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Jan 31, 2012

vision 2020+

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Post: Hospital's nurse
Work place:Sanitas Hospital
Exact duties:

  • Writing patient care plans;
  • Implementing plans through tasks such as preparing patients for operations, wound treatment and monitoring pulse, blood pressure and temperature;
  • Observing and recording the condition of patients;
  • Checking and administering drugs and injections;
  • Setting up drips and blood transfusions;
  • Assisting with tests and evaluations;
  • Carrying out routine investigations;
  • Responding quickly to emergencies;
  • Planning discharges from hospital and liaising with community nurses, gps and social workers;
  • Communicating with and relieving the anxiety of patients and their relatives;
  • Advocating on behalf of patients;
  • Educating patients about their health;
  • Organizing staff and prioritizing busy workloads;
  • Mentoring student and junior nurses;
  • Maintaining patient records;
  • Making ethical decisions related to consent and confidentiality.
Qualifications and training required

  • Be fast analytical thinkers in order to make appropriate treatment decisions and deal effectively with emergencies.
  • Qualification necessitates undertaking a three-year diploma course or a three to four-year degree course. Graduates with a diploma or degree in a relevant subject such as physiology, psychology, education, life, medical, health, biological or social sciences can qualify via a shortened two-year postgraduate diploma course.
  • Be flexible because a nurse's patient caseload may change from day to day
  • Be skilled communicators and educators, particularly when teaching families how to care for an ill infant.

Mode of Application: For first phase applicant must send His/her CV and relevant certificate through email djkilawe@gmail.com or cmpefo20@yahoo.com
Salary: Per month Gross is Tsh 800,000. http://focustanzania.com/job-vacancy/hospital’s-nurse

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