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Hii hapa Vipi kabla ya Uchaguzi?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Profesy, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Profesy

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Revealed: Greedy leaders steal millions in fertiliser subsidy

    By Gerald Kitabu
    22nd August 2010

    When Situmai Ramadhani Rajabu (36), a resident of Kirando Ward in Nkansi District, Rukwa Region in Western Tanzania was doing window-shopping in Kirando market one day in November 2009, he never knew that his beautiful day would turn into great sorrow.

    His window shopping was interrupted by a loud complaint by a watermelon farmer, Laurent Maangweshi (40), that the list of beneficiaries of subsidised fertilizer under the voucher system included the names of people who had died.

    Situmai listened attentively to Laurent, while his friend, Kudrat Kasanka, accused him of wasting precious time listening to politics.

    Situmai wanted to move on, but his grandfather's name who died long time ago which was the centre of the discussions, held him back.

    Not long afterwards, Kudrat, too, was held captive by the discussion, centred on corruption perpetrated by Nkasi District government officials, in collusion with fertilizer distribution agents.

    The culprits slotted the names of dead people on the list, but took the fertilizer meant for the non-existent would-be recipients, as part of the ‘Kilimo Kwanza' drive that hinges on promoting agricultural productivity.

    The men were greatly shocked after hearing that the late Abdullah Hassan Marango, a grand father to Situmai who had died since August 2004 had been listed in the voucher system and given sacks of subsidized fertilizers by Nkansi district government, an exercise which was closely supervised by the District Commissioner, Joyce Mgana.

    "You mean my late grandfather Marango who died six years ago had been given fertilizer? By who and how? queried a furious Situmai who could not believe his ears.

    Before the group responded, another man, Shaban Tanu (30), chipped in: "You think it is only Marango ? Even the late father of this man (tapping Kudrat on the shoulder), the late Gerevance Kasanka, is also in the list of those who received the fertilizers."

    Someone else, Raymond Kankola, cited two names – the late Wilbroad Kitula, and Michael Kiwanga, who had been absent from the village for more than one year.

    Laurent said that the village executive officers of Mtakuja, Kamwanda and Itete villages that make up Kirando ward colluded with fertilizer distribution agents to not only use dead people's names in the dirty deals, but also the names of residents who had shifted elsewhere.

    Shortly afterwards, Situmai rushed to the Mtakuja Village Executive Officer, Michael Kilulu, to find out the truth, but the latter wasn't very helpful, citing relative newness to the post in which he was serving in an acting capacity.

    He claimed, therefore, that he wasn't aware whether more than ten sacks of fertilizer had been allocated to Situmai's grandfather, but collected by someone else.

    Kudrat, too, swung into action. He rushed to Itete village in Kirando Ward to inform his brothers and sisters about the name of their father, who died in 2006, cropping up on the list of fertilizer recipients.

    One of the daughters of the late Gerevance Kasanka, Dafroza Kasanka, told this writer that the whole family was deeply shocked by the mischief.

    She said family members didn't sleep soundly on the first night after they had received the news, because it revived memories of their father, who had a clean record.

    "The government officials involved in the scandal must be held accountable," Dafroza said amid sobs. Sixty-year-old Michael Kiwanga, said he had been away in Sumbawanga for one year, and had never sought fertilizer subsidy from the village executive officers in Karando Ward.

    He added that even his wifes aid he was away for Josephina Kafwimbi (50), who had stayed behind to look after the family, was in the dark on the issue, until revelations about the scandal were made.

    "This is a very big scandal, look! We are now dirty; it is like we have colluded with government officials to steal government fertilizer. Village executives must be taken to task and severely punished to deter others from doing the same in the next season," he said bitterly.

    Michael believes that the scandal involves a chain that runs up to regional administrative level, saying village executives don't act alone.

    He complained: "Even donors, when they donate money for a certain project, they will come all the way from Europe to monitor the progress of the project and value for money but our government is always seated in Dar es Salaam while few leaders at district and ward level are like kings and angels, judges and lawyers in our rural areas.

    He says, if the perpetrators of corruption are district officers then they must have made a lot of money when you include the other hundreds of wards in the whole district.

    Michael heaped praise on one-time Rukwa Regional Commissioner General Tumainiel Kiwelu, for making close follow-ups on key activities.

