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Nov 24, 2006
hi all
last time i came here to ask for assistance on database driven web. And I was so grateful for the help I received especially from invisible. I learnt lots of new things and am still learning.

Sasa today I am requesting for information concerning Java programming. Iam new to java (though i learn C++ basics long time) I now wish to take java very seriously but dont know where to start. I hear there are many variants of java. ara netbeans na others. Please anyone outhere who really knows java please help me on how i can achieve my dream. I need to know

1. which type of java can i learn fast ( like visual basi or c++)
2. which are the best books/ software in the market for easy learning.

Guys i know there are many gurus here please,please i need ur help.



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Feb 4, 2007

Kuhusu vitabu it depends on what your concentration is and what do you want to do.But check out the Eclipse free IDE which you can use to develop Java and gain practical experience.

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Oct 4, 2007
Ndugu, Kinyau,
C++ na VB ni programming languages zilizotofauti na JAVA, though for those like you who went thru C++, it will be easier to understand JAVA. I recomend the book "JAVA 2 In 21 Days". Vilevile, jaribu kupitia utapata mengi humo.

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