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Nov 24, 2006
hi all
last time i came here to ask for assistance on database driven web. And I was so grateful for the help I received especially from invisible. I learnt lots of new things and am still learning.

Sasa today I am requesting for information concerning Java programming. Iam new to java (though i learn C++ basics long time) I now wish to take java very seriously but dont know where to start. I hear there are many variants of java. ara netbeans na others. Please anyone outhere who really knows java please help me on how i can achieve my dream. I need to know

1. which type of java can i learn fast ( like visual basi or c++)
2. which are the best books/ software in the market for easy learning.

Guys i know there are many gurus here please,please i need ur help.

Ndugu, Kinyau,
C++ na VB ni programming languages zilizotofauti na JAVA, though for those like you who went thru C++, it will be easier to understand JAVA. I recomend the book "JAVA 2 In 21 Days". Vilevile, jaribu kupitia utapata mengi humo.

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