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How President Yusuf Lule escaped from house arrest in Tanzania

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by ByaseL, Aug 17, 2009.

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    ByaseL JF-Expert Member

    Aug 17, 2009
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    How Justice Kanyeihamba tried to block Binaisa presidency

    In this third part of his story, Supreme Court judge, JUSTICE GEORGE KANYEIHAMBA, 70, who retires in November, tells SSEMUJJU IBRAHIM NGANDA how he pleaded with Chief Justice Wako Wambuzi not to swear in Godrefy Lukongwa Binaisa after Prof. Yusuf Lule was illegally toppled.

    I told President Lule not to resign after the Consultative Council passed a vote of no confidence in him. If you remember, for about 48 hours we had two presidents.

    Immediately Nyerere was informed that the resolution had been passed, he went to the world press and said that he was reliably informed that President Lule had been removed constitutionally and democratically by the UNLF and as a democrat, he had to accept the democratic decision of the Ugandans and accept the new man, [Godfrey Lukongwa] Binaisa as president.

    By the way, operatives had summoned the Chief Justice, Wako Wambuzi, to swear in Binaisa. Again, I had told him not to swear in the new man until it has been resolved whether it is Lule who stays or Binaisa becomes the President.

    But they took him [Wambuzi] almost at gun-point to Parliament Building and swore in Binaisa as the new President.

    [After that], Lule was practically bundled out of State House and taken to Tanzania where, according to the late Senabulya (his personal assistant), Nyerere went to him with a document saying; “sign here to abdicate as President of Uganda because we now have a new president.”

    Lule refused to sign and for the few days he stayed there, Nyerere or his emissaries would go to him and say; “have you changed your mind? Sign here.” He still refused.
    And Nyerere was telling the world that Lule had gone to Tanzania voluntarily for discussions on the formation of the new government, which was not true.

    Prof. Lule used the same tactic of going to the international media to announce his departure from Tanzania.

    He sent his aide to buy one-way tickets from British Airways. He instructed him to tell the press that now that the negotiations with Nyerere were finished, the former President of Uganda was returning to his family in the UK.

    He told the aide to announce his desire to leave Tanzania worldwide and this is exactly what happened.

    Nyerere was furious, as pictures taken of him accompanying Lule to the airport showed. He was almost crying because Lule had beaten him at his own game.

    Senabulya bought the ticket; called Nyerere and told him that they were now going to the airport. Since it had been announced to the world by the BBC that Lule had gone there voluntarily, he couldn’t do anything about it without betraying the fact that he actually had held him under house arrest. That is how he left.

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    JokaKuu Platinum Member

    Aug 17, 2009
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    ..Tanzania ilikuwa inatarajia ugeni wa Malkia wa Uingereza ambaye angefikia Ikulu ya DSM.

    ..sasa inasemekana kwamba Yussuf Lule naye alikuwa 'kifungoni' hapo hapo Ikulu.

    ..kuna kitabu kinaeleza kwamba Malkia wakati akiwa nchini alilala ktk chumba kilekile alichokuwa amefungiwa Prof.Yussuf Kironde Lule.


    ..soma kitabu cha War in Uganda utaweza kuelewa vizuri siasa za Waganda za wakati ule.
  3. Bluray

    Bluray JF-Expert Member

    Aug 17, 2009
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    Nyerere Blasts Lule, Praises Binaisa

    New Vision (Kampala)

    April 11, 2002
    Posted to the web April 11, 2002

    Amin is known the world over that he is a big fool, a killer and nobody is accusing us of hitting him

    This speech followed the replacement of President Yusuf Lule by Godfrey Binaisa after the overthrow of Idi Amin. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere narrates the political climate in the liberated Uganda. Nyerere was addressing the nation (Tanzania) in Kagera on July 25, 1979. The speech is translated from Kiswahili by Titus Kakembo.

    We would have stopped the war after reaching Kampala. But Amin swore to die in Jinja. Amin's mouth is crafty. I will tell you more later.

    Kampala is captured, the Government has been toppled and we Tanzanians would have been happy to return home.

