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Hong Kong tycoon offers $65 million bounty to marry off 'lesbian' daughter

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Synthesizer, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Synthesizer

    Synthesizer JF-Expert Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    Hong Kong, September 28, 2012

    A Hong Kong tycoon who offered a $65 million "marriage bounty" to any man who can win the heart of his lesbian daughter has been inundated with applications from around the globe, a report said Friday.

    Since Chao, known in the tabloid media for his prolific womanising, dangled a $65 million reward for any man able to lead his daughter Gigi down the aisle, she says she's been
    bombarded by marriage proposals from strangers, date requests, and even an offer from a Hollywood film producer to buy her story.

    [​IMG] Gigi Chao, the daughter of Hong Kong property tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, poses at the conference room of her office in Hong Kong. Reuters/Bobby Yip

    "War veterans from the US, someone from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, from Istanbul, South America, Portugal, really just from all over the world," said Chao, sifting through emails on a white Apple laptop in her father's high-rise office tower. One suitor from the United States wrote: "I'm interested in your offer to wed your daughter, who also happens to be gay. I am a male person, who also happens to be gay."
    Another put up his brother, a body double to George Clooney in the 2008 sports flick "Leatherheads" as a potential mate: "He could be the picture perfect date that your father craves."
    "I've tried my best to respond to well-meaning ones ... but most of them I just try not to open," added the frizzy-haired Chao, who was wearing a silver ring after what she called a "church blessing" with her girlfriend in a Paris church.
    Gigi said her billionaire father, who drives a Rolls Royce and flies a helicopter but had a poor early childhood in Shanghai, had been upset when his daughter's longtime lover revealed the couple had wed in Paris in April, leading to his impromptu HK$500 million "marriage bounty" offer to any man able to set her straight.
    "I wasn't angry at all. I was really quite touched, very touched and very ... how should I say? moved, by Daddy's announcement," said the 33-year-old.
    "I mean, it's really his way of saying 'baby girl, I love you. You deserve more,' basically," added Chau who works as an executive director in the family firm Cheuk Nang Holdings.
  2. G

    Gangi Longa Senior Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    can u give us the contacts?
  3. Gama

    Gama JF-Expert Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    Nipe na mimi hiyo family web, nitawasiliana na both, baba na binti, kuomba uchumba.
  4. Father of All

    Father of All JF-Expert Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    Bila shaka huyu ataolewa Nigeria piga ua kama siyo Kenya au Kameruni.
  5. Ennie

    Ennie JF-Expert Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    Kuomba uchumba kwa nani kati yao?
  6. M

    Mmwaminifu JF-Expert Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    First come, first served!
  7. Mystery

    Mystery JF Gold Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    Kumbe pesa siyo kila kitu! Sasa angalia hiyo familia ya matycoon, lakini mtoto wao wa kike msagaji!! Duh atakayewin hiyo tenda, atakuwa kapata bonge ya Bingo!! Dola milioni 65, siyo mchezo!! Haya wabongo, changamkieni tenda hiyo, ngekewa inaweza kumwangukia mmoja wenu akamuwin huyo mchina!! Halafu huyo winner, asisahau kuinvest bongo, ili wazawa nao waambulie ajira. Asije kuwa kama watawala wetu, akina JK, ambao wao kazi yao ni moja tu, kutorosha mabilioni yetu na kuyaficha kwenye mabenki ya Uswisi!!