Hivi kweli Rais Samia umedhamiria kuleta maendeleo nchini?


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Nov 22, 2008
Kwa namna ulivyoteua ma-DC sioni kama uko serious. Nafasi ya u-DC inashuka hadhi kila kukicha, kwa sababu inaonyesha kila mtu anaweza kitu ambacho si kweli.

DC ni mtu ambaye anatakiwa atoe dira ya maendeleo ya wilaya yake lakini kwa baadhi ya hawa uliowateua ni sawa na wapiga debe wa daladala! DC ni mtu ambaye anatakiwa kumshauri RC kudumisha amani ndani ya wilaya yake lakini hawa ni ma-DJ watakaokesha katika kumbi za starehe. DC ni mlezi wa vijana katika wilaya yake lakini hawa ni comedians.

Kwa kifupi hakuna uongozi katika wilaya, hakuna mlezi, hakuna busara uliyopeleka wilayani bali kuna washereheshaji! Tafadhali Rais Samia hebu kuwa serious kidogo wananchi tupate imani! Nalilia nchi yangu inavyoangamia! Hawa vijana wako angalau wangepewa orientation ya uongozi!

Mungu ibariki Tanzania!
Eti hata Albert Msando ni DC !!!! Kichefuchefu tupu.


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Dec 21, 2009

South African regulator says it's powerless over suspected $3.6 billion bitcoin scam, as crypto is out of its reach (

Police seize £114m of cryptocurrency in money laundering sting (

  • South Africa's regulator said it's powerless to act on a suspected $3.6 billion bitcoin scam.
  • Two brothers who founded Africrypt appear to have gone missing, along with bitcoin worth billions.
  • South Africa's FSCA said the company appears to be a Ponzi scheme designed to defraud investors.
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South Africa's financial services regulator has said it can't take any action over a suspected scam that lawyers say has caused as much as $3.6 billion worth of bitcoin to go missing.

The country's Financial Sector Conduct Authority said Thursday that Africrypt, the company linked to the lost holdings, looks like a Ponzi scheme set up to defraud investors.

Yet the FSCA said that as cryptocurrencies are not regulated financial products or services in South Africa, it is powerless to do anything in this case.

"At this stage we have only found evidence of crypto asset transactions," it said in a statement. "Currently crypto assets are not regulated in terms of any financial sector law in South Africa and consequently the FSCA is not in a position to take any regulatory action."

Africrypt was created by brothers Ameer and Raees Cajee in 2019, and based in Johannesburg in South Africa.

According to a police statement seen by Bloomberg, the company promised high returns of up to five times principal investments.

Yet Hanekom Attorneys, the lawyers for the affected investors, now say that the brothers - and as much as $3.6 billion of bitcoin - have vanished, in what they describe as a "heist". Insider was unable to contact the crypto company, whose website is down.

The FSCA said: "This entity was offering exceptionally high and unrealistic returns akin to those offered by unlawful investment schemes commonly known as Ponzi's."

"The public is urged to understand that unrealistically high returns suggests that the investment scheme is likely to be fraudulent," it added.

Africrypt's apparent closure, and the inability of regulators to deal with it, raises fresh concerns about the safety of cryptocurrency investments around the world.

Crypto markets are currently largely unregulated. Watchdogs have routinely warned that investors should be prepared to lose all their money.

Police seize £114m of cryptocurrency in money laundering sting​

© Provided by City AM

Scotland Yard detectives last night raided a huge money laundering operation in London, seizing more than £100m in cryptocurrency.

It is believed to be the largest crypto seizure in the UK, and was carried out by specialist officers from the Met’s Economic Crime Command on the back of intelligence received about the transfer of criminal assets.

The type of cryptocurrency involved in the operation was not specified, but it is understood to involve several popular digital assets.

Leading the continuing investigation, Detective Constable Joe Ryan said the force’s Economic Crime Command unit was giving criminals a hard time.

“Criminals need to legitimise their money otherwise it risks being seized by law enforcement,” he said.

“The proceeds of crime are almost always laundered to hide the origin, but by disrupting the flow of funds before they are reinvested, we can make London an incredibly difficult place for criminals to operate.”

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