    But, Amin swore to die in Jinja. If truly he wanted to die in Jinja, Tanzanians would do him a favour and kill him there.

    The boys did their job, but he fled further to Arua. The man is a coward. He says he is here and then there the next moment. So we came to an agreement and chased him all the way right up to Arua. But, he kept on saying the situation was under control. And he was still around.

    Eventually, we knew the work was done. The challenge, however, was to give people some sleep. But, when I wanted my boys back home, Lule was so scared of being left without forces.

    "Mwalimu, you want to go, but we don't have forces, first train our army," he asked me for so much more. We were not alone, but with so many other guys.

    I told him that if you want to build one party, we will help you. And If you want to recruit one army for the country we will help you. As if that was not enough, he asked me to provide him with policemen, security, immigration officers. I said some of the requirements we will not be able to provide.

    We do not want to involve ourselves so deep in your politics. I asked him to ask for help from the United Nations. You should have seen Lule scared. I have never seen elders get that scared. And when adults get so frightened, they can do any thing.

    Talk to the Europeans, they will train your cops and the army. He came to me and said, "Mwalimu lets link hands and hold each other tight." I wondered what he meant. I told him that you cannot isolate Kenya. The more reason I wanted the other route to Mombasa open for nkumbafu mukubwa (big fool Lule). I told him in the midst of other fighters. I told him to link hands with Kenya. I told him we may build Tanga Port, but you still need Mombasa now. Today, you may be friends with Tanzania tomorrow you may be enemies with Tanzania. You need both routes.

    There came some changes. Then he was toppled and brother Binaisa was president. Lule wanted to fly to Nairobi, he did not say a thing. I wondered we were both commanders-in-chief of the liberation army.

    He passed Tanzania I asked him what his relation with Binaisa was. He spoke very good English.

    Are you ready to unite? He said he wanted time to think about it. I gave him the time. I wondered if he would unite. I knew we were all learned, so I wondered whether he was united to Margaret Thatcher.

    He refused to recognise the regime. He said his government had three qualities. In the Moshi meeting, he chanced leadership. Then in Kampala he was announced head of state in Kampala. Now the new president has no power.

    "I had no army to keep me in power," he told me.

    I knew Lule viewed leadership as good luck which favoured him in Moshi then in Kampala. He was leaning on me. Now that he had wronged me, I denied him any more luck.

    I told him that my forces in Uganda are keeping a wrong regime in power. After being accused of imposing an army on Uganda I have to explain this.

    We beat Amin because he raided us. Ugandans fought him because of his misdeeds. Amin is known the world over as a big fool, a killer-and nobody is accusing us of hitting him.

    We hit him after he attacked us. We hit him completely because there is a behaviour in Africa that is considered bad. Like we met in Monrovia to criticise the apartheid regime in South Africa. There is a time they (apartheid) killed people in Sharpeville.

    Every year, we recognise the day in memory. So we could not spare a killer(Amin) just next door. An African butchering Africans. He had a certificate of killing blacks.

    Africa will always recognise us for hitting Amin. There are two big things done. And they would not have been done if we had not overthrown Amin. But now questions are raised. Somaza is gone.

    If Amin had beaten us, Africa would be criticised for butchering ourselves.

    We have agreed to respect the human rights of each individual. My boys, it was a job well done.

    Uganda is not a province of Tanzania. It is our neighbour. If anything we hated imperialism and we did not go to Uganda as imperialists. Imperialists are bad be them black or whites.

    In Tanzania, unity is revered like the gospel. We beat Amin, if you request us to stay we will on condition that you are united.

    But, if there are divisions, we will leave you and go back home. So when Lule was opposed to one party we shunned him.

    I told Lule, that I am somebody. My boys are water headed. Guys like Samora Machel.

    I asked him why he does not want his army to build Uganda. It was a challenge for Ugandans not Tanzanians.

    He asked me why I let sharks milk Uganda's wealth. I declined to answer his question.

    I told him that unity is what I dream for Uganda. And Tanzania forces were not ready to protect suckers.

    One moment one is a pauper with debts all over, but when he returned to Uganda, he grew so rich within eight weeks! When we criticise them, they are angered.