    Contacted for comment, Executive Officer for Mtakuja village, the commercial hub for Kirando Ward, Michael Kilulu (28), conceded that he had given subsidized fertilizer to ghost farmers, but claimed that he hadn't personally been a beneficiary.

    Kilulu said that in November 2009, The Nkansi DC Joyce Mgana accompanied by the district's agricultural officers, addressed a sensitisation rally on subsidised fertilizer. He said that the rally was preceded by separate meetings between the DC and Mtakuja, Kamwande and Itete village executive officers on the issue.

    After the rally, the fertilizer delivery exercise begun. Kilulu said that he noted that one of the agents assigned to supervise it (name withheld) was incompetent, but he couldn't shunt him aside because he had been appointed by higher authorities. He said two other agents were engaged to assist the first one.

    One of the Agricultural officers who had accompanied the district commissioner, Emmanuel Mbida gave Kilulu instructions that the exercise would be supervised by the agents, who he said had undergone a special crash course.

    He explained further that he was told that his role didn't cover payments; that he was confined to minor tasks.

    "The agents told us that we would not be involved in payment exercise, rather every thing would be done by Agents already recruited by the District Commissioner. The farmers would come with payment receipts from the Agents and our task would be to fill in their names in the voucher system" he says.

    He says that he was directed that a farmer would receive his or her sacks of fertilizer from the agents and not from the village executive officers after paying contribution fee to their agents. As a village executive officer, I was not told that I should follow the farmers to monitor the whole payment exercise which was my right, instead, I was told that my assignment would be to fill in their names in the vouchers," he adds.

    Asked by this paper, why he agreed to fill in the voucher system the names of people who had died, he said that first the whole exercise was a secret as it had been monopolised by the District Commissioner and her agents whom she trained to carry out the exercise, but secondly, he was a new man in the village as he had just reported in the office from Kabwe Ward.

    "I came to learn later that dead people and absentees had been given fertilizer. Being new, it was very difficult for me to know and identify the names of every farmer," he said.

    ‘The Guardian on Sunday' learnt that the scandal infuriated many people and, upon getting wind of it, Regional Commissioner Daniel ole Njoolay instituted a probe team.

    The team interviewed several people and officials in Kirando Ward, and the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau did the same.

    But to-date, no action has been taken against the culprits. When reached for comment over the phone, DC Joyce Mgana became furious after learning that I was making enquiries on the fertliser scandal.

    "I regret to have picked up the phone, had I known I wouldn't have picked it up," she told this writer.

    The DC angrily remarked that the fertilizer issue was a non-issue and was no longer news, capping her outburst by declaring that she had done me a favour by speaking to me and wouldn't do so again.

    The RC told ‘The Guardian on Sunday' that the problem related to fertiliser subsidy was country-wide and not peculiar to Nkansi District; adding that legal action had been taken against the culprits.

    Njoolay praised the DC as a hardworking official in whom he had much faith.

    Further investigations by ‘The Guardian on Sunday' revealed that because no action had been taken against government officials who stole farmers' fertilizer in Kirando ward, the residents have vowed to demonstrate their anger through their votes in the October general elections.

    Laurent Maangweshi told this writer that when PCCB officials learnt that a journalist was pursuing the issue, they rushed to the ward, spoke to some residents, including myself and questioned some officials; but the latter are still holding their positions.

    The government decision to offer subsidised fertilizer through voucher system aims at boosting the ‘Kilimo Kwanza' agricultural promotion initiative. The broader aim is to increase productivity and improve the economic situation of small-scale farmers in a bid to guarantee food security at household and national level.

    However, a few unfaithful leaders are using their positions to set it back through corruption means.

  2. Kaa la Moto

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Nchi ya wadanganyika hii. Wacha mchezo.

    Subiri kichekesho cha mwaka utakaposhangaa kukuta hao wezi wakigombea uongozi katika chama cha mapinduzi na kuchaguliwa kwa kura nyingi na hao walioibiwa.

    Hii ni nchi inayoweza kuitwa ya ze komedi.

    Nasema hili si la kubuni. Lakini huku ninakoishi naona viongozi wengi waliochaguliwa ccm ni wale wale wezi waliohujumu vyama vyetu vya ushirika. Wanatuhonga visenti hivo hivo na tunawapa kura zetu. Mungu wangu tusaidie watanzania, tumedanganywa sana.
  3. Utingo

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Njolay ametajirikua Rukwa. I pray the coming president not to appoint him.
  4. Profesy

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Enhe Njolay kafanyaje?