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May 13, 2008
The Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said his party,the National Resistance Movement, will never lose a presidential election.Speaking during his tour of eastern Uganda last week,Mr Museveni added that he is in good health and capable of running a government for many years to come.“Why should we in the NRM]lose elections?”
Mr Museveni told a rally on August 16 at Apuuton Primary School grounds,Katakwi.“We are the ones who restored democracy in Uganda.Who else should win in this country?Do you see me as somebody who is about to collapse?”The President’s comments follow his confirmation,on July 6,that he would run for an unprecedented fourth term of office in 2011 if he was chosen as the NRM candidate.
power hungry not ... we should seek opinion from ugandans whether this guy is really worth it ... the monopoly he is playing is too much
we have another saga of Zimbabwe and Kenya on the way if this is the case. get prepared you people of Uganda.
Ataiba kura halafu kutakua na mgogoro halafu watakubaliana serikali ya mseto Naona ndio mtindo siku hizi
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