    And yet we are not ready to protect politicians who want to exploit the resources. When Tanzanians donated for them 2,000 hoes, they sold a half of them in Kenya. They were then returned to Uganda! I told them all people are the same.

    I told him to forge a united country. In the short time we were there, they even sold the hand hoes donated by Tanzanians. But unscrupulous politicians ferried them to Kenya for sale.

    So I washed my hands off Uganda. We are brothers. When you go to Uganda you cannot tell who is a Ugandan or a Tanzanian.

    Brother Binaisa I ask you to trust us. We are the same person.

    Finally, Binaisa we want a good relationship with all our neighbours. Our three countries were united.

    The world over it was only us. But, it was split by small minds in the leadership. People with narrow perspective in the future thought in terms of tribe. We had a wealth of three states sharing a railway and all the resources. We should exploit this togetherness.

    United we will be strong to face those who hate us. Those who want development of the country will benefit.

    Our people are one person. When we quarrel, they do not like it.
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    Bluray JF-Expert Member

    Aug 17, 2009
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    The Fall of Kampala

    New Vision (Kampala)

    April 11, 2002
    Posted to the web April 11, 2002

    Part of the strategy for capturing Kampala was dictated by President Nyerere himself

    The climax of the looting marked the fall of the Amin regime. For the bigger part of his eight years, the country writhed in pain, scarcity and suffering. Kampala was the prize on offer. An action packed week preceded the historic Thursday April 11, 1979.

    Libya was on Idi Amin's side. The Tanzanians and the liberators made up the invading forces. They fought their way from Kagera in Tanzania to the outskirts of Kampala. A conference in Moshi established a government in exile led by Professor Yusuf Lule.

    At Mpigi, the Tanzanian forces abandoned the original plan of attacking Kampala directly.

    They saw a beehive of enemy military activity in Entebbe. Libyan planes constantly flew in supplies. Ugandan and Libyan troops amassed in the town on the peninsula. If Kampala was taken without Entebbe being secured, the attacking forces would be faced with a large enemy force at their rear.

    Major General Msuguri, the overall commander of the Tanzanian war effort gave the job to take Entebbe to Brigadier Mwita Marwa's 208th Brigade. April began with harassing fire on Entebbe with sporadic 130mm artillery rounds to scare off the enemy troops.

    Amin who was in Entebbe state house was scared when a round landed in the state house parking lot. Fearing that they were out to catch him, Amin boarded a helicopter and escaped towards Kampala.

    On April 3, Radio Uganda announced that he was in a relaxed and jovial mood in Jinja. "The Life President dismissed as nonsense reports that he had run away and assured listeners that as conqueror of the British Empire he was prepared to die in defence of his motherland.

    He strongly warned cowardly officers and soldiers that whoever will be found retreating from the front line must be court marshaled and if found guilty must be killed by firing squad," the radio reported.

    Incessant heavy shelling on Entebbe continued for the next three days. The 208th Brigade went in for the kill on the April 7. A land rover with eight Libyans driving on the marram road from Kisubi towards Mpigi was hit and burnt with all the occupants.

    Around mid morning a Libyan C-130 transport plane made an attempt to rescue hundreds of stranded Libyans at Entebbe airport. About thirty Libyans managed to board the plane before it hastily turned around and attempted to takeoff. A rocket propelled grenade tore through the side of the plane setting it ablaze and incinerating the soldiers inside.

    As the attack grew in intensity, Libyans in their hundreds became confused. They wanted to get to Kampala but had no idea which road led there.

    The only one most of them knew was 'Kampala.' Civilians who offered to help them only led to the advancing enemy troops.

    Others were killed by civilians believing that they were loaded with cash. Most of Amin's troops had already fled. Those remaining donned civilian clothing and went into hiding. Others surrendered.

    As the noose around the Entebbe peninsula tightened, the remaining Libyans decided to make a break for Kampala. A convoy of several large trucks and two armoured cars drove towards the city.

    They were ambushed by a force led by Lt. Colonel Boma 10km down the road killing 65 Libyans and wounding dozens more.

