Hii ndio njia nzuri ya kukomesha dereva tax.


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May 26, 2011
The man comes
back and goes to the
casino. He wins money.
As he exits the casino, he sees a
long line of Taxi drivers.. and at
the end is his enemy from two
years ago.
Seeing this, the man decides to
get his revenge. He goes up to
the first Taxi and says: "hey will
you give me a blowjob?" the taxi
driver says: "no you freak, get
out of my car!"
The man then goes on to the
next car and says: "hey will you
give me a blowjob?" the taxi
driver says: "no you maniac, get
out of my car!" The man
continues to do this all down the
line until he reaches the last taxi,
and sees his enemy.
The man asks: "how much for a
ride to the airport?" Not
reconising him the driver replies:
"$5" "Okay." says the man and he
gets in. Then as he passes the
line of other taxis, he sticks his
hands out the window and gives
them all a big thumbs up.
NB.(i hope u got that)


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Jul 21, 2011
Mackn, pole driver. Hapo wenzake watajua anaenda ku..............tu!


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Nov 26, 2009
aisee! umenikumbusha reality series moja inaitwa 'the real hustler'. that was a nice revenge smart sonofagun!

The Priest

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Dec 8, 2010
Ha ha ha ha!thats apollo tax driver!when he kam back there'll b no parking space left 4 hm.


JF-Expert Member
Dec 29, 2010
huh..................sio iishu kwani ukweli si anaujua mwenyewe,kwani kweli ameniniliu

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