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Hotuba za viongozi wa nchi za Ulaya, zilizotolewa Berlin Jana, Je tumejifunza nini?

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Ngambo Ngali, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Nov 10, 2009
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    BERLIN (Reuters) - World leaders gathered in the German capital Monday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which marked the end of the Cold War and freed the way to the unification of Germany.

    Below are extracts from speeches made by leaders from Germany, Britain, France, Russia and the United States:


    "I am the President of France, you are Germans and twice over the course
    of the 20th century, we fought against one another and triggered
    terrible tragedy. If Europe stands for freedom, then it is above all the
    peoples of Germany and France ... who have an immense responsibility for
    friendship, fraternity and solidarity.

    "If I am happy to be here, it is because the fall of the Berlin Wall was
    a liberation, and the fall of the Berlin Wall serves for us all today as
    a call to fight oppression and to tear down all the walls that still
    separate the world, that divide cities, regions and nations. This is the
    message that a unified Europe proudly embodies and delivers to the world.

    "We are brothers, we are Berliners."


    "Today we don't have the USSR and the GDR on the political map of the
    world, but we have people who have worked and lived in those countries, and those people are now proud to see how they managed to unite the world, how they did their best to overcome barriers, how they managed to reconcile after World War Two, and how to progress together for a better future."

    "Today in Berlin I want to say that the confrontation is in the past.
    Today we want to build a different, new, better world. It is very
    important for the world to be multipolar."


    "And let me thank you, the people of Berlin for showing that in a
    troubled world with an Africa in poverty, and a Darfur in agony, a
    Zimbabwe in tears and a Burma in chains, individuals even when in pain need not suffer forever without hope.

    "And let your achievement, the achievement of the people of Berlin and
    Germany, inspire us that by the power of one united Europe working
    together we can advance prosperity not just for some but for all.
    pledge here today that Britain will always be at the heart of Europe -
    we will never give succour to extremism which would drive people apart.

    "And let the celebration of that historic night 20 years ago, and the
    celebration of this night ring out across the whole world that what
    seems impossible - an end to nuclear proliferation, an end to extreme
    poverty, an end to climate catastrophe - can become possible and be
    unstoppable, thanks to the power of people united in common endeavor."


    "It is also a call to action. There are still millions across our world
    who are separated, maybe not by walls, maybe not by barbed wire --
    although that still exists ... but people who are separated from their
    loved ones, who are kept behind, who are locked behind bars.

    "We must pledge to work together to advance freedom beyond its current frontiers, so that people everywhere are afforded to have the freedom to live their dreams."


    "November 9, 1989 will always be remembered and cherished in the United States. This anniversary is a reminder that human destiny will be what we make of it.

    "Even in the face of tyranny people insisted that the world could change.

    "Human destiny is what human beings make up.

    "Let us never forget November 9, 1989, nor the sacrifices that made it


    "Today marks a truly happy moment of the German and the European
    history. Twenty years ago the door to freedom opened up and a seemingly
    invincible wall that divided a people and an entire continent suddenly
    became permeable.

    "For me it was one of the happiest moments of my life."

    "Our good fortune obliges us to take on the challenges of our time. The
    questions of freedom and security in the world, the strengthening of
    growth, well-being and justice, the protection of the environment and
    our natural resources, and the defense of human rights all over the world.

    "Let's use the gift of freedom ... it is in our hands to overcome the

    Zile bold nyekundu ni poa nimezipenda na tuzifuate, zinatia hamasa na mshawasha.

    Ile ya kijani Hillary Clinton angeanza na Guantanamo Bay halafu ndo angeenda kusema hayo.