    With the fall of Entebbe, eyes were set on the prize-Kampala. The capture of the city was planned at state house Entebbe with Major General Msuguri steering the planning. Lt. Colonel Ben Msuya's 19th Battalion of the 208th Brigade was to take the city centre.

    The battalion had played a major role in all the battles from Kagera to Kyaka, Lukaya through to Entebbe.

    Part of the strategy for capturing Kampala was dictated by President Nyerere himself who ordered that the road out of Kampala to the east be left open to provide an escape route for the Libyans and diplomats in the city.

    The plan to take Kampala involved attacks from the south by the 208th Brigade from Entebbe and west by the 207th Brigade and a battalion of Uganda National Liberation Forces(UNLF) along the Masaka road. Another group of liberation fighters (FRONASA) had secured the strategic town of Mbarara.

    The 201st Brigade was positioned on the north side of the city in a blocking action to prevent any of Amin's soldiers from escaping to the north.

    It was not yet daybreak when the 19th battalion made the advance on the city. With first light came the rain, a cold heavy downpour that quickly soaked through the soldiers.

    The rain and heavy clouds made full light slow in coming. The roar of artillery and small arms fire brushed off any resistance along the Entebbe road.

    A new light shone on Kampala as the day brightened and the advancing columns from the South and west of the city closed on the city.

    Thousands of jubilating civilians welcomed the victorious soldiers as they entered the city. They danced and mingled with the soldiers hugging them and singing out praises to the Bakombozi (Liberators.)

    By April10, Radio Uganda, Bank of Uganda , The Post Office and other strategic installations were secured. There was still sporadic small arms fire around the city when Colonel David Oyite Ojok announced the end of the Amin regime over the radio waves.

    "We ask all the masses of Uganda to rise up and join hands in eliminating the few remaining murderers," Ojok said in part.

    Ironically, the announcement marked the beginning of the widespread looting of the capital. The looting began slowly and built rapidly as wary residents tested the new soldiers who they soon found would not interfere.

    President Yusuf Lule flew in from Dar es Salaam for a short and orderly swearing in ceremony at Parliamentary Buildings. After the oath he made a brief speech promising a return to the rule of law.

    Elsewhere in the city, the looting continued with people taking anything that they could lay their hands on including typewriters, telephone sets and office furniture. The people were now busy liberating themselves.
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    huyo ndio commonder in chief original...julius kambarage nyerere.....
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    Baada ya hapo akatutangazia miaka 20 ya kufunga mikanda. Worshipping a dictator is a pain in the a$$.
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    Mambo ya Nyerere ndio hayo ,hata ule ukiritimba wa kuifanya Zanzibar kijiji cha ujamaa ndio yeye ,afu mnasema nyerere ndio baba.
    Hii nchi imejaa mafisadi kwa sababu misingi aliyoiweka ilikuwa ni double standard mfano wa Mwinyi ambae alikuwa hajali .alimuradi yake yanamuendea ,yaani kila kitu ruhusa ,na tukampata Mkapa yeye ndio kabisaa kafungua genge pale Ikulu anauza nyanya hewa kumbe ana mirija mikubwa.
    Huyu wa sasa hata hatujui tuseme nini sijui ni zezeta ? Maana haeleweki kabisa,walokole wanamwita Chaguo la Mungu,hata ukijalibu kumjengea matumaini unakuta wewe unaelekea kwengine na yeye anaelekea kwengine ,unavunjika miguu unabakia na moyo tu pingine akaturekebishia uchumi wetu na kufanya kweli ,yaani Mheshimiwa Kikwete yeye ndio anatuwacha hoi kabisa na ndoto za mchana ,mara usingizi hapati ,mara kichwa kinamuuma ,mara yaani utaona kwa anavyosikitika huyu kijana wa mjini atafanya kweli ,sijui hicho kipindi cha lala salama ,huwezi kujua ,inawezekana kabisa ana mikakati.
    Mwenyezi Mungu anazipatia nchi nyingine viongozi waadilifu hapa kwetu Tz naona anatupatia watu au viongozi wa ajabu ajabu ,yaani mambo yao unaweza kusema ni kama miujiza ya aina yake. Yaani mtu anaushahidi ana majina lakini hayupo kabisa wala hana habari wala haulizii wala hafuatilii na wananchi wakaelewa kuwa Raisi wao anejitapa kuwa amechaguliwa na kura za waTz wengi anayafuatilia yele yote mambo yanayoonekana kuutikisa uongozi wa Nchi hii.
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    Ndahani JF-Expert Member

