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Hisia za mwandishi huyu juu ya ushoga na maswali ya kujiuliza

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Njowepo, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Njowepo

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    Nov 4, 2011
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    Commonwealth Homosexuality Rights Balderdash! (Part……1)
    What is the world turning into? Can someone educate me?
    What is UK (David Cameron) saying to the fifty-four (54) Commonwealth nations on homosexuality rights (Fundamental human rights indeed).
    Is the Queen aware of what is happening?
    What is she saying or what has she said? Or is this an attempt by UK to curb population explosion?
    The United Kingdom is threatening to withdraw/slash down its General Budgetary Support (GBS) to all commonwealth countries who refuse to allow homosexual (Gay and lesbian) marriages to take place in their respective countries, what a shame! I am highly disappointed.
    What are the Archbishop of Canterbury and all the other Christian giants in the Commonwealth nations doing about this social abomination? Should we always sit either unconcerned or afraid for the UK, US and the other super powers to take this world for a ride to always satisfy their shameful, selfish, self-centeredness and parochial whims and caprices?
    Is the world awake?
    Can somebody say something to UK?
    If all of us were to be gays and lesbians, how would procreation continue?
    Or the UK is now more sensible than the Creator of this universe??????
    The Parousia is nearer than we think I can promise anyone on that looking at the direction things are moving now.
    The Queen and Prime minister are both Christians and parents if not grandparents so the multi-million pound sterling question is
    "Will Queen Elizabeth II and Mr. David Cameron allow their offsprings to indulge in such despicable act?"
    I expect the clergy and all the big and loud mouthed politicians in Ghana to dedicate this week to discuss and take a decisive stance on this shameful conduct of the Britons and spare us the "Politrical" speeches for some time.
    What is government's position on this issue?
    We want to see a national policy direction in relation to this shameful, selfish, self- centeredness and parochial whims and caprices of the Britons. The legislature, executive, judiciary, civil society organizations, individuals, all religious sects, foot-soldiers, political party activists, social commentators, Amnesty International, human rights groups etc must all come on board to chastise, lambast and castigate this morality issue.
    All Africa as well as all common wealth nations worldwide must unite and tell the colonial master that the slave trade era is long over and so they must wake up to the realities of the twenty-first (21st) century.
    Is The Queen and her Prime minister aware that all the fifty-four (54) nations are sovereign states now and should be treated as such? What do they think at all?
    This is a big shame to UK, The Queen, Prime minister, both Houses of Commons and Lords and all stakeholding bodies who contributed to this bunkum should bow your heads in shame.
    You may be among the world super powers so you can twist and turn the political arms of commonwealth nations for now because of financial strength but Almighty God in heaven high up will smite you in a way.
    What is The United Nations doing about this? Are they going to sit down unconcerned again for UK to bully and bulldoze its way through without any reprimand?
    What does the national constitution and for that matter the Constitution Review Commission's position on this?
    We must all be awake and fight for our rights since no one will do that for us.
    Author: George Mensah (Freelance journalist and political observer) CONTACT:georgemensahgij@yahoo.com