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How Much We Need People like Anna Hazare in Tanzania Today!

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by meddie, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. meddie

    meddie JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2011
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    Anna Hazare leaves jail to begin fast
    Indian anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare has left prison to begin a 15-day hunger strike in Delhi. Mr Hazare told thousands of flag-waving supporters who greeted him outside Tihar jail that the fight against corruption will continue.Mr Hazare wants to force the government to strengthen an anti-corruption bill, which he regards as too weak.
    Thousands of people are gathered at Ram Lila Maidan - a huge ground in central Delhi, where the fast will be held.
    Mr Hazare's arrest on Tuesday sparked mass protests, as his campaign against graft has struck a chord with many Indians.
    He had previously vowed to remain in custody unless he was permitted to resume the protest, which triggered his arrest.
    Chanting crowds
    "We attained freedom [from the British rule] in 1947. But after 64 years of independence, we still haven't achieved complete freedom," Mr Hazare told his supporters outside the jail.

    BBC News - India corruption: Anna Hazare leaves jail to begin fast

  2. ubun2

    ubun2 Senior Member

    Aug 19, 2011
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    In the 1990's there were two men who came from two contrasting cultures and backgrounds with one uniting voice, which they raised till their deaths, the voice against CORRUPTION in Tanzania. One day in February 1991, both men stepped inside the High Court of Dar es Salaam with only truth on their side and a simple belief that the LAW will protect an individual's right, since a sovereign country is committed to RULE OF LAW, they won against the EVIL that one day. AND throughout the years they kept on emerging triumphant against the EVIL. The Valambhia case was in the local media, on the mouths of taxi drivers to the students of UDSM, on the radio, it was everywhere. However,neither men could have foreseen the ultimate tragedy that would befall them coming from the BLOODSUCKING VULTURES whom they had defeated. Neither men could have foreseen that they would have to walk for years and years inside a dark tunnel with no light in sight. The men's names are Mr. Valambhia and his attorney Mr. Maira. The case was nothing short of an anti corruption movement in Tanzania. Mr. Valambhia won his legal entitlement from ALL courts in Tanzania. The original case was between two business partners but when the government intervened it gave birth to 14 cases and Mr. V and Mr. M won ALL of them. Mind you there were cases just thrown at Valambhia, if he even took a breath of fresh air there was a case thrown at him. The names involved are the same names that appear and reappear in all the questionable contracts: CHenge, Mrema, Mkono on the Governments side. For twenty years and continuing the RULE of LAW of this country was not followed by neither Presidents: the previous one OR the current one. In fact under the previous one, unprecedented appeals/coappeals/rulings/judgements were flagrantly ignored, meanwhile millions flowed out of Bank of Tanzania into accounts of Valambhia's other business partner. Why would any President not obey the Rule of Law of his own country and allow the unsurmountable cost of the case to incur. Why?? Why would any President not want to settle the matter instead allow the abuse of the courts, abuse of the laws, and stealing of taxpayers money to occur?
    MR. Valambhia was shouting at the top of his lungs in the media of the daylite robbery occurring at the BoT in this matter, but no one stopped it!!! Any rational, normal, democratic government would obey the RULE OF LAW of their own country.
    (Instead today obeying the RULE of LAW of the Britian in the Dowans issue-so does Britain rule this country now)
    Today, after the demise of both Mr. Valambhia and Mr. Maira, the Valambhia case still languishes at the High Court, it is now a special project of few corrupted plutocrats and their elite friends, in fact in reality it is a cash generating machine for them and the current President is doing nothing to stop this daylite robbery in place for more than 20yrs. Because no one cares to stop it, as the cash is just flowing out. But on the other hand, the courts are being abused, the law is being abused, theft is taking place. And no one cares. Mwalimu Nyerere was right when he said corruption was the enemy of Justice, and in this particular case he's words have proved to be prophetic.
    Isn't to remain silent on this daylite robbery and allow it to take place a crime? Isn't allowing the theft of tz taxpayers bloodmoney to be stolen in this manner a crime? Isn't not obeying the RULE OF LAW of the country a crime? Isn't turning a sacred place like a courtroom into a crimeroom a crime? Isn't stealing an individual's lawful, legal right a crime? Isn't blatantly disregard of files and files of credible evidence placed in front of one a crime? Isn't allowing a mockery of JUSTICE, a crime?

    I urge all Tanzanian's who love their country to think about these questions because right now the robbery is in progress at full force at the BoT like an unstoppable train-This is CORRUPTION. & its simply wrong!!! CORRUPTION cannot be the status quo of a democratic government.

    Finally, the cost of corruption in this case is not only monetary. The cost is the foundation of a democracy: human rights, rule of law, JUSTICE! At the present time and for almost 30 yrs, this democracy has been in the hands of the corrupted plutocratic and desiring to be "imperial" elites! The status quo of Tanzanian leadership is corruption and its simply wrong! Its an insult to the founding father of this great Nation, Mwalimu Nyerere.