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    At least historia ya vita vya Kagera inaweza kupatikana hapa na pale. Tulishiriki kwa kiwango kikubwa katika vita vya ukombozi wa bara la Afrika. Sijawahi kusoma kwa undani nini tulikifanya na katika maeneo gani ndani na nje ya Tanzania. Pengine itatupa defining moment as a natiion maana ilivyo sasa ni mambo ya hearsay tu. Tuyaandike ili tuijue vizuri historia yetu, mabaya tukirekebisha na mazuri tukiyaendeleza
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    libidozy Member

    Aug 18, 2009
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    Nyerere alikuwa nduli namba moja Afrika (RIH)
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    ByaseL JF-Expert Member

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    Nakubali kwamba sijasoma kitabu cha "War in Uganda" na nitakitafuta nikisome. Unajua kule Uganda kila mmoja aliyeshiriki katika harakati za kumgoa Amin ana story yake na Judge Kanyahiamba ni mmoja wapo. Kuna makundi mawili. Wale ambao hawakumtaka Nyerere na Judge Kenyaihamba ni mmojawapo na wale waliomuunga mkono Nyerere. Hivyo tusione ajabu kwamba Kanyeihamba is putting a twist on the story kulingana na mtizamo yake. Ahasante
  11. Kilbark

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    I will always praise Nyerere for he was practicing what he preached. After what has proven failure as a result of "sisi wenyewe kukosa commitment katika masuala yetu ya kimaendeleo na pia shinikizo la IMF/WORLD BANK." Nyerere died poor at St Thomas Hospital in London 14/10/1999. Uganda war was a result of conflict of interest Nyerere wanted Obote and Amini knew as a result we went into war.

    Magreth Thatcher once a PM in England sent troops , Air forces worth millions of pounds as Brittons tax payer's money in search of her son who disappeared during PARIS-DAKAR Rally. Look what they found out it was an Irony. He was speanding, drinking with some naked freaks. That is a conflict of interest.

    Oh what about Comoro island, instead of Somalia? Are'nt we going to put it as the conflict of interest too.

    Bottom line Nyerere was the great thinker and great leader.
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    SubiriJibu JF-Expert Member

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    Mimi ninacho kitabu hiki. Ni kati ya vitabu nilivyovisoma na kurudiarudia mara nyingi na kila ninapokirudia ni kama ninaanza upya. Kimeandikwa na waandishi wawili waingereza manaume na mwanamke yaani Tony Avirgan na Martha Honey.

    Ni waandishi baadhi ya waandishi ambao walipewa ruhusa na Nyerere kwenda front line na kuandika habari zote za vita. Walivaa combat utadhani wanajeshi wa Tanzania. Ndiyo maana siku Tanzania inaikamata Kampala waganda wakamwona Martha wakavumisha Kampala imetekwa kwa uongozi wa mwanamke muIsrael wakidhani Martha ni myahudi.

    Nimesoma hoja yako na kuangalia michango yako humu JF ninapata picha uko Uganda na samahani kama nimekosea.

    Lakini jambo moja huyu Proffessor hakulieleza wazi. Ni kweli kuwa Rule aliwekwa detention na Nyerere ndani ya state house. Nikirejea ukurasa wa 204 hadi 205 waandishi hawa wanaeleza kinagaubaga kilichoendelea kati ya Nyerere na Rule.

    hebu tusome wote pamoja baadhi ya paragraph:

    ...Nyerere said to Rule had received conflicting reports from Entebbe, some saying Lule had stepped down in the interest of unity and peace and others saying that he had been forced to resign. Nyerere said he wanted to know whic report was true. Lule responded the he had not come to D'Salaam to discuss this matter, and Nyerere walked out of the room.

