How criminals in Tanzania are hiding in the name freedom of speech on a cyber space


Oct 24, 2008


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Well said, you shut them off, they are all silent, Tundu Lissu Tundu Lissu who is Tundu Lissu
What is this nonsense mtu kapigwa risasi hakuna aliyekamatwa! Is he the only politician or person has been shoot in this world and his case has not been solved? People are gunned down every day, in UK, America not to mentioned our neighbouring countries i.e Kenya, Uganda etc. Policemen have been gunned down in Tanzania too, who is Tundu Lissu? We are fed up of listening about Tundu Lissu, he is not the only human being who has been attacked for the police to drop everything and investigate his case, when at the same time he throws abuse to the police force and refuse to cooperate with the investigators. Ouko the Kenyan foreign minister was shot and killed, this murder has not been resolved. Kennedy the American President was shot and killed the world still don’t know who shot Kennedy. Several policemen in Tanzania shot and killed no one has been arrested. Who is Tundu Lissu? The Tanzanian police force have better things to do than to investigate the shooting of Tundu Lissu who has refused to cooperate and always using abusive language towards the government, calling almost every one a fool. He has created a lot of enemies around him within in his political party and outside.

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