    Concerning India, yes, the Indian ppl were tired at their corrupt politicians and Sonia Gandhi's congress party. In India, Sonia is referred to as the "Grandmother" of corruption. Ordinary ppl were angry, frustrated and helpless at the scams going on in the country, and were fed up with corruption in their daily life, the Indian ppl got up and raised their voices in unison against the corruption, as did ppl of Egypt, as did ppl of Tunisia. The Indian media is very aggressive in its anti corruption agenda. Because DEMOCRACY MATTERS! (Mwalimu Nyerere knew this long time ago.)
  3. Gerad2008

    Gerad2008 JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2011
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    Mfumo kandamizi wa nchi yetu na kukosa utu ndiko kutakakomfanya Anna Hazare wa kitanzania kushindwa kufurukuta. Wanaharakati wetu waTZ ni mara chache kuwa na influence beyond media horizon. Nasema hivi kwani wakijaribu tu kuingia barabarani kuandamana wanakutana na mabomu ya machozi na risasi za moto kutoka kwa polisi wanyonge ambao kazi yao kuu ni kuburuzwa senselessly kuwalinda viongozi waliokwisha poteza legitimacy kwa wananchi na badala yake wanaongoza kimabavu na kwa hofu. Hata hivyo watanzania tukiendelea na uamsho huu wa sasa kwa miaka 2 ijayo tunaweza kumpata Anna Hazare wetu ila pale tu nguvu kubwa ya umma isiyo jali nafsi zao bali mabadiliko itakapo unga mkono nchi nzima kushinikiza kile wanachoamini ni sahihi kwa mustakabali ya nchi yao na hususani vizazi vijavyo.
  4. ubun2

    ubun2 Senior Member

    Aug 19, 2011
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    Tanzania is drowning in sea of corruption. No doubt about that.
    Below are lyrics to a song called Vampires I am listening to by the thievery corporation.
    I am going to adapt them to the situation in Tanzania:

    ""They'll gain the world but lose their souls

    Don't believe politicians and thieves
    They want our people on their bended knees
    Pirates and robbers, liars and thieves

    Lies and theft
    Guns and debt
    Life and death

    You live on the blood of my people
    Everyone knows you've come to steal
    You come like the thieves in the night
    The whole world is ready to fight

    If you go to Lagos, what you find, vampires
    If you go to Kinshasa, what you find, vampires
    If you go to Darfur, what you find, vampires
    If you go to Malabo, what you find, vampires""

  5. Ambrose Nshala

    Ambrose Nshala Member

    Aug 20, 2011
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    Tanzania needs a person like Anna Hazare. Actually we already have a lot of people fighting corruption to some extent but have not gone as far as Anna Hazare. I get to think that the Anna Hazare style is inspired by the Gandhi philosophy of non violence resistance. We, Tanzaniance need to learn from the Anna Hazare movement and find a way to pressurize our leaders to abide by the rules of Good Governance where no one is above the law. Corruption is a cancer in our economy and it will ultimately lead our country into a civil war as we have seen in Kenya and Ivory Coast.
  6. ubun2

    ubun2 Senior Member

    Aug 20, 2011
    Joined: Jun 23, 2011
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    Asante Sana for this thread. Thank You. The principle of non violence was used by Martin Luther King, Jr. in America. And recently in Egypt. What baffles me is that years ago the TZ media was very aggressive in reporting about corruption, during this current President's regime there is hardly any news reporting going on concerning corruption in TZ. Meanwhile, ALL Tanzanians know that their country is drowning in sea of corruption. Sweeping some dirt under the rug and creating an impression of cleanliness cannot survive for long for one day that dirt will come out. Why is the Tanzanian media evading dealing with corruption issues??? Why is it not as aggressive as it was during Mr. Valambhia's time? When today the scam continues at the BoT and no one cares to stop it or report about it? When taxpayers money is being stolen in the ongoing daylite robbery no one cares to report about it? When this ongoing special project of the few is costing millions of dollars in taxpayer money no one cares to report it? When the govt. is ready to obey the rule of law of Britain & continue to abuse rule of law of own country no one cares to stop it or even talk about it?
    Without addressing the endemic corruption in this country, no economic progress can be made, its all an illusion. For corruption will handicap any progress and will only attract gangster like investors whose motive will be to continue to steal the resources of this country. Corruption will deter legit investors who want to be business partners with the ppl. Legitimate investing cannot happen in a country that denies its own RULE OF LAW (the COA Judgement in the Valambhia matter) but accepts and adheres to a foreign country's rule of law, (Britain's in the controversial Dowans matter.)

    Today in Tanzania there is an article titled "The most expensive legal suit in Dar's history" by Richard Mgamba published by the Guardian dated June 28, 2009 is suppressed. Why? Because one journalist tried to write the truth about the ongoing scam at the BoT. Don' t the Tanzanian people have the right to information? Don't they have a right to know what's going on with their own money? Don't they have a right to know of the unsurmountable cost incurring on a matter that was resolved years ago by the highest court of the land, the COA, and now has been turned into a cash generating machine for few TZ officials and their elite friends?
    Don't the people of Tanzania have a right to know about the corruption taking place in their own country?