    Nyerere made several trips back to Lule's suite to ask the simple question, "Do you still consider yourself to be the legitimate president of Uganda?". Each time Lule msintained stony silence, saying only that he felt no need to elaborate on the two statement he had prepared at the NCC meeting that had voted him out.

    ....Nyerere was furious at Rule's refusla to speak to him. The Tanzanian president asked Nabudere to tell Binaisa to take up the matter of Lule with the Kenyen and British goverment to see what restrictions, if any, they would be willing to place on him should he go there. Nyerere said that until Lule denounce his claim to the presidency, he would not be allowed to leave Tanzanian State House. He said he had kept Obote for eight years and had gotten into war over it, so it wont be such a problem to keep Lule. So Lule began his detention in the luxury of Tanzanian State House, attended by a chef, a maid and a valet. but despite the material comfort, it was still a detention.

    Hivyo detention ya Lule haikuwa siri ilikuwa wazi. Ila ninatofautiana na huyu Proffessor kwa baadhi ya mambo nitakayoyaeleza hapa.

    Kwanza sijui ni kwa nini hakueleza sababu zilizofanya NCC imuondoe Lule akaletwa Binaisa. NCC ilikuwa National Consultativ Council. Kiini kikubwa ni makubaliano yaliyofikiwa na Moshi Unity Conference kumchagua ni nani ili awe Rais wa Uganda siku Kampala itakapokomboewa. Conference ilikuwa tough laikini resolution ilifikiwa kwamba Yusuf Lule ndiye anayestahili.

    Hata hivyo conference iliweka wazi kwamba yeyote atakayekuwa Rais atakuwa ni Rais wa muda tu na hataruhusiwa kufanya chochote bila consultation ya NCC (Supremacy of NCC).

    Tatizo lilikuja kutokea hapa ni kwamba baada ya kuondolewa Amin (post Amin) kila Rais aliyekuja alionja utamu wa madaraka akapitiliza na akasahau walichokubaliana kule Moshi. Kwa utashi wao au baadhi ya washauri wao walianza kufanya mambo bila kuishirikisha NCC. Na hili halikutokea kwa Lule to bali hata Binaisa aliyemrithi Lule.

    Hivyo Lule aliondolewa kwa kwenda kinyume na kufanya decisions bila kuishirikisha NCC. Kwamba yeye ndiye Rais wa Uganda kwa nini awekewe vizingiti. Kumbuka kuwa waganda hawakuwa wametangaziwa Supremacy of NCC hivyo walijua kila Rais ni Rais kwelikweli waktai kumbe aliwekwa tu ili Uganda ijitayarishe na General election utulivu utakaporejea.

    Lule akaondolewa na Museveni aliyepata kura nyingi akateuliwa kuwa Rais yeye akiwa hana habari amelala huko aliko.

    Proffesor hakueleza jambo jingine aliloganya Lule baada ya Binaisa kuchaguliwa. Akiwa upstairs wenzake wanamtayarisha Binaisa yeye mwenyewe Lule akatuma ujumbe kupitia kwa Bisase kwamba anataka kutoa statement kwenye Radio Uganda kwamba ame-resign for voluntarily for sake of peace. Mkutano waote uiliposikia hivyo ulishangilia na kuahidi kumpa Lule pension nzuri na maisha mazuri kama Rais mstaafu utadhani si wale waliokuwa wanamshambulia masaa machache yaliyopita.

    Lule akatelemka mkutanoni walikokuwa NCC na wakampokea kwa shangwe kubwa na sifa tele.

    Lule akapewa nafasi ya kuongea na akawashukuru wajumbe kisha akaomba kwamba anataka kutoa statement mbili, moja kwa NCC na nyingine kwenye press. Kwenye NCC alieleza yafuatayo:

    "I have littele to say to you. I was elected at Moshi to carry through the war against Amin to its conclusion. Not only was Kampala liberated, but the whole country is now free. I could not wish for much more. If the council (NCC) now wants me out, there is little I can do to oppose that. I simply ask the council to allow me to make a statement to the press "

    Lule akaondoka akapanda ngazi kurekodi statement yake kikao kiaingia mapumzikoni maana walikesha usiku mzima na wakati huo tayari ni asubuhi. Mapumziko yalipoisha Lule naye akawa ameshat-rekodi statement yake itakayotangazwa Redio Uganda.

