some sugar, I noticed that he was at the kitchen doorway, looking intently at me. For a second, I was shocked but did not show it on my face. I smiled at him and asked him to come in, if he wanted to. He stepped in and moved suddenly towards me. I was even more shocked, but I saw his hand go around me and turn off the gas stove. The milk had been boiling and was about to spill over. I smiled at him, muttering my thanks. I was still in a bit of a shock as I took the vessel off the stove and poured the milk into the cups. I asked him how much sugar he needed, and he said he likes to take his coffee black. We settled down with our coffees in the living room. He took the remote control, and turned off the tv, as he looked at me and said, "Hope you dont mind. I thought the TV will be a disturbance." I told him I didnt mind at all. I hadnt noticed the other night as to how well built he was for his age. He had worn a full sleeve shirt the other night, and today he was in a half sleeve shirt. I had seen how muscular his arms where when he turned off the stove. I didnt realize that I had gone completely silent and was staring at his body. I suddenly heard him say my name twice, and I snapped out of it. He asked me if I was alright and I muttered some excuse. We started talking about something and I noticed how he looked straight into my eyes. And it was not a simple look, I could feel something underneath it - some kind of an animalistic passion. It felt as if he was looking right through me. I was again zoning out, but I heard him complementing my looks. I smiled and said thanks. He asked me how long have we been married, and I told him that it has been 4 years. He didnt even hestitate when he asked if we were trying to have kids. I was taken a litte aback, but for some reason I felt myself answering him. We had actually been trying for some time, and it hadnt happened. And we were in a cooling off period right now. And all of a sudden we were talking about our sex lives. In fact he started talking about his - how he missed his wife (she had passed away almost 5 years back) and how he missed being with her. And I was opening up about how bored I was with mine, and how soft my husband was in bed. And all this while he was looking straight into my eyes, with that look of his and I felt so vulnerable. The next thing I knew, he stepped up towards me, and took the cup of cold coffee from me hands and put it down on the coffee table. I felt his lips press hard against mine and he bit into my lips. I couldn't, didnt resist. I found my hand circle around him and pull him closer on top of me. My fingers were inside his wispy silvery hair as he continued to suck on my lips. I found his tongue inside my mouth, drawing my tongue out and into his mouth as he sucked on it. He broke away from the kiss suddenly and grabbed me and lifted me on his shoulders. He carried me, suprisingly, into the bathroom. He put me down and forced me on my knees. He took the clip off my hair and let it fall down. He grabbed me by my hairs and thrust my face on his throbbing pants. I found myself running my lips over his bulge, kissing him, running my tongue over it. He was unbuttoning his pant and pulled down the fly. His cock was bulging out of his jockeys. I thrust my hand inside his underwear and pulled his cock out. He again grabbed me by my hair and thrust his cock into my mouth. I suddenly found his cock all the way into my throat and started gagging. I was thrashing around to pull myself off, but I felt his iron grip on my hair and head as he kept his cock thrust into my mouth and my throat. I dont know how long he kept himself there, all I noticed was how wet I was getting. My panties were already completely soaked. I found him pulling me away, and a breath of fresh air hit my throat. I was spitting saliva all over his cock. And again he thrust his cock into my mouth. I closed my mouth tighter around his cock this time, and ran my tongue down the side. And he started thrusting himself in and out faster and faster. After completely pulverizing my mouth, he let go off me. I was on the bathroom floor, gasping for breath, when he pulled me up by my throat and yanked my saree off of me. He pushed me against the wall and grabbed my breasts from over my blouse. His strong grip sent a pulsating shock wave through my body. I was moaning loudly, and I found his mouth bite into my breasts, taking them in completely into his mouth and sucking on them, My nipples had hardened and were thrusting against my blouse and my bra. He put his hand on the top of my blouse, and ripped it down completely. He turned me around and pressed me face first into the wall. He ripped my blouse in the back as well, and undid my bra hooks. The petticoat was down on the floor the next second and I felt his hand grab my really wet panties. He yanked it up in his hand as I felt the panty lining cut into my pussy. He pulled my panties off, and thrust his finger right inside of me. And then another finger and then another. He pushed it up hard and fast and was finger fucking me. He then took his fingers out and thrust them into my mouth, making me suck on them. I felt his feet, pushing my feet apart and he took me right there from behind me. I felt his hot throbbing cock fill the insides of me and I was screaming in agony and pleasure. He thrust himself harder and harder, and he was completely inside of me. I tightened myself around him, as I felt him rip me apart. He was pushing my back down and ass up and I felt him go deeper inside me. He grabbed my hair as I arched my back and felt him **** me harder. I had no idea for how long he fucked, but I was soon having nice long orgasms. I was almost starting my third, when I felt him draw himself out. He grabbed me by my hair and turned me around. He pushed me down on my knees and forced his cock into my mouth. I could taste my cum filled with his precum, as he thrust himself into my mouth. He made me open my mouth wide as he shot his warm cum into my mouth. I felt his cum splatter all over my face and into my mouth. And I was spitting it out and it fell on my breasts and on the floor. As he pulled his cock away, I fell back completely exhausted. Little did I know that he was hardly done with me yet. I heard him speak for the first time after he had forced himself on me. "Why did you waste so much of my cum?" And he ran his fingers around my mouth, collecting his cum and pushed it into my mouth. "Now drink up", he said. And I timidly took it into my mouth and swallowed his cum. "There is some more on your breasts", he said. I looked down at them, and I collected them in my fingers and licked at them. I looked up at him to see hum gleaming at me. "And what about the cum on the floor?" I began to protest, when I felt a sharp slap on my face. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me face down on the bathroom floor. I felt my lips rubbing across the floor, as I picked up some of his cum. He let go of my head. "Look at me as you lick that cum", he ordered me. I looked at him meekly as I licked his cum off of my bathroom floor. I hadnt felt this good in ages as I licked off all of his cum. It tasted so good to me. Once I was all done, I looked up at him meekly, awaiting his next command. He mad me sit down and he ordered me to open his mouth. I sat there with my mouth open and lookin up at him. He positioned himself above me, took his cock in his hand and started peeing on me. I felt his warm pee flow into my mouth and flow all over me. I was gagging and had to start swallowing some of it. He couldnÂ’t stop, he was peeing over my face as I felt his warm pee hit my eyes and ears and flow down into my hair and onto my body and onto the floor. Once he was done peeing, he grabbed my face and rubbed it into his pee and said, "I am your master now, and you are my slave. You will do everything I tell you to, any time, any where. Get it?". I could only nod in obedience. I felt so humiliated, but I also felt so good. I knew I was just a slut slave waiting to be owned, and I finally had my master. I looked up at him and smiled. He picked me up by my throat and kissed me hard on my pee and cum drenched lips. I was his. Every afternoon, I wait for the door bell to ring. It has been one incredible month and I have never felt more alive. He has done incredibly disgusting things to me, and I cant wait for more

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    mh thread kama hizi zinachosha kusoma!! mkuu hebu do the needful kwa kutenganisha paragraph!! at least iwe user friendly!
  3. FirstLady1

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    mmmh hii habari ya Sheela ndefu nitasoma kesho
  4. Masikini_Jeuri

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    Wala usihangaike; zipo nyingi tu kulee kwenye shex stories!
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    ooops,I dont wanna do these anymore!
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    Karibu Pearl; habari za ujasiriamali!