    Aliyeshtukia alikuwa ni Paul Muwanga ambaye alisema hakufurahishwa (uneasy) na statement ya Lule kwenye NCC. Hivyo akawashawishi wajumbe kwamba tape au kanda ya Lule isipelekwe kwanza radioni hadi waisikilize. Wakaamua kuisikiliza. Walipoisikia kila mmoja alishtuka.

    Lule si kwamba aliishia kusema amepinduliwa na NCC na huo ni mpango wa muda mrefu wa kumrudisha Obote. Hivyo yeye kama Lule anawatahadharisha wabaganda wasikubaliane na hali ile waipinge kadiri wawezavyo. Hivyo ubishi ukaanza itangazwe au sitangazwe lakini ikakubalika isitangazwe. Mkutano ukaendelea na shughuli za kumuapisha Binaisa zilizofanyika kwa siri jioni na wakati huo waganda hawajui nini kinaendelea.

    Ndipo baadaye NCC ikatangza redio Uganda kwamba Binaisa ndiye Rais mpya. Waganda wakaja juu hata majeshi ya Tanzania yaliyokuja ku-store peace yalipigwa mawe. Kumbuka Nyerere hana habari huko Dar nini kinaendelea.

    Lule mwenyewe aliendelea kuishi Entebbe State House na aliposikia vurugu ndipo akafurahi zaidi kupata supporters. Ilibidi waziri wa Ulinzi Yoweri Museveni apige marufuku maandamano na migomo ya kazi.

    Ni katika hali hiyo Nyerere akitaka uhakika akamwita Lule aende Dar ili kujua taarifa kamili ya kinachoendelea Uganda.

    Professor nashindwa kumuamini anaposema kwamba Lule alitumia the same tactic ya kutangaza duniani kwamba anaodoka Tanzania. Hivi ni detenetion gani yenye ulinzi unaweza kupata nafasi ya kuongea na dunia. Ukweli ni kwamba Lule kipindi chote alichozuiwa pale Magogoni hakuweza kutoa statement yoyote maana alikuwa ndani ya Ikulu ya Tanzania. Nani mwenye ubavu wa kusogelea ikulu ile tena wakte ule ikiwa na utukufu wa Nyerere?

    Hivyo Lule hakuonewa aliondoka kwa kwenda kinyume na makubaliano ya Moshi. Ndicho pia kilichomuondoa Binaisa baadaye ambapo jeshi likachukua madaraka lakini ikabidi lisimamie uchaguzi mkuu mpya ambao ulikuja kufanyika baadaye ambapo wagombea walikuwa Obote wa UPC, Semogerere na chama chake na Museveni na chama chake.

    BBC walitangaza matokeo mapema kwamba Semogerere kashinda kama ilivyotangazwa mapema kuwa CHADEMA imeshinda Biharamulo. Tangazo hilo la BBC lilimfanya hata Nyerere aanze kuandaa statement ya kumpongeza Semogerere. Kumbe matokeo yalipotangazwa Obotte akashinda.

    Museveni hakuridhika na matokeo hayo akaingia msituni.
    Kwa ujumla hii ndiyo sehemu yangu ya uelewa kuhusu vita vile kwa mujibu wa historia niliyoipekua.

    Akapelekewa cassette za enzi hizo ili arekodi statement ipelekwe redioni ikatangazwe huku wengine wakipewa kazi ya kuandaa hali nzuri ya rais mstaafu kama nyumba, gari na kila kitu.

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    kumbe tunalaumu unyamwezini kwa kuvamia sehemu za watu na sisi hatuko nyuma

    Do kweli bongo wasanii walianzia mbali kweli wale wanaosema maumivu ya kichwa yanaanza pole pole hawakukosea, leo bongo bado tunafunga mikanda hebu nipe kule Gezaulole bado wanaishi miaka ile ya 47 na kule Dodoma bado mjii mkuu kweli BONGO TAMBARARE WE
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    hii nzuri sana!

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    JF kabla haijavamiwa na majeshi ya facebook